Powering Your Legacy Apps, Containers and HPC with One Data Fabric - In a recent article, Storage Switzerland introduced the concept of a data fabric. It is essentially a storage architecture that spans a variety of locations ranging from on-premises to the cloud. The goal is to create a data flow, where
The Advantages of a Fabric Based File System - Storage solutions that offer customers familiar, flexible interfaces (e.g.files and file attributes), while also offering advanced features like automated data movement and cloud bursting, offer a unique solution to many problems. The more seamless we can make things for the
The Value of NAS Integrated Backup in a Virtualized Environment - Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are widely used for storing virtual machine backups. What’s been lacking is a method to integrate the two workload types that many consider mutually exclusive: backup software and backup storage. The Advantage of On-Appliance Backup
What is a Data Fabric? - When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is
It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right - It’s very easy to find yourself far down the path of virtualization and forget something so trivial as backup. This is not a problem new to virtualization, as backup has often been on the sidelines in many people’s eyes. But
Backup isn’t good enough anymore - Backup just isn’t good enough anymore. Restoring isn’t good enough anymore. Today’s users expect much more. I’m a bit of an old fogey when it comes to backup. I made my first backup to a cassette tape attached to a
Introducing DRaaS 2.0 - When Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) was first introduced its advantages were immediately obvious to the organizations that chose to use it. Namely the cost savings in not having to equip and operate a remote DR site. But limitations
Developing an IT Consumption Model in Traditional Data Centers - Organizations need to move from building IT to consuming IT. Sounds easy, but for a traditional data center, creating a IT consumption model looks like it requires a complete teardown and rebuild of the data center. A consumption model means
What is the most popular DR system for VMs? - I am surprised by the results of a recent online poll that asked the question “What is your DR plan for your VMs?” Participants were given four choices: Built-in software replication Array-based hardware replication Third-party app Third-party backup service The
Legacy Apps in a Containerized World - It is hard enough to convince organizations to virtualize their mission critical applications, now IT professionals are facing the challenge of convincing their organizations to containerize those mission critical applications. Virtualization frees mission critical applications of being bound to a

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