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How To Bring Tape Back to the Mid-Market Data Center – Spectra Logic Briefing Note March 20, 2018 - Tape is not dead. It has three valuable use cases. First, it is still a great backup of last resort. The copy of data an organization can count on when everything else has failed. Second, it is ideal for organizations
End-User Acceptance, Priority 1 for Enterprise Endpoint Backup March 19, 2018 - There are a lot of excellent reasons to deploy an enterprise-wide data protection strategy and at the top of the list is protecting users from Ransomware. One of the critical challenges, though, to successfully deploying an enterprise-wide endpoint backup strategy,
SlideShare: 2018 Disaster Recovery Checklist – 5 Key Areas to Improve March 15, 2018 - Is your organization ready for any disaster 2018 may throw at it? Organizations not only face new threats they also encounter decreased tolerance for downtime from users. The good news is there are plenty of new solutions that claim to
Where Would We Be Without NVMe? March 14, 2018 - The purpose of the NVMe standard is to replace SCSI-based protocols, like SAS, so memory-based storage systems, like all-flash arrays, can live up to their full potential. Data centers may not need the performance potential of NVMe all-flash systems. But
SlideShare: Cloud Storage vs. On-Premises Storage March 13, 2018 - Enterprise IT managers know the pain of explosive growth in unstructured data. Managing that data requires an “all hands-on deck” strategy. It is imperative that IT tame this data beast by using every tool at its disposal, including the cloud.

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