The Myth of NoSQL Data Protection - There is a debate circling the topic of NoSQL data protection. A common myth is that because these environments automatically create replicas, data protection isn’t needed. Replicas protect the NoSQL environment from a hardware failure within a node or even
The First Step in Cloud DR is Cloud Backup - “It’s not about backup, it’s about recovery” is a common statement from the marketing departments of backup software suppliers. A recovery can’t be performed without a quality copy of the data. Cloud storage’s low cost and automatic off-site capabilities as
More than Migration: Developing a Holistic Cloud Strategy - Most organizations are considering how to take advantage of the tremendous resources made available by the cloud. The first step for many of these organizations is to create a cloud migration strategy. As part of this strategy, the organization decides
The State of Disaster Recovery Planning - Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are supposed to be an organization’s playbook if they need to recover critical data center operations after a disaster. The issue is that in most organizations, the DRP is outdated if it exists at all. Disaster
What is a Recovery Capabilities Assessment? - Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is a long and arduous process. The process of creating and even updating a disaster recovery plan is the primary reason that most plans, if they exist, are woefully out of date. In the event of
The Data Management Imperative vs. IT Reality - Data management is hard, and with the massive growth of data this task is becoming even more difficult. But, data growth is also making data management an imperative. Organizations need to figure out a way to better manage their data
How to Fix Broken Backup - The single biggest challenge facing backup, ironically has nothing to do with backup. Backup’s biggest challenge is the pace at which the organization evolves and the speed at which it expects IT to keep pace with that evolution. Combine that
Why Scale-Out Architectures Break Backup - In a recent blog, we discussed how scale-up architectures break backup, forcing customers into expensive and disruptive forklift upgrades. Scale-out architectures are the logical solution to the scale-up challenge. But, scale-out architectures create problems of their own. IT planners need
Why Endpoints Break Backup - According to several recent studies, about 30% to 40% of an organization’s data is stored uniquely on endpoints (laptops and devices). This unique data is not stored or backed up anywhere in the data center, and is outside of the
Why Snapshots Break Backup - Snapshots are incredibly popular and a powerful way to protect data. They enable an organization to protect data rapidly without consuming disk capacity until additional changes occur. Most storage systems can also roll back snapshot images for rapid restores and

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