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Live Webinar: How to Create A Two Tier Enterprise With All-Flash and Object Storage October 20, 2017 - The only problem with the all-flash data center is most of the data (as much as 85%) organizations store is not accessed in more than a year. Assuming there is a more cost effective way to store that data it
Live Webinar: Three Steps to Eliminating Storage Silos October 20, 2017 - As an organization grows the number of use cases the data center needs to support increases with it. What starts out as a NAS for file sharing, moves to a SAN for database applications, and then storage for data protection.
SlideShare: The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System October 20, 2017 - File systems are the heart of most organizations. They’re how critical unstructured data assets are stored, organized, and shared. But with files exploding in size and quantity as well as the cloud offering potentially cheaper and more scalable storage than
How to Implement Replication for Rapid Recovery October 19, 2017 - For organizations needing to protect mission-critical critical systems, software-based replication is an ideal way to meet and potentially exceed expectations. In fact, replication can be implemented so cost effectively that the scope of coverage can extend beyond mission-critical systems and
Live Webinar: 3 Steps to Stop Data Protection Sprawl October 19, 2017 - Most enterprises have little confidence in their ability to recover data in the event of a data center failure, storage failure, ransomware attack, or natural disaster. There is too much data to protect and user expectations of rapid recovery are

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