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Lightboard Video: Does the SSD Architecture Really Matter? - It is easy to get caught up in the maximum performance potential of solid-state drives (SSDs), especially as we move into the era of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) access protocols. However, in reality, applications and service level agreements (SLAs) cannot
Lightboard Video: Optimizing NVMe with Intelligent Management - Getting the most out of premium-priced NVMe and SSD storage implementations in terms of utilization and supporting mixed workloads is challenging against a backdrop of continually fluctuating business requirements. Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, George Crump, and Western Digital Product Manager,
Lightboard Video: Object Storage Isn’t Just For Cold Data Anymore - Object Storage, because of its ability to cost effectively store petabytes plus of data, is often thought of as a digital dumping ground. While object storage is an ideal location for inactive data, customers aren’t deriving the full benefit of
Lightboard Video: Is Now the Time to Move to NVMe Flash? - A common question from IT professionals is when is the right time to start purchasing NVMe Arrays over SAS-based All-Flash Arrays. The answer as always is, it depends, but as George Crump, Lead Analyst with Storage Switzerland discusses in this
Lightboard Video: The Importance of Flash Architectures in Real-Time Workloads - Data centers are adjusting to the flash performance opportunity and are scaling their traditional environments much larger, pushing the storage systems’ architecture much harder than when all-flash arrays were first introduced. These organizations are also introducing real-time applications, like artificial
Lightboard Video: The Benefits of a Cloud-Native File Architecture in a Managed Service Model - Today’s world is multi-cloud, as IT uses a range of cloud service providers to address varying compliance, cost, feature and performance requirements. This results in a highly complex environment for IT to provision, manage and monitor. File storage environments are
Lightboard Video: Obtain VM-specific Visibility and Control to Optimize Your Storage Infrastructure - Virtualization has become the de facto standard for the majority of enterprise applications, but most management tools cannot provide virtual machine (VM) level visibility and control over input/output (I/O) performance and other capabilities such as replication. Steve Phillips, Principal Systems
Lightboard Video: Solving for Flash Read Latency Outliers - The advent of disaggregated and distributed cloud-based applications along with inconsistent read latencies inherent in solid-state drive (SSD) storage media, create a new application performance bottleneck. George Crump, Lead Analyst for Storage Switzerland, recently spoke with Joe Dedrick, Vice President
Lightboard Video: Accelerating AI by Solving the Storage Challenge - Artificial Intelligence workloads push current IT architectures to their extremes. For the first time both computing horsepower and All-Flash Storage I/O can be overwhelmed by AI demands. GPUs from companies like Nvidia have largely solved the computing problem but the
Lightboard Video: Creating a Universal Infrastructure to Manage High Availability - Applications have seen explosive growth in the enterprise. Where just a few years ago there were three or four mission critical applications now there could be dozens. The organization is also more dependent on these applications than it has ever

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