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Lightboard Video: Creating a Universal Infrastructure to Manage High Availability March 18, 2019 - Applications have seen explosive growth in the enterprise. Where just a few years ago there were three or four mission critical applications now there could be dozens. The organization is also more dependent on these applications than it has ever
Lightboard Video: What is the Next Generation of NAS? March 18, 2019 - Unstructured data continues to grow unabated and traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems simply can’t keep pace. These systems are often cloud ignorant, can’t deal with the growing population of small file workloads and provide almost no insight into the
What is Computational Storage? March 18, 2019 - Modern workloads such as analytics of data generated at the edge require vast amounts of data to be processed in parallel. As discussed in our previous blog, the advent of solid-state drive (SSD) storage media has caused the interface between
The Changing Role of Data Protection in the Modern Data Center March 18, 2019 - For decades, data centers have tried to use the data protection process to not only provide the organization with rapid recovery capabilities but also long-term data retention. Many organizations go so far as to use the backup process as an
SlideShare: Does Your Data Center Need NVMe? March 15, 2019 - NVMe storage systems and NVMe networks promise to reduce latency further and increase performance beyond what SAS based flash systems and current networking technology can deliver. To take advantage of that performance gain, however, the data center must have workloads

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