Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Should a Backup Appliance be Part of your Backup Refresh? - Backup needs a refresh to keep up with recovery demands of modern application and increasingly expectant users. They expect an “always-on data center.” IT professionals are already overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. For many, an always-on strategy is a concept that
How to Tame Data and Storage Sprawl with a Cross-Cloud Data Fabric - Over the last decade, the modern data center has evolved into a complex, virtualized environment that hosts many different types of applications ranging from legacy applications to new next-gen applications, while also struggling to securely store, manage, and monetize the
What’s Wrong with DRaas? - Many people feel DRaaS is the next wave in data protection. Just like flash solves so many problems in the primary storage world, DRaaS solves a ton of problems in the backup and DR worlds. And it does all that
Are We Using Windows File Servers for the Wrong Reason? - Windows file servers are primarily used to store unstructured data. The type of unstructured data varies from user-created documents to machine-generated audio and video. They even store analytics data machines and other servers generate. While the type of data a
How to Avoid the Cost of Zero RPO and RTO - IT is under constant pressure to reduce recovery point (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Users and applications owners want to set these objectives at zero. While a zero RPO/RTO is a possibility the cost to get there is enormous.
What’s missing from Converged Architectures? - The value of converged infrastructures is they save time. It’s not that IT can’t assemble the components themselves. But considering how busy most IT professionals are today, should they? The value of the data center is not the components within
Has All-Flash Really Reached Price Parity on NAS? - Flash has reached the same price as disk! At least that is what all flash vendors want you to believe. But is it true? Has flash really reached price parity with disk? As is often the case it depends on
How to Deliver Files Anywhere and Security Everywhere - Users seem to be everywhere and they can carry their compute in multiple forms (laptop, tablet, smartphone) at all times. They also want to have their files, the subset corporate data they work on, with them at all times. Also,
How To Survive 2017’s Flash Drought - “IT we have a problem, we are out of flash.” On several occasions flash NAND manufacturers are telling Storage Switzerland they are nearly sold-out of flash for the rest of the year. A lack of supply means flash storage prices
What is Data Management Sprawl? - Data Management is the art of intelligently moving data to the tier of storage that best balances the performance requirements with the cost of storing it and stage of its life cycle. In a perfect world, organizations would put all

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