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3D Man Tired Slow Time Waster The Tier-1 Storage vendor Deduplication and Compression challenge - Data centers are ready for increased data efficiency that they can get from primary storage deduplication and compression, especially for flash based storage systems. The cost of flash justifies these data reduction technologies and flash’s high performance actually enables their
Secured Hard Disk How to unlock the power of Cloud Storage – File Versioning vs. Locking - Private or hybrid cloud file sharing provides many business benefits over traditional on-premise network attached storage. It enables organizations to consolidate infrastructure and remove duplicate silos of storage from multiple sites and office locations. Cloud file sharing reduces storage costs,
Target You can do better than ioMeter and Vdbench - Storage professionals need a way to test and validate that new or proposed storage architectures will perform well in their application environments. Common storage testing “solutions” like ioMeter and Vdbench, however, aren’t going to cut it. While these tools enable
3d man inside a gear wheel Four Requirements for adding DR-as-a-Service to VMware - For years, organizations have struggled with maintaining functional disaster recovery capabilities for their most critical business systems. The capital investment for redundant hardware, software and data center infrastructure, along with the personnel time required to ensure that business applications are
Cloud_computing_icon.svg_ DR-as-a-Service may be the Cloud’s Killer App - Disaster Recovery could be the best implementation of the ‘as-a-Service’ business model yet because it fits the cloud delivery system so well and features an entirely different value proposition than other cloud services. DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offers more than the added
striaghtthroughmaze Understanding the Oracle Data Protection Gap - For many, snapshots are the go to data protection method for protecting Oracle databases. They can provide efficient, rapid protection from database corruption with high data integrity. But snapshot data protection has its limitations. First, snapshot copies can become corrupted
3DManChoicesOptionsWhichWay Enterprise Backup or VM Specific Backup Software? - Most vendors seem to think that selecting which backup solution to use in the data center should be a choice of either an enterprise backup or virtual machine-specific backup solution. Enterprise backup provides legacy, multi-platform protection, but often only spotty
3d small people - servers Adding Deduplication and Compression without impacting performance - IT professionals expect a lot from their storage systems; they want volume management, thin provisioning, snapshot, clones, automated tiering, replication etc. Increasingly today, they want deduplication and compression as well, so they can squeeze every ounce of capacity out of
CrystalBall Will the All-Flash Array Market go away? - Recently HDS’s Hu Yoshida wrote in his blog that he thinks the all-flash array market will go away. I very often find myself agreeing with Hu, he’s a sharp guy and I respect his point of view. As an example,
BrokenHardDiskDrive-Shattered Why backup is failing and how to save it - The traditional backup process doesn’t work well any more. It’s being overwhelmed by a new kind of file-based data that’s created, seldom modified, and saved – sometimes forever. Driven by industry trends such as big data analytics, image-based digital content

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