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LightBoard Video: How to Optimize Performance and Capacity at the Same Time - When vendors claim that have a solution to optimize production storage, they are typically talking about optimizing one of two areas. They either have a solution that maximizes performance through the use of flash memory, SSD drives, and a caching
ChalkTalk Video: The SSD Matters - Consumer and Enterprise SSDs, from outward appearances, all look the same. As a result, organizations are sometimes tempted to use consumer SSDs in enterprise use cases or get the least expensive SSD possible. In this ChalkTalk Video, Storage Switzerland’s Lead
ChalkTalk Video: Overcoming The Risk of Virtualizing Tier 1 Workloads - Organizations virtualize more than just standard applications, today businesses mandate the virtualization of mission critical applications like SAP, SAS, Oracle and MS-SQL. Placing these performance dependent applications in a virtualized environment could potentially risk inconsistent performance because they now share
ChalkTalk Video: Key Architecture Requirements for Tackling Hadoop and NoSQL Backup and Recovery - NoSQL and Hadoop typically distribute data through the use of built-in replication technology. The replication process also provides protection from media or server failure. Many IT professionals, as a result, think that they don’t need to backup these environments. In
ChalkTalk Video: Managing Secondary Data Globally - Secondary data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace and organizations are increasingly using that data for purposes beyond backup and archive. IT needs a way to visualize, manage and take action on their secondary data and applications. Organizations also
ChalkTalk Video: On-Premises All-Flash as a Service - One of the advantages of the cloud is organization’s can start a new project with minimal capital outlay. The problem is that as that project matures and moves into production the cost and ability to control the cloud become issues.
ChalkTalk Video: Computational Storage With In-Situ Processing - What is Computational Storage? It only takes a few NVMe flash drives to saturate a server’s PCIe Bus. Network those NVMe flash drives and the situation only gets worse. Computational Storage solves the problem by placing compute capabilities directly on
ChalkTalk Video: Simple, Affordable and Reliable Disaster Recovery - Disaster Recovery has been a long time challenge for IT Professionals and Senior Executives. In this session George Crump and Clint Wyckoff with Datrium discuss how to intelligently respond to disaster scenarios with simple application-level DR orchestration. You’ll also walk
ChalkTalk Video: Ransomware Attacks Backups - Is 3-2-1 for Backup Enough to Protect Against Ransomware? Because many organizations continue to pay ransoms to unlock their data, ransomware continues to become more sophisticated. The malware now attacks backup applications themselves and is infiltrating backup data. In this
ChalkTalk Video: How to Make DR Testing So Easy You’ll Actually Do It! - Testing the organization’s ability to recover from a disaster is almost as bad as having to go through an actual disaster. As a result, most organization’s don’t have disaster recovery testing as part of its standard workflow. The lack of

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