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StorageShort: The Recovery Paradox – Close Copy vs. Far May 24, 2017 - One of the challenges to designing a successful disaster recovery solution is where to keep copies of your data. A close copy allows for a rapid recovery in the event of a failure since it is seconds away. But in
SlideShare: 3 Reasons You Are Losing the Data Management Battle May 24, 2017 - And How To Start Winning Organizations managing data have a competitive advantage over organizations that don’t. But most organizations don’t have the time or tools available to implement a successful data management strategy. It’s not for a lack of trying.
Should Experts Convince You to Pay for Ransomware? May 24, 2017 - I may be an analyst for Storage Swiss now, but for 30 years I’ve also been in the news business. So with the emergence of “WannaCry” I’m seeing my two worlds collide. And it’s no surprise it’s over ransomware. We’ve
How Do You Stop WannaCry? May 23, 2017 - Preventing the WannaCry attack is simple. Update Windows. Stopping the next ransomware attack may take more prevention steps. WannaCry leverages exploits that were made public when hackers revealed on April 14 a list of exploits that were allegedly developed by
How Do Disk Backup Appliances Scale? May 22, 2017 - Eventually most organizations will run out of backup storage, so understanding how backup storage scales is critical to creating a long term data protection strategy. It is not as simple as just converting to a scale-out architecture because deduplication adds

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