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Human breaks word cost. Save your money Reducing Storage TCO with Private Cloud Storage - With the burgeoning growth of data, many legacy storage systems simply struggle to keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) in check. This article will look at the ways that Private Cloud Storage can address the TCO shortcomings of legacy
3D business white people. Stopping a chain reaction of dominoes What is Copy Data? - Controlling the growth of Copy Data is IT's next big challenge. This data is made up of the copies of primary data made for data protection, testing, archives, eDiscovery and analytics. It is created and "managed" by a hodgepodge of technology making matters worse. It’s time for IT to take a step back and consider a holistic solution to the problem that will reduce costs and increase copy data value.
Server on pushcart. New requirements for Enterprise Disk Backup - For a disk backup appliance to be deemed “enterprise” it had to be able to perform well and provide more capacity expansion than non-enterprise class appliances, while still being almost as cost effective as its mid-range brethren. But with the
Image converted using ifftoany Will the foundation of your Disaster Recovery plan collapse? - The ability to replicate data between data centers as it changes is an essential ingredient of any enterprise class storage system. Data centers count on this capability as the foundational component in their disaster recovery (DR) plans. But this foundation
Untitled1 Understanding All-Flash Architectures – Assessing the right fit for your Data Center and Workloads - Today in the all-flash array market there are two architectures for data centers to choose from; scale out and scale up. Both have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Deciding on the right architecture for an organization’s data center first depends
Watch On Demand The three Ps to a successful VDI deployment – Persistence, Price, Performance - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises to reduce IT operational costs, improve endpoint data protection and increase endpoint usability. But for a VDI deployment to be successful, it must provide the user an experience that is better than the physical desktop
How Server Virtualization is Breaking Disk Backup Overcoming challenges when integrating Disk Backup Appliances with Veeam - There is a new breed of backup applications that is gaining acceptance in data centers of all sizes, including the enterprise: VM Specific Backup Applications. These solutions were designed from the ground up, with virtualization in mind and they do
3D Man Tired Slow Time Waster The Tier-1 Storage vendor Deduplication and Compression challenge - Data centers are ready for increased data efficiency that they can get from primary storage deduplication and compression, especially for flash based storage systems. The cost of flash justifies these data reduction technologies and flash’s high performance actually enables their
Secured Hard Disk How to unlock the power of Cloud Storage – File Versioning vs. Locking - Private or hybrid cloud file sharing provides many business benefits over traditional on-premise network attached storage. It enables organizations to consolidate infrastructure and remove duplicate silos of storage from multiple sites and office locations. Cloud file sharing reduces storage costs,
Target You can do better than ioMeter and Vdbench - Storage professionals need a way to test and validate that new or proposed storage architectures will perform well in their application environments. Common storage testing “solutions” like ioMeter and Vdbench, however, aren’t going to cut it. While these tools enable

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