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Live Webinar: What’s Your 2019 NVMe Strategy? November 16, 2018 - The flash optimized NVMe protocol has been on the market for over a year and the technology is available in several forms. NVMe, both storage and networking (NVMe over Fabrics) is more expensive than the typical SAS based solution and
SlideShare: Evolving Data Protection from Backup to Copy Data Management November 16, 2018 - Copy Data Management promises to not only improve the data protection process, it promises to provide value to the organization even without a looming disaster. It can reduce storage costs by presenting virtual copies of data to test/dev, analytics and
What to Look For in a Modern Storage Network November 16, 2018 - Legacy storage network architectures can’t keep up with the scale and performance requirements of modern data sets and workloads such as the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, creating the need for transformation to support new business demands. Fibre Channel is
Lightboard Video: Managing Unstructured Data at Scale November 15, 2018 - Unstructured data as it scales from terabytes to petabytes creates a massive problem for organizations as they attempt to protect and manage that data. IT struggles with gaining visibility into the state of their unstructured data, which often requires multiple
Is File Sync and Share OK for Endpoint Backup? November 15, 2018 - A surprising number of organizations and users consider their file sync and share (FSS) solution to be a suitable replacement for backup. With an FSS solution if a user accidentally deletes a file the FSS service can provide the user

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