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The Myth of NoSQL Data Protection September 20, 2018 - There is a debate circling the topic of NoSQL data protection. A common myth is that because these environments automatically create replicas, data protection isn’t needed. Replicas protect the NoSQL environment from a hardware failure within a node or even
What is a Multi-Cloud Data Controller? September 20, 2018 - Multi-Cloud is real, most organizations have multiple cloud relationships and plan on maintaining them. Even AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in a recent Wall Street Journal Interview, “There will not be only one cloud…but rather a handful of large cloud
A Step-by-Step Path to Full Cloud Utilization September 20, 2018 - The Use Cases for a Cloud Data Fabric The cloud data fabric (CDF) allows organizations without a cloud pedigree to take full advantage of cloud storage and compute resources. The CDF also enables the organization to move to the cloud
How Object Storage Makes a Hybrid Array Better September 20, 2018 - In our last blog, Storage Switzerland discussed how a hybrid array, with a properly sized flash tier, could provide similar performance to an all-flash array while substantially reducing costs. The next step in storage architecture design is to use the
Solving the Flash Density Pipes Problem September 19, 2018 - The density of flash storage is increasing every year, 64TB solid state drives (SSD) are arriving next year, and within a year the data center may see 100TB+ SSDs become commonplace. Another significant change is that the data center, thanks

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