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Lightboard Video: Optimizing NVMe with Intelligent Management - Getting the most out of premium-priced NVMe and SSD storage implementations in terms of utilization and supporting mixed workloads is challenging against a backdrop of continually fluctuating business requirements. Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, George Crump, and Western Digital Product Manager,
Lightboard Video: Object Storage Isn’t Just For Cold Data Anymore - Object Storage, because of its ability to cost effectively store petabytes plus of data, is often thought of as a digital dumping ground. While object storage is an ideal location for inactive data, customers aren’t deriving the full benefit of
Lightboard Video: Is Now the Time to Move to NVMe Flash? - A common question from IT professionals is when is the right time to start purchasing NVMe Arrays over SAS-based All-Flash Arrays. The answer as always is, it depends, but as George Crump, Lead Analyst with Storage Switzerland discusses in this
Lightboard Video: The Importance of Flash Architectures in Real-Time Workloads - Data centers are adjusting to the flash performance opportunity and are scaling their traditional environments much larger, pushing the storage systems’ architecture much harder than when all-flash arrays were first introduced. These organizations are also introducing real-time applications, like artificial
Lightboard Video: The Benefits of a Cloud-Native File Architecture in a Managed Service Model - Today’s world is multi-cloud, as IT uses a range of cloud service providers to address varying compliance, cost, feature and performance requirements. This results in a highly complex environment for IT to provision, manage and monitor. File storage environments are
Lightboard Video: Obtain VM-specific Visibility and Control to Optimize Your Storage Infrastructure - Virtualization has become the de facto standard for the majority of enterprise applications, but most management tools cannot provide virtual machine (VM) level visibility and control over input/output (I/O) performance and other capabilities such as replication. Steve Phillips, Principal Systems
Lightboard Video: Solving for Flash Read Latency Outliers - The advent of disaggregated and distributed cloud-based applications along with inconsistent read latencies inherent in solid-state drive (SSD) storage media, create a new application performance bottleneck. George Crump, Lead Analyst for Storage Switzerland, recently spoke with Joe Dedrick, Vice President
Lightboard Video: Accelerating AI by Solving the Storage Challenge - Artificial Intelligence workloads push current IT architectures to their extremes. For the first time both computing horsepower and All-Flash Storage I/O can be overwhelmed by AI demands. GPUs from companies like Nvidia have largely solved the computing problem but the
Lightboard Video: Creating a Universal Infrastructure to Manage High Availability - Applications have seen explosive growth in the enterprise. Where just a few years ago there were three or four mission critical applications now there could be dozens. The organization is also more dependent on these applications than it has ever
Lightboard Video: What is the Next Generation of NAS? - Unstructured data continues to grow unabated and traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems simply can’t keep pace. These systems are often cloud ignorant, can’t deal with the growing population of small file workloads and provide almost no insight into the

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