Programmable Storage Without The Programming - As data centers scale, the ability to automate routine tasks enables this growth to occur without requiring additional staff. The problem is most automation requires learning a programming or scripting language which most IT professionals don’t have the time to
How To Network All-Flash Arrays - All-Flash arrays, or almost any array that leverages flash, creates a problem for the rest of the storage infrastructure. It exposes weaknesses in storage software, internal storage system networking and external connectivity. In the past these architecture components hid behind
The Storage Refresh Needs to Become a Process - Times have changed. Data centers must refresh storage more frequently than ever. The organization wants faster application response to more sophisticated queries across more users. Or it wants to start a totally new endeavor, like better decision making driven by
Ransomware Protection Requires Different Protocols - The core server component of most modern backup applications run on Windows. Unfortunately, Windows is also the primary target of ransomware attacks. While there are incidents of attacks on Linux or Macs, ransomware creators are going to go for the
How To Design a Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Plan - Server Failure, Storage System Failure and Data Center Failure are all forms of disaster that will impact the Hyper-V environment. Now IT planners should add ransomware to that list. How does the Hyper-V Administrator design a disaster recovery plan? Disaster
Why is Operational Recovery Needed? - The reason backup strategies exist is to ensure operational continuity after someone makes a mistake, purposefully corrupts data, or hardware or software component runs afoul. Operational recovery is the day-to-day reason you backup data. It is the recovery of specific
Storage Problems Limit Hyperconverged Scale - Hyperconvergence has a real problem. It can’t scale. While hyperconverged architectures may be a good match for medium sized business, as the environment scales it’s “all for one, one for all” simplicity becomes problematic. As is usually the case, storage
What is the Data Protection Problem? - Users demand a seamless digital experience. When something goes wrong they expect their data and applications to quickly return, preferably without them ever knowing something went wrong in the first place. For IT this seamless expectation means data has to
How to Get More from All-Flash Using Software Defined Storage - Flash often makes the hardware selection less important, but makes the software selection very important. The right software can not only ensure optimal flash performance, but also extend flash implementation beyond the typical high-transaction database use cases and into modern
Tintri Storage is DR Ready - In a recent article, my colleague George Crump discussed the need to simplify data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) operations, with primary storage that is DR ready. DR ready primary storage would aid in DP and DR processes without

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