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More than Migration: Developing a Holistic Cloud Strategy August 20, 2018 - Most organizations are considering how to take advantage of the tremendous resources made available by the cloud. The first step for many of these organizations is to create a cloud migration strategy. As part of this strategy, the organization decides
Creating a Real-time Storage Network August 20, 2018 - Traditionally, systems create data, process it, and then store it for a time before accessing it again in response to a user request. Essentially, data is processed in batches. In the modern data center, the move is toward real-time analysis
What Happens When You Push the DRaaS Button? August 20, 2018 - In case of a disaster, a traditional cloud backup application needs to transfer all data across limited internet bandwidth and back to the data center or the new location. The bandwidth restrictions make cloud recovery a time consuming process that
SlideShare: How to Create a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan that Actually Works August 17, 2018 - Disaster Recovery plans have always been hard to create and maintain in part because it is difficult to meet the service levels that those plans promise. With recent trends like GDPR and ransomware threats, it is even more difficult for
White Paper: Storage Diversity vs. Storage Consolidation August 16, 2018 - The advantages of storage consolidation, better utilization lowered operational costs, seem like compelling reasons for IT to consolidate all their storage systems down to a single system. Why then is the data center becoming more and more storage diversified? There

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