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StorageShort: The Changing Face of Disasters December 14, 2018 - When it comes to disaster recovery planning, we tend to focus on grand scale events that impact entire regions of a country. The reality is though that most disasters are smaller in scale. These smaller disasters have a similar severity
Keeping Office 365 Data Safe with Veeam and KeepItSafe December 13, 2018 - Beyond Microsoft’s clear position on data, “it’s your data”, it makes more sense to protect Microsoft Office 365 than potentially any other SaaS platform. Office 365 has on-premises versions, so when IT recovers data on-premises the organization can actually operate
eBook: If You Can’t Consolidate Storage Manage It December 13, 2018 - According to several surveys, most data centers have at least six storage systems, and multiple vendors are supplying those systems. If consolidating storage systems is on your IT whiteboard this year, then our new eBook, “Overcoming the Problems with Storage
Understanding the Cost of Data Protection Infrastructure December 13, 2018 - Protecting primary storage is significantly more expensive than the actual cost of primary storage. While, in most cases, data protection storage doesn’t need to perform at the same level as primary storage, it does need to provide acceptable performance, and
The Problem with Gold-Only Data Protection Service Levels December 13, 2018 - A recent Storage Switzerland webinar dealt with the impact of the massive increase in the number of applications that data centers support on the data protection architecture. How does IT apply the right level of protection, set service levels, for

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