Featured Webinars

Live Webinar: Will Your Backup Architecture Meet Tomorrow’s SLAs? 3 Steps to Make Sure! - Organizations, application owner and users all have much higher expectations of IT than ever before. They expect IT to recover real-time data instantaneously and recall aged data very quickly. These expectations mean that backup architectures are getting stretched at both
15 Minute Webinar: NVMe Readiness Assessment - Most All-Flash Arrays were bought in the last few years and have not come anywhere close to “end of life,” yet most vendors are now shipping NVMe All-Flash Arrays which offer better performance. As enticing as these new systems might
15 Minute Webinar: Composing Infrastructure for Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and Cassandra to Drive Down Cloud Data Center Costs - Hyperscale applications like Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and Cassandra typically use a shared nothing design where each node in the compute cluster operates on its data. Hyperscale architectures, to maximize storage IO performance, keep data local to the compute node processing
15 Minute Webinar: What Are Composable Infrastructures? - IT professionals are hearing a lot about composable infrastructures and many vendors are claiming to offer a solution, but only a few have truly composable solutions ready for deployment today. The goal of composability is to bring the cloud like
Webinar: Simplifying the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with Azure Stack HCI - Many organizations need to continue to run virtualized applications on-premises but are also looking to replace and consolidate aging server infrastructure.  At the same time, these organizations want to leverage cloud services for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery
Webinar: Flash Storage – Deciding Between High Performance and EXTREME Performance - All-Flash arrays are no longer a one size fits all. There is a clear line of demarcation between standard all-flash and extreme flash, but most suppliers try to squeeze all of an organization’s problems into a single system architecture because
Webinar: Rearchitecting Storage for the Next Wave of Splunk Data Growth - Splunk is one of the most broadly adopted analytics applications on the market today. The primary reason for its popularity is it analyzes data that organizations already have, like log and metadata generated from IT operations, enterprise security and various
15 Minute Webinar: Overcoming the Hybrid Cloud Storage Roadblocks - For most organizations, unstructured data is their biggest problem. The need to store all this data is forcing IT to expand primary storage capacities at an alarming rate. Unstructured data not only threatens to break IT budgets, but also force
15 Minute Friday Webinar: Rethinking Storage Performance for Modern Applications - Modern applications process large segments of data, often in parallel. These applications need to match patterns across a multitude of object and vectors or regularly update multiple indices as they change over time. Storage IO and network latency quickly become
Webinar: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Endpoint Data Strategy? - As organizations and their employees become more distributed, a case can be made that endpoints (laptops, tablets and smartphones) are some of the most critical pieces of technology in the organization. The problem is most organizations haven’t revisited their endpoint

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