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ChalkTalk Video: The Top Three Storage Challenges for M&E IT - Before consumers get a chance to sit down and watch their favorite show the media and entertainment (M&E) has a sophisticated workflow that the digital product has to go through. Storing and delivering that data to consumers are the most
ChalkTalk Video: Can Disk Backups Have An “Air Gap?” - Ransomware is changing everyone’s thoughts about how backups should work. Put another way, many of the old ideas about backups are now back in vogue. One of those ideas is the 3-2-1 rule. It says enterprises should have three copies
ChalkTalk Video: Managing The All-Flash Infrastructure for Optimal Performance - When All-Flash Array vendors report performance benchmarks, they typically generate them in a perfect lab environment. The problem is the real data center adds a lot more variables. There are often multiple storage systems, that connect to a switch infrastructure,
ChalkTalk Video: Hyperscaling Data Protection - One of the data protection challenges IT professionals face is dealing with the growth of protected copies of data. Traditional systems simply scale up and eventually hit a wall that forces an upgrade or the purchase of additional systems. The
ChalkTalk Video: The Keys to Hybrid IT Success - As data centers look to the cloud they are faced with the very real challenges of dealing with sprawl, managing growth and ever increasing complexity. Growth though is not bad, it means the business is growing. Growth, however, needs to
ChalkTalk Video: Hybrid NVMe Flash - How do you make an all-flash array faster? Add NVMe SSDs. The problem today is NVMe SSDs have a higher price point than SAS based SSDs. Why not use hybrid array technology to deliver great performance at a price the
ChalkTalk Video: What Keeps IT Up at Night? - While the industry talks about clouds (public, hybrid and private), what keeps IT up at night is dealing with storage refreshes, defeating ransomware, maintaining application availability and controlling costs. These problems have been with IT years, but they are worse
ChalkTalk Video: Using the 3-2-1 Rule To Protect Against Ransomware - Protection in the modern data center is changing. IT must provide backup to disk and an instant recover capability to meet the recovery expectations of application owners. But this rapid protection also puts data at risk to a ransomware attack.
ChalkTalk Video: What is Composable Storage? - As the data centers scale, guaranteeing critical applications, the performance need to meet demands of users becomes very important. The problem is most flash arrays, if they provide a quality of service (QoS) capability at all, can only deliver a
ChalkTalk Video: Merging Storage Silos - It seems like today’s data center has a storage system for every occasion. There is NAS for unstructured data, block for databases, archive systems to meet compliance demands, data protection storage to store backups and now mobility storage to meet

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