Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Skip the Disk – Send Backups Straight to Tape - All restores are not created equal, even during a disaster. The reality is that IT should not recover most mission critical systems from a backup of any kind (flash, disk or tape). Instead, IT should recover these critical systems from
The Ultimate Tape Advantage – Cold Offsite Storage - One of the biggest advantages to integrating tape media into the backup infrastructure is the door it opens for the organization to leverage cold offsite storage. As we’ve discussed throughout this series most data occupying capacity on a disk backup
When is it Time to Move to NVMe? - Most major storage vendors are now delivering Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) based All-Flash Arrays. Initially, most of these arrays use NVMe drives internally but connect to the storage network via standard network protocols like SCSI over Fibre Channel. A few
Comparing the Price of Disk-Only Backup to Tape Integrated Backup - As discussed in our last blog, tape, when correctly integrated into the disk architecture, does not negatively impact the performance of the backup infrastructure. In fact in some cases tape improves it while also providing a more efficient, more reliable
Comparing the Performance of Tape Integrated Protection to Disk Only Protection - When vendors compare the performance of disk backup systems with the performance of tape, they often will highlight the area in which their particular product has the biggest advantage and ignore situations where performance doesn’t matter. IT planners looking to
How Does Tape Work in the Modern Infrastructure? - When considering integrating tape storage into their infrastructure, IT planners must consider the realities of how data is accessed. The IT planner needs to maximize tape’s strengths with the goal to store as much data as possible on tape because
Reintroducing Tape to the Modern Data Center – Myth Busting Tape’s Shortcomings - To many IT professionals, tape media and tape libraries seem like an ancient technology used by the “old” IT guys. The reality is tape as a technology can be of significant value to the organization. Almost every data center is
Are You an Edge-Now Data Center? - We often think of edge data centers as a remote data center that an organization deploys to process a local data set in order to subsequently send that data set, or not, to a larger, primary data center. An example
For All-Flash Performance, Hardware vs. Media - In recent years the industry has seen the evolution of flash media from Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) based interconnects to Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) based interconnects. And now, PCIe interconnect is standardized around
How to Get Your Application Ready for Computational Storage Architecture - At its most basic, computational storage involves putting processing power where the data resides. In the case of flash storage, a computational storage vendor installs processing power on the flash drive. Imagine an array full of 100 flash drives; now

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