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screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-9-05-16-am ChalkTalk Video: How to Backup Cassandra and MongoDB - Data center backup simply wasn’t built for cloud applications like Cassandra and MongoDB. That was Shalabh Goyal’s main point when I interviewed him last week as the Director of Products for Datos IO, and I couldn’t help but agree with
Brocade ChalkTalk Video ChalkTalk Video: Modern Shared Storage vs Hyperconverged Architectures - IT professionals are inundated with new ways to deliver storage services to applications and users. Architectures like converged and hyperconverged seem to defy conventional wisdom, creating a new paradigm and server side storage. But the more things change, the more
screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-04-48-am ChalkTalk Video: What is NVMe over Fabric? - When flash drives first came to market the easiest way to integrate them into the enterprise storage infrastructure was to make them connect in the same way that a current hard disk drive would. While providing immediate compatibility and an
IBM ChalkTalk ChalkTalk Video: Flash for Files? – Does It Make Sense? - All-Flash arrays were initially targeted at high-end databases that had the I/O demand to justify the investment. As the price of these systems come down, all-flash arrays are now easily justifiable as the primary storage system for virtual server and
Caringo ChalkTalk Video Subscriber Exclusive – ChalkTalk Video: The Problems with NFS on Object Storage - If object storage is the future of unstructured data storage, NFS is clearly the present. Object storage vendors realize this and provide NFS support. The problem is most of these vendors leverage a NFS gateway to act as the bridge.
Kaminario Video ChalkTalk Video: Bring Clarity to Storage Analytics - It’s time that the different parts of the computing world knew about each other, says Shai Maskit, Director of Technical Marketing from Kaminario, in speaking with Storage Switzerland’s George Crump. He explained how the computing world is divided into three
4090 3PAR HPE ChalkTalk Video: Infrastructure Aware-Flash: All-Flash is the First Step, not the Final Step - Many vendors position all-flash arrays arrays as the performance cure-all, especially for virtualized environments like VMware and Hyper-V. But flash is actually only the first step, other aspects like connectivity, data protection and disaster recovery need to be considered as
4088 IBM VMworld ChalkTalk Video: Strategies for Hybrid Cloud Storage - The hybrid cloud approach is the storage option that gives customers the best cost, flexibility and scalability today, says Douglas O’Flaherty from IBM when he spoke with George Crump at VMworld 2016. One great way to manage cost is to
4089 Cisco VMworld ChalkTalk Video: Provisioning Storage Network at Flash Speeds - All-Flash Arrays solve many performance problems that virtual environments face and mitigates the storage I/O blender. The problem is that after these arrays are implemented the time to provision networking resources to the array can take weeks. During operation, provisioning
4080 Unitrends VMworld ChalkTalk Video: Finally Solving Backup’s Four Biggest Problems - Getting data off-site, managing long term data retention, providing business continuity and backup verification have been some of the hardest problems for backup professionals to solve. The cloud provides some relief but it, by itself, is not enough. The right

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