Object Storage

Object Storage

HGST Buys Amplidata – The Beginning of an Object Storage Shopping Spree? - As we reported last year HGST is on a shopping spree, and that spree continues into 2015 as today HGST announced that is has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Amplidata. The purpose of the Amplidata acquisition is to
Analyst Blog: Should Enterprises replace NAS with Object Storage? - Network Attached Storage (NAS) has served the enterprise data center for well over two decades. Originally designed for storing user home directories, these systems have evolved to handle a wide variety of data sets including databases and virtual machine images.
What is Hadoop and can Object Storage make it better? - Hadoop, first used by large cloud providers like Yahoo, Facebook and Google, is designed to allow massive amounts of compute resources to process very large, unstructured datasets. The technology is now firmly entrenched in government agencies and is now working
WOS Access S3 creates Private Cloud with DDN Object Storage - Object storage was designed to support environments like the cloud that can have open-ended scaling requirements. Amazon developed the S3 interface to connect their object-based storage infrastructure to applications running in their own cloud. Now, enterprises can do the same,
Seagate’s Kinetic Drives reduce Object Storage costs – now GA - After a one-year incubation, Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage Platform is now generally available. It features disk drives that communicate with applications over Ethernet, using a key-value architecture and RESTful APIs, instead of traditional protocols like SCSI or SATA. What’s different
Reader Question: Is Object Storage for Normal Data Centers? - One of the things I like about participating on the forums on Spiceworks is I get great, raw questions. One came in this week during a discussion around object storage. “I’d like to consider myself reasonably clued up, but I
How to lower Storage TCO through Object Storage - Networked Attached Storage is broken. Business data is increasing at an alarming pace but traditional “scale-up” NAS architectures can’t scale to meet this demand. As a result, organizations are often forced into time consuming and expensive fork-lift upgrades. To learn
File Storage vs Object Storage? - The fact that data is growing exponentially comes as no surprise to today’s IT professional. The question is, what is the best way to support that growth while enabling the business to leverage these data assets as an information advantage?
Object Storage is Confusing but its Benefits are Clear - Object Storage is attracting more vendors as the technology moves ‘out of the clouds’ and closer to what could be called “mainstream” IT, at least that seems to be the objective based on the discussions at this year’s NextGen Object
Do SMB Data Centers Need Object Storage? - Los Angeles – Storage Switzerland is at the Next Generation Storage Summit (NGSS) this week and yesterday we wrapped up our focus on Object Storage. One of the questions coming out of the summit is how do you know if your

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