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Storage Testing as Part of Your Storage Refresh Process – Rent or Buy? August 22, 2017 - An organization tends to review its storage testing capabilities as it starts its next round of storage refresh. Typically they will either do the hard work of assembling a lab that provides a small representation of their production environment, leverage
Do You Need to Retain End-User Data? August 21, 2017 - An end-user data strategy for most organizations begins and ends with data protection. Certainly the ability to backup and recover user devices is critical and the most high profile component of the strategy, but retention of end-user data may be
What’s Next after NVMe? August 21, 2017 - NVMe is a protocol designed specifically for memory based storage technologies like flash drives. The new industry standard protocol is seeing rapid adoption among vendors meaning the data center may see these solutions become mainstream before the end of the
Unstructured Business Continuity August 21, 2017 - When IT planners think of business continuity they often think of databases and applications the organization needs to sustain operations. But what about unstructured data? Does unstructured data need the same level of business continuity that structured data does? How
SlideShare: Overcoming the Top 3 Challenges of the Storage Status Quo August 18, 2017 - Between 2010 and 2020, IDC predicts that the amount of data created by humans and enterprises will increase 50x. Legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems can’t meet the unstructured data demands of the mobile workforce or distributed organizations. In this

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