What is the Two Tier Data Center? - Most data centers have at least five to six different storage systems from different vendors, increasing storage costs and management complexity. One potential solution is the all-flash data center, where all data is moved to a single all-flash array. While
Hyperconvergence – Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out - One of the attractions of a hyperconverged architecture is when the organization needs more compute or storage resources, it simply adds another node. But hyperconverged vendors seldom talk about the downsides to this approach. There may be times when it
The Hidden Cost of Hardware Hyperconvergence - Hardware hyperconvergence is supposed to make the life of the IT professional easier by bundling compute, networking, hypervisor and storage software into a single bundle. To a large extent hardware hyperconvergence lives up to the hype, at least initially. But
Will There Be Another Great Storage System Company? - For a new storage company to stand above the rest it has to, within its category, provide better performance, better cost or simplify management. Over the past two and a half decades we’ve seen many companies deliver these requirements. Is
Software Defined Storage vs. Hyperconvergence - Hyperconvergence makes a lot of sense for many organizations. Hyperconvergence lets data centers leverage the excess compute in their virtual infrastructure to run the hyperconverged solution. The goal is to create a simpler architecture that converges compute, storage and networking.
Unified Storage 2.0 - There are so many ways that organizations use data and for the most part each use case needs a different storage system. The problem is a “storage system for every use case” strategy is expensive, complex to manage and very
Storage Testing as Part of Your Storage Refresh Process – Rent or Buy? - An organization tends to review its storage testing capabilities as it starts its next round of storage refresh. Typically they will either do the hard work of assembling a lab that provides a small representation of their production environment, leverage
Is Hardware-Based Hyperconvergence Easier to Implement? - Implementation of hyperconverged systems requires the installation of two components. First is the hardware, made up of servers and the networking that connects them. Second is the software, made up of the hypervisor that creates a cluster and storage software
The State of Hyperconvergence - Hyperconvergence was supposed to be nirvana for the data center. Converge compute, storage and networking into a single box and all data center problems go away. The problem is that didn’t happen. Hyperconvergence is the ultimate white board technology: It
Which Type of Hyperconverged System is Right For Your Data Center? - Hyperconverged solutions come in two forms. The first is a hardware defined model where the hyperconverged software and server hardware are bundled together and sold as a turnkey system. The second is a software only system, where IT uses the

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