Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Not Every All-Flash Array is the Same – AccelStor Briefing Note - All-Flash arrays are more than just the go-to option for data centers looking to solve performance problems. For many organizations they are becoming the mainstream primary storage system. But not every all-flash array is the same, and their differences impact
Optimized Performance for Oracle and MS-SQL – Vexata Briefing Note - In most cases CPU utilization is a direct result of how quickly can the storage architecture can respond to the IO request. Generally speaking, the lower the CPU utilization is the more time the CPU is waiting for the storage
Distributed Storage Goes Mainstream - Distributed storage offers more capability than traditional scale-out solutions. They scale further, are more granular and have a better multi-site/multi-cloud model. But distributed systems are typically viewed as the storage system for the next generation data center, and while they
Move Compute Closer to Storage – NGD Systems Briefing Note - Modern applications like big data analytics, facial recognition, IoT and video streaming, as well as next generation applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning, place unique demands on both the compute and storage infrastructures. Most of the modern and next
Moving Beyond The Flash Status Quo – E8 Storage Briefing Note - There are an increasing number of environments where the flash status quo will not deliver enough performance to meet the demands of the organization. IT planners at these data centers need to deliver unprecedented levels of application response time by
How To Get More Performance From Today’s Flash? – Smart IOPS Briefing Note - In recent years, most of the advances in flash performance are the result of better engineering more so than faster flash NAND. For example, NVMe makes the interface between the CPU and flash storage more efficient. NVMe over Fabrics makes
Non-Volatile RAM is Real – Everspin Briefing Note - The future is now. For years it seems like non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) has been a technology that is just over the horizon. While there have been some isolated use cases where the technology makes sense and is being used, we
End-to-End Data Management – Primary Data Briefing Note - The objective of data management is to make sure the right data is on the right type of storage at the right time. The problem is most vendors are too myopic in their treatment of the process. Vendors either focus
Data Center Modernization Needs Modernized Servers - Cisco UCS M5 Today’s data center is made up of hypervisors that control and provision compute resources and software that defines and allocates storage capacity. The software defined data center still needs an engine – and that engine is the
When Will The Storage Performance Bubble Burst – Cisco Briefing Note - Many data centers are experiencing a performance bubble. They have more than they need. The move from high latency hard disk systems to almost zero latent flash arrays delivers dramatic performance in every case. But this bubble will burst and

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