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ChalkTalk Video: Best Next Steps for Hybrid Cloud - The first step to the cloud, for most organizations, is backup. They use the cloud as either the primary or secondary backup target, essentially leverage cloud storage as a giant data dumping ground. But this use case totally ignores something
ChalkTalk Video: When Should You Use High Availability instead of Backup? - Most data centers have some sort of backup strategy where it copies data on a periodic basis, typically once per night, to a secondary storage device and then either replicated or transported to a disaster recovery site. They count on
ChalkTalk Video: Archive – It’s About More Than Saving Money - When most organizations consider an archiving project their primary goal is to save money. Basically they are looking to move data off of expensive storage valued at a couple dollars per GB to secondary storage valued at pennies a GB.
ChalkTalk Video: How Can Object Storage Solve The Ransomware Problem? - Ransomware is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations, regardless of size. It breaks backup because the data you are most likely to pay to un-encrypt is the data that your organization has been changing since the last backup occurred.
ChalkTalk Video: How To Overcome the All-Flash Let Down - All-flash arrays are the performance sledgehammer, often obliterating the storage performance problem organizations hoped to resolve when buying them. The challenge is as the organization adds additional workloads to the array, its low latency exposes other bottlenecks in the environment
ChalkTalk Video: Can you Get Total File Security in the Cloud? - Users create files. Over the years the size and number of files they create keeps increasing. Users also don’t work from a desktop at the office any more. They are mobile and have multiple devices. They want their files with
ChalkTalk Video: Introducing Enterprise Data As A Service - As IT organizations attempt to modernize, they continue to look for ways to offer more of their capabilities as a service. Good examples of this are software as a service and infrastructure as a service. The problem is one of
ChalkTalk Video: Primary Storage Should Protect Itself - Storage that protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous
ChalkTalk Video: Proprietary Storage vs. Open Storage - It used to be very difficult for an organization to manage, scale and maximize the performance of its storage infrastructure. It made sense to partner with a vendor that provided a proprietary storage solution where software and hardware were tightly
ChalkTalk Video: How to Backup Cassandra and MongoDB - Data center backup simply wasn’t built for cloud applications like Cassandra and MongoDB. That was Shalabh Goyal’s main point when I interviewed him last week as the Director of Products for Datos IO, and I couldn’t help but agree with

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