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Video: Considering the Total, Rather than Upfront, Cost of Backup Storage Infrastructure - Off-premises cloud services are commonly accepted as lower-cost alternatives to on-premises IT infrastructure deployments. Because IT is perpetually working to lower both capital and operating expenses associated with backup storage infrastructure, backup workloads are common targets for migration to the
Video: Utilizing Tape Storage as a Malware Failsafe - In today’s information era, data growth is booming. Furthermore, organizations are storing and backing up this data more than ever before to meet compliance regulations, as well as to increase the volume of information available for business analytics. At the
Video: Why Does the MLB Network use Tape? - The MLB Network is baseball’s premier broadcasting channel. It features non-stop 24-hour coverage of one of America’s favorite pastimes including complete game coverage, live look-ins, and in-depth analysis. The amount of data that the sport creates throughout a single season
Video: Open Hyperconvergence – Reporting to Duty! - Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) integrates compute virtualization, storage, and networking to provide a cost-efficient deployment platform with a reduced footprint. HCI is increasingly popular in industries like energy, banking, telecommunications, and the public sector, for a variety of use cases including
Lightboard Video: Managing Unstructured Data at Scale - Unstructured data as it scales from terabytes to petabytes creates a massive problem for organizations as they attempt to protect and manage that data. IT struggles with gaining visibility into the state of their unstructured data, which often requires multiple
Lightboard Video: The Changing Role of Object Storage in HPC Environments - High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments typically use parallel file systems as the core of their storage architecture. These environments also tend to leverage object storage as a near-line long-term repository of data. Object storage systems though, thanks to improved hardware and
Lightboard Video: Overcoming IO Bottlenecks in HPC - Parallel file systems are a critical aspect of most Super Computing environments. One of the challenges facing parallel file systems is making sure the file system itself does not become a bottleneck. If not architected correctly, IO can overwhelm the
LightBoard Video: How to Optimize Performance and Capacity at the Same Time - When vendors claim that have a solution to optimize production storage, they are typically talking about optimizing one of two areas. They either have a solution that maximizes performance through the use of flash memory, SSD drives, and a caching
ChalkTalk Video: The SSD Matters - Consumer and Enterprise SSDs, from outward appearances, all look the same. As a result, organizations are sometimes tempted to use consumer SSDs in enterprise use cases or get the least expensive SSD possible. In this ChalkTalk Video, Storage Switzerland’s Lead
ChalkTalk Video: Overcoming The Risk of Virtualizing Tier 1 Workloads - Organizations virtualize more than just standard applications, today businesses mandate the virtualization of mission critical applications like SAP, SAS, Oracle and MS-SQL. Placing these performance dependent applications in a virtualized environment could potentially risk inconsistent performance because they now share

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