Flash Storage

Flash Storage

When Does Your Data Center Need NVMe? - NVMe is a new protocol that most data centers will use within the next several years in addition to SCSI. The path to NVMe will not require an infrastructure overhaul. Instead it will be a gradual, almost seamless process. And
The State of Storage Architectures - Storage architectures evolved from the legacy scale-up architectures to scale-out architectures. Scale-out architectures evolved into hyperconverged architectures. The data center is also evolving, of course, but at an even faster pace. The problem is all this storage evolution has not
The Effect of New Memory Technologies on the Data Center - In terms of storage, flash is not the end of the road. New storage and memory technologies will continue to come to market. The next step in storage will have the attributes of RAM but add persistence. Isn’t Flash Perfect?
How To Network All-Flash Arrays - All-Flash arrays, or almost any array that leverages flash, creates a problem for the rest of the storage infrastructure. It exposes weaknesses in storage software, internal storage system networking and external connectivity. In the past these architecture components hid behind
The Storage Refresh Needs to Become a Process - Times have changed. Data centers must refresh storage more frequently than ever. The organization wants faster application response to more sophisticated queries across more users. Or it wants to start a totally new endeavor, like better decision making driven by
What Happened to the All-Flash Data Center? - About the same time all-flash arrays appeared on the market, pundits started to predict the coming all-flash data center. In the all-flash data center, IT would finally find storage nirvana. There will be no performance issues, the days of tuning
NAS 2.0 Needs To Manage Capacity Differently - Being able to store terabytes or even petabytes of data is table stakes. It’s how data is managed that determines how effective a data driven organization will be in delivering value and controlling costs.The problem is most file systems and
How To Integrate On-Premises Storage To Cloud Storage? - In response to a polling question in our recent webinar, “Why Data Migration Hurts And How To Stop the Pain,” 27 percent of the respondents indicated their biggest challenge was integrating on-premises storage with the cloud. While general data migration
The Impact of Persistent Memory in the Data Center - Flash is the form of persistent memory that most IT professional are aware of, and it has fundamentally changed the data center. But we’ve only scratched the surface of what persistent memory is capable of, and flash is not the
Storage Problems Limit Hyperconverged Scale - Hyperconvergence has a real problem. It can’t scale. While hyperconverged architectures may be a good match for medium sized business, as the environment scales it’s “all for one, one for all” simplicity becomes problematic. As is usually the case, storage

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