The Top 5 Reasons VMware Backups Still Break - Lack of Auto-Discovery Lack of auto-discovery is an issue for most backup solutions. As virtual machines and physical hosts are constantly being added to a VMware environment, many backup applications can’t auto-discover them. This means a new VM can go
Next Generation Networks Are Faster - The modern data center is very demanding of its network infrastructure. Next-generation networks need to be more than fast. They also need to be smarter and provide deep insight. Speed seems like an obvious requirement, but there is more to
Current Data Protection Infrastructure Is Broken - Some of the more sizeable shifts in the data center include the move from Mainframes to Open Systems and network computing, the move to client-server computing, and the move to a virtualized server infrastructure. Each of these shifts spawned several
Why Multi-Vendor Storage Happens and How to Manage It - When core IT receives a new workload, application owners tell IT what storage resources the workload needs as it enters production and what the expected resources are when it matures. Core IT then has to look at its available storage
Next Generation Networks Need to Deploy Rapidly - The one constant in the modern data center is scale. IT professionals are continuously under pressure to add additional servers, virtual machines and containers. With those additions comes the demand for more storage capacity and more storage performance. The storage
Next Generation Networks Need to be More than Fast - The data center network is on the verge of one of its most dramatic upgrades in bandwidth in decades. Virtualized data centers, as well as hyperscale and rack scale environments, are driving the need for higher bandwidth networks. These environments
The Data Management Imperative vs. IT Reality - Data management is hard, and with the massive growth of data this task is becoming even more difficult. But, data growth is also making data management an imperative. Organizations need to figure out a way to better manage their data
Mergers and Data Protection – The Cost of Doing Nothing - One of the most significant challenges when two organizations merge is what to do with the data protection process. In all likelihood, before the merger, each organization had its data protection practices and policy. The overwhelming tendency is to do
What is the Value of Hybrid Flash in an All-Flash Era? - When flash storage first became viable for the enterprise, it was also very expensive. Early devices where low in capacity as well. Hybrid systems overcame these two shortcomings by mixing hard disk and flash technologies. These systems added the capability
What is Software Defined Networking? - Like other software defined initiatives, software defined networking (SDN) abstracts the networking operating environment from the hardware switches and controller. The SDN promise is to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by managing a set of physical top of rack

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