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LightBoard Video: How to Optimize Performance and Capacity at the Same Time October 15, 2018 - When vendors claim that have a solution to optimize production storage, they are typically talking about optimizing one of two areas. They either have a solution that maximizes performance through the use of flash memory, SSD drives, and a caching
Can Storage Software Reduce the Cost of an All-Flash Array October 15, 2018 - Generally speaking, most All-Flash Arrays (AFA) increase performance by adding more processing power, more RAM and more drives. Adding more of any of these components also adds more cost. The only significant cost reduction method that most storage software solutions
SlideShare: Using the Cloud to Fix Backup’s Blind Spot – Endpoint Data Protection October 12, 2018 - Many data centers unwittingly have a blind spot in their backup strategy, endpoints like laptops and other devices are left exposed. Most organizations have no formal endpoint data protection strategy even though studies indicate that over 60% of data on
SlideShare: Overcoming the Storage Roadblock to Data Center Modernization October 12, 2018 - Organizations have tried a variety of solutions to regain control of their data storage infrastructure. They’ve invested in monolithic storage systems, software defined storage (SDS) and hyper-converged systems. While each approach may have brought some value, each failed in its
What to Look for in Cloud Native Backup October 11, 2018 - Users and software vendors realize the importance of protecting cloud-native applications. While cloud providers generally do an excellent job of protecting applications from a disaster they don’t provide easy access to tools to provide point-in-time backups which are necessary to

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