Flash Storage

Flash Storage

Using HCI to Optimize SMB and ROBO Storage Availability, Capacity and Performance – StarWind Briefing Note - IT organizations at small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) and remote and branch office (ROBO) environments face unique challenges. Like their counterparts at larger organizations, they are pressured to empower new, data-driven business insights in real-time, to respond with agility to dynamic business
Are Storage Infrastructures Fixing the Wrong Problem? – Formulus Black Briefing Note - When the CPU needs data, the role of the storage system is to transfer information into main memory so the CPU can process it. The memory channels between the CPU and main memory is very fast and the number of
How to Beat Amazon, Google and Microsoft – Wasabi Briefing Note - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are commonly referred to as the “big three” cloud providers and many assume their strangle hold on those top spots is very secure. The reality is that the big three in any industry
Using Proactive Change Management to Maximize Application Performance – SolarWinds Briefing Note - Application performance degradation can significantly drag on business productivity and the internal, as well as external, end-user experience. In the event that an application is not performing up to business requirements, it is important for IT to have effective change
An Alternative Path to Storage Modernization – Coraid Briefing Note - Disruption is the hallmark of today’s storage industry. The steady maturation of new delivery models (cloud services), media (flash) and access protocols (NVMe) evidence the fact that legacy storage architectures are no longer sufficient. Businesses are turning to ever-growing data
Is All-NVMe Worth Your Money? – WorkloadWisdom 6.2 Virtual Instruments Briefing Note - All-Flash Arrays (AFA), the goto high performance storage system for the past few years, is being replaced by All-NVMe. NVMe flash promises to improve performance by reducing latency and increasing bandwidth to flash based media. NVMe is PCIe based instead
Delivering Storage for Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise – Excelero Briefing Note - A web-scale data center needs to scale to support thousands if not millions of users. Web-scale application use cases range from traditional transactional IT to modern data analytics and machine learning workloads. It also includes new advanced video applications and
Starting Small with Object Storage – Caringo Briefing Note - Organizations of all sizes are dealing with explosive growth in unstructured data. Whether the organization is large or small, they need to store and manage their unstructured data sets cost-effectively. They need an object storage system and software that turns
Modernizing NAS Instead of Replacing It – Qumulo Briefing Note - Organizations are almost universally struggling with storing and managing their unstructured data. From a storage system perspective, vendors offer legacy NAS systems, object storage systems and cloud storage services, all trying to convince IT professionals that they are the best
Making Storage for AI and DL Turnkey – DDN – NVIDIA Briefing Note - When an organization moves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) projects from the test and design phase to production, the responsibility for maintaining that project often lands in IT’s lap. IT then has to put together an architecture that

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