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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why Object Storage is the Best Defense against Ransomware Attacks May 18, 2018 - Backups, by themselves, are not an effective defense against a ransomware attack. The systems that store backup data also require protection, but backup storage is as vulnerable to a ransomware attack as production data, if not more so. If both
Why Endpoints Break Backup May 17, 2018 - According to several recent studies, about 30% to 40% of an organization’s data is stored uniquely on endpoints (laptops and devices). This unique data is not stored or backed up anywhere in the data center, and is outside of the
StorageSwiss Live! Backup is Dead – Modernizing Data Protection and Data Management May 16, 2018 - Join Storage Switzerland Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump on our next series of live events; Backup is Dead – How to Modernize Data Protection and Data Management. George is one of the top rated speakers in the IT industry
Hardware Defined All-Flash Arrays for a Software Defined World – Storbyte Briefing Note May 16, 2018 - While software-defined storage (SDS) captures the attention of the market, enterprise IT professionals know that the hardware still matters. The problem is that while a multitude of SDS solutions have come to market the hardware selection pool is essentially limited
The 5 Steps to Intelligent Data Management May 15, 2018 - Organizations are creating and capturing more data than ever. Creating and capturing data though is just the starting point. Organizations need to leverage that data to drive better outcomes. Most organizations use brute force to manage this data, which is

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