Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Can Hyperconverged Work in the Enterprise? - Hyperconverged architectures have an enterprise problem because while they start off simple enough, as they scale they becoming increasingly complex and waste resources. Storage capacity and performance are particularly difficult to use efficiently. Also, intra-networking, when there are a dozen
Understanding NVMe - NVM Express (NVMe) is an optimized, high performance, scalable host controller interface with a streamlined register interface and larger command set designed for accessing memory-based storage attached through the PCIe bus. Put simply’ it is a better protocol for flash
Data Protection Considerations for Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Implementing a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) seems easy, buy the basic three-node configuration, plug it into the network and start creating virtual machines. To a large extent, the initial setup and first days of use are just that, easy. The simple
How Concerned Should US Data Centers Be About GDPR? - The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to go in effect in a matter of months, yet according to a SpiceWorks Survey, only 9% of US IT professionals feel they have a good understanding of the regulation.
Can Primary Storage Help Meet the GDPR Challenge? - The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing IT organizations worldwide to pay careful attention to their backup and recovery processes. The problem is most of these processes are already fragile and adding more responsibility may cause
What the Enterprise Needs to Learn from HPC Environments – DDN Briefing Note - HPC data centers are the harbinger of what the enterprise will look like in the coming years. As such enterprise data centers should pay close attention to a recent survey of HPC data centers, which was sponsored by DataDirect Networks.
Storage for Deep Learning - Deep Learning is a machine learning method that uses algorithms to determine a predictable behavior by analyzing seemingly disparate types of data. Use cases include fraud prevention, image classification, speech recognition, and countless others. To deliver a frictionless interaction with
The Cloud Storage Consistency Problem - Cloud storage like Amazon S3 is scalable and economical, and it is also highly available. But one thing it is not is consistent. Lack of consistency is the primary reason many organizations struggle with cloud migration. Many production applications need
Overcoming the Network Problems of High Capacity Flash in All-Flash Systems - Flash media is getting denser. There have been several announcements promising 50TB plus SSDs within the next six months. The distinct advantage for all-flash systems is they will be able to deliver Petabytes of capacity in just a few rack
All-Flash Should Internally Tier - In a recent webinar “How to Create A Two-Tier Enterprise With All-Flash and Object Storage”, Storage Switzerland discussed the concept of a two-tier data center. The goal is to reduce the overall number of storage systems in the data center

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