Flash Storage

Flash Storage

High-Performance Cloud Integrated Object Storage - Some storage architects have been looking at object storage as the unstructured data heir apparent to legacy network attached storage (NAS). Object storage is cost-effective, scales well and has rich capabilities for data retention and perseveration, but it is incompatible
How to Consolidate the Four P’s of Data - The Four P’s of data are performance, protection, preservation and price. IT needs to ensure that each data set receives the right amount of the first three Ps and the right cost for the last one. The problem is the
What is the Two Tier Data Center? - Most data centers have at least five to six different storage systems from different vendors, increasing storage costs and management complexity. One potential solution is the all-flash data center, where all data is moved to a single all-flash array. While
Do All-Flash Arrays Have A Failure Domain Problem? - The capacity of all-flash arrays has been on the rise for several years. Many vendors are now claiming petabytes (PB) of capacity in just a few rack units. While these arrays promise to dramatically reduce the footprint of the data
How to Use Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage for Object Storage Backup - An on-premises object storage solution is a versatile data platform for enterprises that can be used to archive old data to and used as a backup target and even replace some NAS use cases. But one of the challenges with
The Cost Savings of Using The Cloud as Primary VMware Storage - The cloud is a vast resource of compute and storage, all available on-demand as the organization needs it. Using cloud storage as VMware primary storage with compute remaining on-premises opens up many possibilities. In our last column we discussed how
How to Use The Cloud as VMware Primary Storage - Cloud storage offers data centers almost limitless capacity and they can purchase that capacity as they need it. But to this point, most use cases for the cloud have been as a secondary storage target, a place to store archives
More Than Just Drives – A Complete NVMe All-Flash Solution - All-Flash Arrays bring an unprecedented level of performance to applications in the data center. Most of this performance gain comes from the replacement of hard disk drives with flash as the media of choice. The gain in performance was largely
Will There Be Another Great Storage System Company? - For a new storage company to stand above the rest it has to, within its category, provide better performance, better cost or simplify management. Over the past two and a half decades we’ve seen many companies deliver these requirements. Is
Scaling Unstructured Data in the Cloud Era - Unstructured data presents two scaling challenges to the data center. The first is capacity. It comes as no surprise to any IT professional that unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate. The second is performance, which may take some

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