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Lightboard Video: The Art of Big and Fast Data - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) projects can all have varying types of data associated with them. Some projects consist of a relatively small number of huge files, and others have an incredibly high number of
Lightboard Video: Why is NOW the Time for SDS? - As a term, software-defined storage (SDS) has been around for over a decade. The concept of abstracting storage software from the storage hardware is even older, predating Y2K. Despite its time on the market and many apparent advantages, SDS adoption
Lightboard Video: SSDs Are Critical for Edge Computing Success - The escalating use of IoT devices, as well as the need for Cloud providers and Content Delivery Network providers to get closer to where their customers are, is driving edge computing. The goal of edge computing is to reduce latency
Lightboard Video: Analyzing SANs at NVMe Speeds - The enterprise storage industry is undergoing a widespread transformation. Scale-out applications can generate the IO demands needed to justify further investment in storage area network infrastructure. NVMe All-Flash Arrays can deliver millions of IOPS with unprecedented bandwidth. NVMe-oF, and especially,
Lightboard Video: MSPs Need to Build Value - Managed Service Providers (MSP) are survivors of the reseller purge seen in the early 2000s, or their founders are trying to be careful to avoid the mistakes made in that era. These organizations prevent the sale of one-time solutions and
Lightboard Video: Fulfilling The SDS Promise - Central to the promise of software-defined storage (SDS) is the core tenet that organizations have a single interface to manage all of their diverse storage resources. Unlike most SDS solutions, which fail to fulfill this core principle, DataCore Software is
Lightboard Video: How to Move to HCI while retaining the best of SANs - Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors claim the elimination of Storage Area Networks (SANs) as one of their key advantages. Yet they fail to consider the investments made in those SANs-simply expecting you to disregard those valuable assets and start from scratch.
ChalkTalking Through Commvault’s Acquisition of Hedvig - Commvault made big news with its first acquisition by acquiring scale-out software-defined storage vendor Hedvig. Adding Hedvig to the Commvault portfolio means that customers can continue to buy Hedvig as a storage solution for container environments and secondary storage use
Lightboard Video: The State of the File System Market - “Software-defined” is all the buzz, driven by the opportunity to cut costs and avoid vendor lock-in without impacting performance. The problem is that few file system vendors are able to truly deliver on this value proposition. In the following Lightboard
Lightboard Video: What Are the Requirements for Next-Generation File Systems? - Organizations need to process unprecedented amounts of unstructured data but are questioning the ability of legacy file systems to meet this need. In this Lightboard Video, Eric Scollard, Qumulo’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and George Crump, Lead Analyst at

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