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Lightboard Video: The State of the File System Market - “Software-defined” is all the buzz, driven by the opportunity to cut costs and avoid vendor lock-in without impacting performance. The problem is that few file system vendors are able to truly deliver on this value proposition. In the following Lightboard
Lightboard Video: What Are the Requirements for Next-Generation File Systems? - Organizations need to process unprecedented amounts of unstructured data but are questioning the ability of legacy file systems to meet this need. In this Lightboard Video, Eric Scollard, Qumulo’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and George Crump, Lead Analyst at
Lightboard Video: Qumulo’s Performance Architecture - One of the biggest challenges facing file systems that store petabyte-scale unstructured datasets is continuing to provide high-performance storage services. In this Lightboard Video, Tommy Unger, Data Scientist and Product Manager with Qumulo, joined Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, George Crump,
Lightboard Video: The Power of File Storage in the Cloud - In this Lightboard Video, Joel Groen, Director of Cloud Go-to-Market for Qumulo, joined Storage Switzerland’s Founder and Lead Analyst, George Crump, to discuss cloud file storage requirements. Legacy architectures aren’t suited to provide a seamless “lift and shift” of workloads
Lightboard Video: Rearchitecting Your File System for Unstructured Data and the Cloud - Unstructured data has exploded in terms of the how much of it companies are generating and storing. Also unstructured data has increased in value to the organization. Legacy file systems typically used to store unstructured data can’t meet this growth
Lightboard Video: Hybrid Cloud for Media and Entertainment - Companies in industries such as the media and entertainment vertical are looking to complement their on-premises data centers with the use of cloud services. The cloud can help to facilitate cross-site collaboration, remote workers, expansion into new regions, and more
Lightboard Video: Improve Efficiency by Recovering from Storage Snapshots - Businesses are counting on IT for competitive differentiation. The problem is that IT teams are bogged down with day-to-day tasks, especially when it comes to data protection. Watch this Lightboard Video to learn how to integrating data protection into production
Lightboard Video: Does the SSD Architecture Really Matter? - It is easy to get caught up in the maximum performance potential of solid-state drives (SSDs), especially as we move into the era of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) access protocols. However, in reality, applications and service level agreements (SLAs) cannot
Lightboard Video: Optimizing NVMe with Intelligent Management - Getting the most out of premium-priced NVMe and SSD storage implementations in terms of utilization and supporting mixed workloads is challenging against a backdrop of continually fluctuating business requirements. Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, George Crump, and Western Digital Product Manager,
Lightboard Video: Object Storage Isn’t Just For Cold Data Anymore - Object Storage, because of its ability to cost effectively store petabytes plus of data, is often thought of as a digital dumping ground. While object storage is an ideal location for inactive data, customers aren’t deriving the full benefit of

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