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What Ever Happened to the Software Defined Data Center? - About a decade ago, VMware introduced the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC). Unlike data centers of yesteryear, a software-defined data center was supposed to leverage intelligent software and commodity hardware to create a flexible data center that could
What is a Multi-Cloud Data Controller? - Multi-Cloud is real, most organizations have multiple cloud relationships and plan on maintaining them. Even AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in a recent Wall Street Journal Interview, “There will not be only one cloud…but rather a handful of large cloud
Designing an All-Flash Data Management Strategy - Thanks to decreasing flash media pricing and data efficiency technologies like deduplication, all-flash arrays are now commonplace in many data centers. In most cases though, the purchases of first generation all-flash arrays were to solve a specific performance problem. Now
Ransomware Changes Backup Software - The threat of ransomware has put IT on its toes. The pressure is on to backup everything more frequently and to make sure that recoveries happen faster than a BitCoin transaction. Backup software manufacturers need to up their capabilities too.
Performance vs. Security vs. Management – How to Solve the Primary Storage Paradox - Applications and users demand unprecedented levels of performance, cyber-threats like ransomware require new levels of security and access control, and organizations are intolerant of any form of downtime or data loss. At the same time, they need to manage data
Developing a Practical Cloud Strategy for Traditional Data Centers - Many organizations want to develop a cloud strategy, but most don’t know where to begin. As a result, the organization stumbles into the cloud, often starting with using the cloud as a secondary backup storage area, with the hope that
Any Cloud Strategy Requires Understanding On-Premises Workloads - Is a Cloud First Strategy Right for IT? The cloud is a resource that most data centers are trying to factor into their future IT planning. Early adopters have found though that not all their workloads work properly, or at
Enterprises, You Want Object Storage But Not For Objects - The industry has been espousing the merits of object storage for years now and cloud providers have been quick to adopt the technology. The enterprise, on the other hand, is more cautious, partly because the object storage alternative, Network Attached
Utility vs. Solution – What’s Best for Enterprise Cloud Migration? - When IT needs to get something done once, or just occasionally, software utilities are a quick and easy way to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes though, IT needs something more, a solution that will become part of the data
NVMe Details & Capabilities - The next step in all-flash performance is NVMe. Systems equipped with NVMe support promise to increase performance and lower latency. But, IT professionals want to know if their data centers can take advantage of NVMe and how they should plan

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