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3dman-think-bubble-object Can Object Storage Help You? October 26, 2016 - To some, object storage systems have been something off in the distance. Other people may use it, but they’re not sure it really helps them. Add the perceived requirement of changing user behavior and you have a stalemate. But what
Businessman using ROI Return on Investment indicator for improving business performance The ROI of the Thin Provisioned Filer October 25, 2016 - The cheapest filer is the one you don’t have to buy. A thin provisioned filer can do a lot more than a standard filer if you implement the concept properly. The investment in technology and processes that allow for a
Migrate to cloud button on keyboard Storage Architectures for Cloud Hosted Applications October 24, 2016 - Many organizations are adopting a “cloud-first” methodology. This means the first destination an organization will consider when looking at a home for a new application is whether the cloud is a viable candidate to host that application. If the cloud
Road closed from high water flooding. New Scalar Storage Platform meets Unstructured Data Challenge October 21, 2016 - Quantum Scalar Briefing Note Organizations today face two major issues in dealing with the ever-rising tide of unstructured data. First, where to cost effectively store it. Second, how to ensure proper protection of data from loss and threats such as
3d man - people with cubes . This ia a 3d render illustration Making Storage Consolidation a Reality October 21, 2016 - INFINIDAT Briefing Note The concept of a single storage system to serve the entire data center has been with us as long as the data center itself. But now we are seeing an explosion in the number and variety of

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