Optimizing Storage Costs and Performance while Enhancing Planning with Resource Monitoring - Storage managers face the demanding task of maximizing storage infrastructure capacity, performance and availability, while also reducing or at least slowing the growth of storage-related capital and operating expenses. Storage array vendors are innovating to increase performance, uptime and utilization,
The TCO of Premium Node Hardware for HCI - While the per node cost of using premium hardware in Hyperconverged Infrastructure 2.0 (HCI) is higher than the per node cost of using commodity hardware common to HCI 1.0, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower. The primary reason
Using Workload Simulation to Justify the Shift to NVMe - The introduction of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage protocol brings with it a new storage performance tier. Whereas older Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) standards were designed for slower-performing hard disk drive (HDDs) and
What Can Storage Learn From Server Consolidation? - Storage consolidation projects are permanently on the IT project whiteboard. The process typically starts after IT realizes that their data center is overrun by multiple storage systems from multiple vendors. Storage Switzerland finds that most data centers have 5-6 different
Why is Traditional Storage Consolidation Failing - The most common method for consolidating storage is for the organization to purchase a single storage system, hardware, and software, and move all workloads to the new system. The organization is in effect creating a storage mainframe. The challenges with
Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure 2.0 for Storage-Intensive Workloads? - The volume and business significance of storage-intensive workloads (e.g. high-volume analytics) is rapidly growing. As a result, cumbersome and expensive legacy storage infrastructures are weighing heavily not only on business’ bottom lines, but also on their ability to compete effectively.
Can the Cloud be Cheaper than On-premises Storage? - It is no secret that storage infrastructure is expensive. In today’s age of rapid data growth and increasingly strict compliance regulations, these costs can quickly become inhibitive if the organization does not re-think its data storage strategy. For many organizations,
In Hyperconverged Infrastructure – The Hardware Matters - Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) vendors often talk about their software; in fact, an increasing number of them are claiming to be software vendors more so than hardware vendors. The HCI software stack is primarily made up of two components; a hypervisor
What Shall We Do With Rubrik? - Rubrik recently had one of its databases, which is hosted on an Amazon ElasticSearch server, publicly exposed. The server was not password protected, and anyone who could find the server could access it. Competitors, smelling blood in the water, started
What Is Data Gravity, and Why Does it Matter in the Hybrid Cloud Era? - Businesses continue to migrate a growing percentage of their workloads and data to off-premises cloud services, but this is not the most appropriate fit for all. Application requirements in areas such as performance, compliance and elasticity are splintering, causing IT

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