Why IT Needs a New Data Protection Strategy for Unstructured Data - Unstructured data has always been a sore spot for the data protection process. The growth in the number of files that make up unstructured data sets and the capacity that they consume now threatens to break the data protection model
Can HCI Guarantee Application Performance? - Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) promise simplicity; simpler management and simpler scaling. One of the challenges though is that as an organization scales it also starts to expect specific response times from specific applications. Priorities set in, and IT must assure the
Do You Still Need a Dedicated Backup Server? - For over a decade the classic data protection architecture included a server whose sole purpose was to receive data from endpoints. This server was responsible for pulling data from the endpoints or receiving data from the endpoints. It might also
Using DRaaS For Test-Dev - Almost every data center needs to test operating system updates and new code releases. A DRaaS solution can meet the need. The problem is these testing needs require a copy of the server being tested with a most recent copy
Cloud Backup? Yes, No or Sometimes - Cloud backup has several advantages over traditional on-site backup and one big negative; the data is no longer stored within the familiar confines of the data center. Even if the cloud backup solution provides robust encryption, many organizations have some
Analysis of Actifio’s Results in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities of Data Center Backup and Recovery - The definition of backup is always changing. Backed up files or databases were typically put into some type of container, such as tar. When backups started being stored on disk, the tradition of putting backed up data into a container
Gartner’s Critical Capabilities of Data Center Backup and Recovery – An Analysis - The definition of backup has changed. Backed up files or databases were typically put into some type of container, such as tar. This was always the case with backup tapes, because there was simply no way to directly transfer a
How Can DRaaS Backup Performance Be Different? - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a great way for an organization to start its cloud journey, and the first part of that journey starts with a backup. Data has to get to the cloud before it can be
Is Recovery in the Cloud the New Standard - The cloud is increasingly becoming the disaster recovery option of choice. In fact, it’s really hard to argue with the cost and functionality available from the various cloud vendors that are available today. Recovering to the cloud seems even better
More Than Just Drives – A Complete NVMe All-Flash Solution - All-Flash Arrays bring an unprecedented level of performance to applications in the data center. Most of this performance gain comes from the replacement of hard disk drives with flash as the media of choice. The gain in performance was largely

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