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Predicting WAN Performance – Disaster Recovery’s Missing Link – Apposite Briefing Note December 14, 2017 - Most storage systems today have the ability to replicate data to another storage system at another site. If the storage system doesn’t have that capability, then there are plenty of third-party software solutions that perform the function. Even if the
No Room in the Data Center – Secondary Storage Needs Cloud Integration – Cohesity Briefing Note December 14, 2017 - Most data growth in the enterprise is happening because of secondary storage use cases like backup, archive, and data re-use for test/dev or analytics (also known as copy data). In most cases, the capacity of secondary data is 10 to
What is Cloud Adjacent Storage? – INFINIDAT Briefing Note December 14, 2017 - Cloud adjacent storage is storage positioned within close proximity to a data center owned by a cloud provider. It enables compute the cloud provider hosts to have high performance, low latent access to data across traditional storage protocols. The challenge
Protecting MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop – Datos IO Briefing Note December 13, 2017 - Data center modernization usually includes the organization moving to modern cloud applications like MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop. Like most new initiatives a forgotten element is data protection. These environments are particularly challenging to protect because they are designed to run
Using Software Composable Infrastructure for RackScale Application – DriveScale Briefing Note December 13, 2017 - Rackscale applications like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and others count on using commodity storage that is typically internally available to the node processing the data. The idea is to reduce storage costs and network complexity. The problem is these designs create

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