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SlideShare: Overcoming the Five Distributed Data Protection Challenges May 25, 2018 - One of the biggest challenges facing IT today is how to effectively protect data distributed between offices and across clouds. Companies with remote and branch locations, and newly merged organizations are all at risk of losing their critical data or
ChalkTalk Video: How to Scale Up and Scale Out Backup May 24, 2018 - Organizations are asked to store unprecedented amounts of data. Protection of this data to a secondary storage device and replicating it off-site is critical. For most organizations, the capacity requirements of secondary data, data used for backups and other purposes,
Why Scale-Out Architectures Break Backup May 24, 2018 - In a recent blog, we discussed how scale-up architectures break backup, forcing customers into expensive and disruptive forklift upgrades. Scale-out architectures are the logical solution to the scale-up challenge. But, scale-out architectures create problems of their own. IT planners need
Live Webinar: Is Your Storage Ready for Commercial HPC? – Three Steps to Take May 23, 2018 - High-Performance Computing (HPC) used to be limited to universities and government agencies, now though industries of all types are leveraging HPC for big manufacturing, in-depth analysis, sophisticated modeling and VFX rendering. However, commercial organizations don’t have the time for erector
Avoid the Two Big Hybrid IT Protection Mistakes May 22, 2018 - Hybrid IT means that data is both on-premises and in the cloud. Increasingly it also means that IT needs to distribute data across multiple sites within the organization and move data between various cloud providers. Hybrid IT is an attempt

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