Your Data Center is Talking to You – Can You Understand it? - Data centers not only store and process the organization’s data they also create a lot of data on their own. Every device in a data center is logging its actions and activity about what it’s doing, what is accessing it
Defining SDN in the Open Networking Era - Software-defined networking (SDN) represents the future of networking. A “software-defined” network enables an organization to virtualize their network, automate operations to enable efficient network configuration, and integrate network functions across dozens of switches creating a unified network architecture that is
Modern Data Protection Architectures Enable a Step-by-Step Cloud Journey - The cloud holds much promise for data protection, but support for the cloud varies depending on the solution. Traditional backup applications and appliances have, at best, rudimentary support for the cloud. They may only mirror the on-premises copy of data
Understanding White Box Networking and Open Network Operating Systems - For decades, an organization bought its network switching products from a single vendor such as Cisco. In most cases, that organization’s data center became 100% dedicated to that networking vendor and it was almost impossible for another vendor to gain
Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications Exposes New Storage Bottlenecks - IT administrators have reached a level of confidence with VMware and other hypervisors that make them more comfortable with virtualizing mission-critical workloads, like Oracle, SAS, and SAP. The goal is to gain the flexibility of a virtual compute infrastructure to
How to Reduce the TCO of Data Protection Infrastructure - The growth of primary storage has an exponential effect on data protection infrastructure. Demands to protect data more frequently, recover faster and retain data longer promise to make the situation worse. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the data
Will Cloud Backup Really Reduce Your Backup Investment? - Organizations make significant investments in their infrastructure. As production data continues to grow, the exponential impact on backup storage threatens to deplete IT budgets. The cloud promises to reduce on-premises backup infrastructure but most solutions only use the cloud to
Does Your Backup Application Support VMware on AWS? - Amazon, through its VMware Cloud on AWC (VMC) service enables organizations to run VMware in Amazon AWS. Organizations can use the service for disaster recovery or to migrate applications to the cloud. The transfer between on-premises and VMC is seamless
Why Does the Network Team Want SDN? - The network team has a lot invested in traditional networking and may resist the move to a software-defined network (SDN), but given the pace of growth and expansion of the data center, they may not have an option. The network
Why Do Storage and vAdmin Teams Want SDN? - While it should seem like someone else’s concern, no other group within IT should want software-defined networking (SDN) more than the storage administration and virtualization vAdmin groups. SDN’s promise to all the storage and vAdmin teams is to perform their

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