How to Tame Data and Storage Sprawl with a Cross-Cloud Data Fabric - Over the last decade, the modern data center has evolved into a complex, virtualized environment that hosts many different types of applications ranging from legacy applications to new next-gen applications, while also struggling to securely store, manage, and monetize the
What’s Wrong with DRaas? - Many people feel DRaaS is the next wave in data protection. Just like flash solves so many problems in the primary storage world, DRaaS solves a ton of problems in the backup and DR worlds. And it does all that
What are your Backup Storage Options? - When it came to selecting the storage target for an organization’s backups the choice was simple; tape. At the time, that is all there was. Now, though, there are an almost overwhelming number of options including fully integrated (including software)
Are you Asking the Right DR Questions - It’s a really sad thing when a customer gets far down the path of a project and finds out it is going to fail. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve seen this happen. A customer has
DR Ready Storage Must be Space Efficient - One of the biggest criticisms of using primary storage for DR is cost. Primary storage can be expensive, and using it in your DR plan essentially doubles your storage requirement. Therefore, it is essential that DR Ready storage use as
What is Your Recovery Performance Expectation? - Storage Switzerland works with IT professionals to design data protection and disaster recovery plans. Those conversations always start with a discussion about service level objectives (SLO). Each application or data set should have an SLO, that comes from several very
What’s Your Biggest Backup Hardware Challenge? - The euphoria over disk backup appliances seams to be fading. It used to be that IT professionals were so happy to replace or augment tape that they didn’t look very deep into what the disk appliance was actually doing for
Faster Backup to the Cloud - When using a cloud backup as a server (BaaS) or disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) the perception is that backup performance is about the same between solutions since they all count on the Internet for transfer and they all
The Efficiency Challenges facing Deduplication Appliances - Disk is the initial and in many cases the only backup storage device most data centers use today. Once that backup is completed the data is then replicated to another disk backup appliance or to the cloud. The success of
Object Storage vs Tape and Object - An object storage system is a perfect place to keep data that needs storage for a long time. It also works in concert with a tape system if a customer wishes to do so. Why and how you might do

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