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What Are Immutable Backups

Backup software vendors insist on making backup data immutable, so IT professionals are now asking what are immutable backups. Securing backup data is critical since bad actors know the organization will count on their backups to recover encrypted files and negate the ransomware demand. The problem is several methods exist to achieve backup immutability, and…

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Driving Down the Cost of NAS

Driving down the cost of NAS is a top priority because these systems continue to require increasing amounts of capacity and need to meet new performance challenges. The increase in demand stems from the organization’s need to support more and more workloads. NAS systems are no longer the digital dumping ground. Instead, they store mission-critical…

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Will DRaaS Solve the Cloud Backup Storage Problem?

When looking at the cloud as a backup alternative, IT professionals need to consider if DRaaS solves the cloud backup problem of recovering from a disaster or ransomware attack. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables you to instantiate your applications as virtual machines in your cloud backup provider’s infrastructure. Without it, cloud backup storage…

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Three Reasons You Need Standby Storage

There are three reasons you need standby storage. First, it provides the best way to recover from a ransomware attack. Second, it enables you to recover from a hard failure of your production storage systems. Third, it provides you with a suitable quality assurance (QA) / test area as you bring new applications online.  What…

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Managing QLC to Make it Enterprise Class

At StorONE we recently launched the All-Flash Array.next. While our use of Optane gets all the headlines, how we manage QLC is a real technical achievement that can benefit data centers of all sizes. QLC offers enterprises excellent read performance, good write performance, but low endurance. Low endurance can be deceiving, though. The way a…

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Storage Price Check

It’s time for a storage price check and a sanity check. One of the most frustrating things about enterprise storage is trying to understand how much a system is going to cost you, and if the vendor is giving you a fair price. In most cases, getting a price is hard, getting a great price…

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Hybrid Instead of All-Flash

For most organizations, it makes more sense to use arrays that are hybrid instead of all-flash. Hybrid arrays are more efficient in how they utilize resources and are, therefore, more cost-effective. Intelligent storage software, like StorONE’s S1 Enterprise Storage Platform, can make the efficiency advantage of hybrid even greater while significantly minimizing any disadvantage. The…

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What is SRMaaS?

To keep up with the capacity and performance demands, IT is continually adding new storage systems to the data center. At Storage Switzerland, we find it is not uncommon for an organization to have seven or more different storage systems from three or more storage vendors. Each system comes with a specific tool to manage…

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Creating a Ransomware Recovery Plan in 2020

In 2020, planning, preparing, and practicing for a Ransomware Recovery should be job #1. The Problem with Ransomware Recovery Predicting that ransomware is going to impact organizations during the coming decade is like predicting that it is going to be hot in August in Texas. It is an obvious conclusion based on current data. What…

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