Flash Storage

Flash Storage

How To Solve the Unstructured Data Paradox – WekaIO Briefing Note - There is a capacity and performance paradox to unstructured data that wastes IT budget and resources as IT tries to find the perfect solution. In terms of capacity, the organization has more and more data to store each year, and
Integration Primary and Secondary Storage – Reduxio Briefing Note - In most data centers, there are two distinct types of storage. Primary storage to respond to the needs of performance demanding applications and secondary storage to maintain a backup and provide secondary copies of the primary storage. These two tiers
Data Center Modernization Needs a Fabric – MapR-XD Briefing Note - There are four storage trends driving data center modernization. These trends are enabling storage architectures that are both dense and have massive scale, while also providing rapid response to applications and analytics. At the same time organizations are global and
Network Integrated Data Management – Infinite io Briefing Note - Where and how a data management solution engages with data affects how much value the solution can deliver. The problem is that most data management solutions are passive; they wait until data reaches a certain state prior to taking action.
Is SDS Ready for You? – DataCore Briefing Note - Software Defined Storage (SDS) has not taken the data center by storm like many experts predicted. Sales of turnkey hardware and software solutions still dominate the storage purchases for most data centers. The problem is that most SDS solutions have
What’s the Best Way to Store Unstructured Data? – Nodeum Briefing Note - The data storage world changes every day as do the demands of your organization. That means the best place to store your data today might not be the best place to store your data tomorrow. There are high performance options,
Datrium Adds Data Protection Features – Datrium Briefing Note - What if you could have the performance advantages of local flash storage and the data protection advantages of hyperconverged infrastructure without the limitations of either? That is the goal of Datrium DVX, a unique product to say the least. We
Solve Your Storage Headache – Unlimited Scale but Controlled – Qumulo Core 2.6 Briefing Note - Then and Now Over the last decade, organizations have experienced massive changes in the data center and the storage industry. Workloads found in modern data centers today are vastly different from what was common back in the days of dedicated
Cloud Compute Needs Enterprise Storage – Nimble Briefing Note - Cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Azure all provide both compute and storage services. Compute is used to host applications and storage is used to store data. The cloud is tailor made for providing compute because applications that are multi-threaded
Does NAS Still Make Sense? – Panzura Briefing Note - When network attached storage (NAS) first came to market its initial use case was to store user data, typically found in file server home directories. All users wanted to be able to do is store and share data between a

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