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Lightboard Video: What is SRM as a Service? - Storage Resource Management is too complicated, doesn’t provide a complete enough view of the storage infrastructure, and is incredibly expensive. As a result, most organizations count on vendor tools to capture storage data. Then they manually consolidate that data in
Lightboard Video: 5 Essential Storage Needs for Global 1000 Cloud Deployments - As the large enterprises look to the cloud to deliver agility and remove complexity and cost, data requirements and storage infrastructure often stands right in the way of achieving organizational goals. To get storage out of the way so IT
Lightboard Video: Data Protection and Mobility for HCI and the Public Cloud - Organizations are evolving their data centers to be more cloud-like. A significant component of these initiatives is to invest in hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Organizations are implementing HCI at multiple locations and, at the same time, are moving some workloads to
Lightboard Video: Dealing with Multi-Cloud Data Management Complexity in 2020 - This year, and for most of this decade, data centers will be dealing with the cloud, containers, and copy data. Using the public cloud is top of mind for every organization, but using the cloud intelligently and developing a strategy
Lightboard Video: How to Lower the Cost of Backup Infrastructure - The cost to store backups on-premises is already a significant expense for data centers to endure and the rapid growth in unstructured data is pushing budgets to the breaking point. Cloud Storage, because of its low cost and infinite scalability,
Lightboard Video: Maximizing AI Performance with Dedicated Infrastructure - High-Performance Computing (HPC) and scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads typically use parallel file systems to make sure that all the computing nodes in a cluster can directly access the data they need without being bottlenecked by control nodes. Organizations running
Lightboard Video: The Art of Big and Fast Data - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) projects can all have varying types of data associated with them. Some projects consist of a relatively small number of huge files, and others have an incredibly high number of
Lightboard Video: Why is NOW the Time for SDS? - As a term, software-defined storage (SDS) has been around for over a decade. The concept of abstracting storage software from the storage hardware is even older, predating Y2K. Despite its time on the market and many apparent advantages, SDS adoption
Lightboard Video: SSDs Are Critical for Edge Computing Success - The escalating use of IoT devices, as well as the need for Cloud providers and Content Delivery Network providers to get closer to where their customers are, is driving edge computing. The goal of edge computing is to reduce latency
Lightboard Video: Analyzing SANs at NVMe Speeds - The enterprise storage industry is undergoing a widespread transformation. Scale-out applications can generate the IO demands needed to justify further investment in storage area network infrastructure. NVMe All-Flash Arrays can deliver millions of IOPS with unprecedented bandwidth. NVMe-oF, and especially,

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