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NAB Report: Is There a Cloud Caching Appliance for SMBs? – Morro Briefing Note May 26, 2017 - There are a number of appliances that are designed to give you the benefits of the cloud with the performance of local storage. We tend to call these products cloud gateways or cloud caching appliances. The idea is that the
Why Not Build Ransomware Proof Storage? May 25, 2017 - The best way to protect an organization from a ransomware attack is at its source, primary storage. Ransomware works by compromising a user account and then encrypting all the files that the account can access. A compromised superuser account is
SlideShare: You Bought All-Flash, Now What? May 25, 2017 - Have you made the jump to all-flash storage? Are you planning to? If so this webinar is for you. We will look at what’s next after (or before) the jump to all-flash. An all-flash array brings many benefits to the
Should Backup Software Companies Build an Appliance? May 25, 2017 - A little over 15 years ago we started to see the creation of the backup appliance market with the creation of the deduplication backup target appliance. Since that time, we’ve gone from having no backup appliances to having so many
How Data Management Protects Against Cyber-Attacks May 25, 2017 - The reason that file data is a prime target of ransomware attacks is that most file servers are full of juicy targets that organizations are willing to pay to get back. Payment is, after all, exactly what ransomware is all

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