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White Paper: Is Your DR Plan Ready for 2018? February 15, 2018 - When was the last time you looked at your disaster recovery plan? The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to review it and make sure it is ready for changes within your data center, and changes to
Reshaping the Storage Technology Landscape – Kaminario Briefing Note February 15, 2018 - The storage industry isn’t changing; it is reshaping. What is the difference? If the industry were changing, it would be its choice to change, driven by internal motivations. Instead, outside influences are reshaping the industry. What are the primary drivers
Why Don’t Cloud Backup Solutions Leverage Cloud Compute? February 14, 2018 - The first iterations of cloud backup solutions were designed primarily to protect individual consumer laptops. Those solutions evolved and eventually were scaled to protect an organization’s laptops. The next logical step was to use the cloud for server and virtual
Ransomware: The Problem with Paying the Ransom February 14, 2018 - When ransomware hits an organization, it is very tempting simply to pay the ransom instead of going through the time and effort to replace the encrypted data by recovering from a backup. After paying the ransom, the hackers give a
ChalkTalk Video: Protecting Mission Critical Applications With Recovery In Place Backups February 13, 2018 - When it comes to mission critical applications, most organizations count on high availability products to protect their mission critical applications. It looks like this; the mission critical application is mirrored or clustered. It is then backed up and in some

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