Featured Webinars

Webinar: How to Create an Infrastructure-less Backup Strategy - Designing architectures to backup primary storage as well as provide rapid recoveries is a challenging task that most IT professionals need to face. It is even more challenging in the face of a rapidly growing data set, increasing demand for
Lightboard Video: Why The Edge is Demanding Next Generation Network Fabrics - Edge Computing, often referred to as Distributed Cloud, is becoming a requirement for a set of new application use cases revolving around IoT, AI/ML and other new technologies requiring ultra low latency, data thinning to reduce bandwidth costs, autonomy, and
Live Webinar: Complete Your Cloud Transformation – Store Your Data in The Cloud (and live to tell about it) - Organizations are moving to the cloud but according to a recent Osterman Research study, only 14% of companies have completed that transformation. The study clearly identifies data storage as an area where IT can easily accelerate their cloud transformation journey.
Live Webinar: 5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities - The cloud seems like a logical destination for backup data. It is by definition off-site, and the organization no longer needs to worry about allocating valuable floor space to secondary data storage. The problem is that most cloud backup solutions
Webinar: Overcoming the Shortcomings of Legacy NAS with Microsoft Azure - Most organizations use Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store data, but the modern workforce and organization expect more capabilities than what the typical NAS can provide. Also, as organizations themselves become more distributed, the idea of a single centralized file
15 Minute Friday: How to Move From Legacy DR to DRaaS - Most data centers still use a legacy DR strategy of replicating or even physically transporting backups to a dedicated disaster recovery (DR) site, or a secondary site owned by the organization. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) delivers a compelling
Webinar: 3 Steps to be a Storage Superhero – How to Slash Storage Costs - Reducing or a least slowing the growth of storage costs is a top priority facing IT organizations in 2019. In this live webinar with Storage Switzerland and SolarWinds, you will learn the three steps IT professionals can take to lower
Webinar: Three Steps to Modernizing Backup Storage - Backup software is continuously improving. Solutions like Veeam Backup and Replication deliver instant recoveries, enabling virtual machine volumes to instantiate directly on the backup device, without having to wait for data to transfer back to primary storage. These solutions can
Webinar: Can You Use the Cloud to Backup the Distributed Enterprise? - Today’s enterprise is more distributed than ever. Most organizations have multiple locations with servers, storage, and applications. Legacy data protection solutions either require independent backup in each of these locations or that all the locations backup up centrally to the
Fifteen Minute Friday: Do You Need to Protect Laptops, Office 365 and Salesforce.com? - Most enterprises don’t need convincing to back up their Oracle, MS-SQL, and VMware environments but for some reason, vendors struggle convincing most IT professionals that laptops, Office 365 and Salesforce.com also need backing up. The common misconception is that since

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