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ChalkTalk Video: Practicing For Ransomware - A successful ransomware attack is a disaster like none other. Much of the environment is probably still up, especially applications. But an important part of it, user files, may be down. And there is a tempting shortcut: Pay the ransom
ChalkTalk Video: Your DR Plan Needs Three Buckets - All applications are not the same but most organization treat them that way. The problem with treating all application equally is it increases the cost of your disaster recovery effort and, in most cases, decreases your ability to meet expectations.
ChalkTalk Video: Why is Recovery From Ransomware So Hard? - Recovery from ransomware is different from any other type of recovery. Most are single file restores caused by a user mistakenly deleting a file. At the other end of the spectrum is a complete server or application recovery, where you
ChalkTalk Video: How Do You End Migration Headaches? - Selecting a new storage system is a lot of work. After the difficult task of selecting the new storage system is complete then there is still one more BIG challenge; how to get old data to the new system? The
ChalkTalk Video: All-Flash, Am I all Good? - When IT implements flash, especially all-flash, there is a general sigh of relief. They think the installation will solve all of their problems. But at least one problem remains…humans! Users and even IT professionals (also human) occasionally make a mistake
ChalkTalk Video: WannaCry, Snowden, Wikileaks… Is Your Data Next? - When IT defenses are compromised, the organization faces one of two challenges. Either the data is encrypted by a ransomware attack or it is copied to the attacker’s servers. In the first case, assuming data protection is in place and
ChalkTalk Video: What is Cloud Based Copy Data Management? - Cloud based copy data management (CDM) has the potential to extract even more value from copy data than does conventional CDM solutions. Copy data is the copies of production data used to feed various other processes in the data center
ChalkTalk Video: What is Recovery Performance Expectation - Meeting the organization’s high recovery point and recovery time expectations is no longer enough. Now organizations are beginning to pay attention to the performance of an application in its recovered state. Backup and replication applications enable secondary storage or the
ChalkTalk Video: Are You Fragmenting Your Cloud? - Most data centers today have multiple primary storage systems. Often, each one supports a specific platform or environment and each of these systems are either backed up or archived. The problem is most data centers’ cloud architectures are at least
ChalkTalk Video: Best Next Steps for Hybrid Cloud - The first step to the cloud, for most organizations, is backup. They use the cloud as either the primary or secondary backup target, essentially leverage cloud storage as a giant data dumping ground. But this use case totally ignores something

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