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Moving from Cloud Archive to Cloud Preservation – CloudLanes Briefing Note April 27, 2017 - The cloud is an ideal storage area for the 90 percent of an organization’s data that is not active. Moving this data to the cloud frees up on-premises storage requirements as well as data center floor space. The problem is
Do You Understand Your Disaster Recovery Buckets? April 27, 2017 - Disaster Recovery is a complex and fragile process. That is why it is important for IT to simplify that process as much as possible. An area where we are seeing success is how you group applications. While each application will
StorageShort: Are You Ready for the New Recovery Time Objective? April 26, 2017 - As long as there has been applications, there have been applications that need zero, or near zero downtime. These are applications where the life of the organization, or even human lives, literally depend on its operation. There has also always
StorageShort: Will Enterprise File Sync and Share Encryption Really Protect You? April 26, 2017 - Ask any Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) vendor if they provide encryption and you are going to get a emphatic, “Yes!” They will claim end-to-end encryption and let you assume that you are covered. But are you really? Certainly
Does Your Copy Data Solution Play Checkers or Chess? – Catalogic Briefing Note April 26, 2017 - A copy data management solution should save organization’s money in two areas. First, and most obvious, physical capacity consumption by creating virtual copies instead of actual copies, but any storage system with snapshot capabilities can at some level claim that

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