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Archive is Better than Backup October 18, 2018 - For decades data center best practices were to isolate backup and archive. “Backup is not archive” was the mantra. The reality is most data centers ignored the mantra and used their backup process for all of their data retention. Today,
Your Data Center is Talking to You – Can You Understand it? October 18, 2018 - Data centers not only store and process the organization’s data they also create a lot of data on their own. Every device in a data center is logging its actions and activity about what it’s doing, what is accessing it
Trusting and Testing DRaaS October 18, 2018 - Many organizations count on a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution to enable them to bounce back quickly if a disaster strikes their primary data center. DRaaS saves organizations the expenses associated with investing in and equipping a disaster
How to Go All-In with the Cloud as Primary Storage October 17, 2018 - In our on demand webinar, “Eliminate Backups and Simplify DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage“, we discuss how IT can use the cloud as primary storage to improve their data protection process while dramatically reducing their investments in secondary storage. Since
Is All-Flash Deduplication a Must Have? October 17, 2018 - In the early days of All-Flash Arrays (AFA) deduplication was a key catalyst for adoption. Server and Desktop virtualization environments benefited greatly from the technology because of the similarity between virtual machine images. The environments also didn’t have the same

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