Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Realizing the Full Potential of NVMe – E8 Storage Briefing Note - When flash storage first came to market it exposed the weakness in storage designs, hidden by the latency of hard disk media. Now, NVMe promises to expose weaknesses in the designs of the first generation of all-flash arrays. One of
Time for a Storage SOFTWARE Refresh – StorONE Briefing Note - When the storage software becomes more efficient, the hardware it runs on suddenly loses the significance it once did. In other words, storage can then truly become software-defined. The problem is so-called software-defined vendors have to pre-configure their software on
What is Cloud Adjacent Storage? – INFINIDAT Briefing Note - Cloud adjacent storage is storage positioned within close proximity to a data center owned by a cloud provider. It enables compute the cloud provider hosts to have high performance, low latent access to data across traditional storage protocols. The challenge
Hyperconverged for the Enterprise and the Cloud – Datrium Amazon Product Briefing - Converging compute, storage and networking into a single tier sounds good at first but as the architecture scales and tries to extend into the cloud, problems arise. Most hyperconverged infrastructures are “over-converged.” In most cases, the lowest common denominator is
Enterprises Need a Metadata First Strategy – Infinite io Briefing Note - Organizations looking to improve the storage performance of their data centers often turn to all-flash arrays. The problem is an all-flash array is hitting the performance problem with a sledgehammer when all that may be needed is a scalpel. The
The Future is High Capacity Hard Drives – Seagate Briefing Note - Flash Storage dominates the headlines. But as a storage medium its availability is, at a minimum, constrained and more than likely the industry will see a shortfall of available flash for the foreseeable future. The problem is it takes billions
Open Software Defined Storage Becomes Enterprise Ready – SUSE Enterprise Storage Update - Software Defined Storage vendors claim “no vendor lock-in” as one of their mantras. While these solutions do allow the intermixing of various vendor hardware, the organization adopting the SDS solution is hopelessly locked into the SDS vendor from a software
Building Smarter, Simpler Storage Networks – Cisco Storage Networking Briefing Note - Storage architectures are becoming increasingly more complicated. There is more data coming from more applications. There are more users and developers. And there are more operational challenges as IT tries to maximize flash performance across multiple protocols. The storage network
Real Time SAN Analytics, No TAPs – Virtual Instruments & Cisco Briefing Note - Capturing real time analytics from the storage area network is important to optimizing the network. However, the rapid adoption of flash technology makes it even more critical. The problem is capturing information in real time typically involves using TAPs. A
Look Before You Leap into DRaaS – Scale Computing Briefing Note - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solves a lot of problems for IT professionals trying to prepare their organizations to survive a disaster. At the same time, though, it also creates new challenges that need to be resolved prior to

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