Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Click To Register Primary Storage Refresh is More than Flash - Primary storage refresh projects usually start from some combination of need for more performance, more capacity or because the storage system is coming off of maintenance. A key feature IT professionals look for in new primary storage system is flash.
Watch On Demand Storage Lessons that IT can learn from Media and Entertainment - The demands of the modern Media and Entertainment (M&E) organization is pushing storage infrastructure to the breaking point. M&E generates more data, requires faster processing, faster delivery of that data and has, by far, the most justifiable means for retaining
storage-and-search-big-data-technology-concept-b The Storage Challenges that Cassandra and Couchbase Create - Traditionally databases are scale up, running on a single powerful but expensive server. Distributed databases like Cassandra and Couchbase are scale-out and run on commodity white box servers, each of which becomes a node in a cluster. Traditional databases are
yellow-sign-stating-challenges-ahead-b Overcoming All-Flash Array Post Implementation Problems - Storage Switzerland suggested a few years ago that IT professionals look for ways to get as much as 10 years out of their flash arrays. The problem was, as we cited at that time, most storage hardware manufacturers counted on
Click To Register Splunk Storage Basics - Splunk is software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data. While there is a lot of talk about “big data initiatives”, this is the big data that organizations have right now. Use cases include predictive analytics for IT operations, security
storage-word-cloud Merging NAS, Object and The Cloud – Avere C2N Product Brief - As more organizations move to the cloud or plan to move to the cloud, in order to address challenges like the ever-rising tide of unstructured data, many are encountering various unexpected complications. Some of these complications are things like increasing
Watch On Demand Should M&E use Object Storage or Amazon S3/Glacier? - IT professionals in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry have to deal with explosive data growth and record setting retention strategies. But even if you’re not in M&E, your industry could face similar challenges in the next few years. To
Watch On Demand The Performance Realities Facing Deep Flash - One of the more interesting developments in the flash market is the introduction of extremely high density flash systems that can store multiple petabytes of capacity in a few rack units. Once you factor in the power and floor space
Watch On Demand A Turnkey Storage Architecture for OpenStack and Docker - Scale-Out All-Flash Solution with Micron, Nexenta and SuperMicro Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions bring the ultimate in flexibility but it does require that IT professionals work through the process of fine tuning the software with both the storage hardware and
Watch On Demand The Role of Object Storage in HPC Environments? - For most High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, high performance storage is a critical component in the infrastructure. The storage systems need to feed the compute infrastructure as quickly as possible. With object storage improving its performance and adding flash to

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