Flash Storage

Flash Storage

cloud-nas-b Does NAS Still Make Sense? – Panzura Briefing Note - When network attached storage (NAS) first came to market its initial use case was to store user data, typically found in file server home directories. All users wanted to be able to do is store and share data between a
data-center-in-a-futuriestic-light-stream High Performance Private Cloud Storage via Software – StorPool Briefing Note - Multiple classes of storage make up public clouds (Amazon and Google both have at least three tiers). One of those is made from memory like flash or even DRAM to provide high performance storage to compute intensive applications. Private clouds
Storage Icon Raising the Bar for Data Aware Scale-out NAS – Qumulo Briefing Note - Over a year ago, Qumulo released a new data-aware scale-out NAS solution designed to address what it considers a key weakness in scale-out storage – Increased data management complexity when adding nodes to the cluster. This means most scale-out NAS
Botstorm and Computer Virus determination Concept. Making Sure the Storage Infrastructure Keeps Pace - Cisco Briefing Note Pressure on the storage architecture is compounded by the variety of ways that infrastructure is delivered. Options range from traditional fibre channel storage area networks, to IP storage networks, to bladed systems and to hyperconverged infrastructures. Then,
puzzle Solving the Problem that SDS Does not - FormationOne Briefing Note Most data centers are not really out of capacity, they are just out of capacity that they can get to in any meaningful way. Confused? Let me explain. The problem is the capacity is spread across potentially
Image of a yellow signboard inside the binary stream with text of Full Speed Ahead Designing Splunk Friendly Storage Architectures - Tegile Briefing Note Of all the “modern” data center applications, Splunk seems to be one of the more popular among more traditional data centers. This is due to Splunk’s specific use case: log data from machines. Almost every enterprise has
3d man - people with cubes . This ia a 3d render illustration Making Storage Consolidation a Reality - INFINIDAT Briefing Note The concept of a single storage system to serve the entire data center has been with us as long as the data center itself. But now we are seeing an explosion in the number and variety of
Speed All-Flash for Mid-tier Data Center - Exablox Briefing Note Despite the continual decline in the cost of flash, all-flash arrays remain out of reach for many medium sized data centers. They are left trying to band-aid performance problems with server side caching or hybrid arrays instead
Cyber brain,artificial intelligence Persistent Memory is Reality - Everspin Briefing Note The concept of persistent memory, also known as non-volatile DRAM, has been with us for a while. However, the idea of RAM that never loses data even during an unexpected power loss is IT nirvana. Today’s semiconductor
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.49.49 AM NVMe over Fabrics Needs NVMe Storage Systems - E8 Flash Memory Summit Briefing Note When selecting a storage system users have to choose between reliability, performance and cost. Vendors try a variety of methods to deliver on all three. But as the old adage goes, you can only

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