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A Real-World Disaster Recovery Plan – Step 1 – DR Gap Analysis - Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) doesn’t need to be the lengthy complicated ordeal many make it out to be. In fact, DRP needs to become a more nimble process that is completed quickly, easily updated and frequently tested. The first step
ChalkTalk Video: Protecting Mission Critical Applications With Recovery In Place Backups - When it comes to mission critical applications, most organizations count on high availability products to protect their mission critical applications. It looks like this; the mission critical application is mirrored or clustered. It is then backed up and in some
Meet The CEO of Violin Systems - Ebrahim Abbasi is a turnaround specialist. That is exactly what fit the need of Violin Systems; a turnaround. He was hired prior to Violin’s sale of assets to Quantum Strategic Partners (QSP) and guided it through that period. Now, Violin
ChalkTalk Video: How To Develop a Cloud Storage Strategy That Works - As IT professionals begin to implement a cloud storage strategy they immediately face two challenges; the first is the actual transition itself. How to learn the new architectures available to them and how to deal with application incompatibilities as they
ChalkTalk Video: What’s Wrong with Traditional Backup vs The Cloud? - Traditional backup consists of a backup server, which stores copies of production data in a tape library or a deduplicated disk storage appliance. Most of these legacy solutions try to extend themselves into the cloud. The problem is the backup
ChalkTalk Video: Why Organizations Are Struggling with Getting Applications to the Cloud - Every organization is trying to develop a cloud strategy, but as they try to move workloads to the cloud, they are running into the wall known as the CAP theorem. The CAP theorem says it is impossible for a distributed
ChalkTalk Video: High-Performance Storage for Machine Learning - Use cases like machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence all require massive amounts of performance. These systems use dedicated GPU accelerators for training machine learning algorithms and massive amounts of network bandwidth. These environments also push today’s all-flash systems
ChalkTalk Video: Practical Strategies to a Hybrid Cloud - Almost every data center professional wants to create a hybrid cloud strategy, one that optimizes on-premises resources while leveraging the almost infinite capabilities of the cloud. The best approach is to start with what is known, on-premises storage, but move
ChalkTalk Video: The Top Three Storage Challenges for M&E IT - Before consumers get a chance to sit down and watch their favorite show the media and entertainment (M&E) has a sophisticated workflow that the digital product has to go through. Storing and delivering that data to consumers are the most
ChalkTalk Video: Can Disk Backups Have An “Air Gap?” - Ransomware is changing everyone’s thoughts about how backups should work. Put another way, many of the old ideas about backups are now back in vogue. One of those ideas is the 3-2-1 rule. It says enterprises should have three copies

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