Understanding the Azure Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp - Most organizations approach the cloud without a formal strategy. They pick a pain point, like backup and disaster recovery, as a starting point with the hope of adding more services as they become more cloud savvy. What often happens, however,
What is a Cloud-Like Storage Experience for On-Premises Applications? - The public cloud is often described as “just a business model” that provides organizations with the ability to pay for storage and compute resources as they need them. If that were true then the public cloud providers could be easily
The State of Server Virtualization: Summer 2019 - The “software-defined data center” (SDDC) is hailed by many as the data center architecture of the future – promising to bring new levels of hardware utilization and a simplified, public cloud-like user experience on-premises. Previously, Storage Switzerland detailed the key
Why Azure Stack HCI for Your Hybrid or Private Cloud - Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) consolidates several data center components into a single architecture with the promise of simplifying management and enabling better scale to meet the demands of the organization. Of these components, two of the most important are the hypervisor
The State of the Software-Defined Data Center - The concept of the “software-defined data center” (SDDC) emerged around 2012, and since then the term has been adopted by nearly all vendors and heavily debated by analysts. While some argue that it is nothing more than a “marketecture,” and
Three Steps to Simplify Your Transition to the Hybrid Cloud - The hybrid cloud, whereby data and workloads can exist, be migrated and orchestrated across on-premises private and off-premises clouds, is by and large the end goal of most IT organizations today. One size does not fit all when it comes
Kaminario Drives Composable Storage 2.0 - Accelerated performance and usage-based storage for business critical applications A new generation of composable infrastructure that is truly software-only is required to deliver the levels of multi-cloud data mobility, automation, efficiency and flexibility, which are required by modern workloads. These
How Can I Cut Storage Costs? - Cutting storage costs is not a straightforward equation. There are many variable factors that impact the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a storage infrastructure. In this blog, we will provide a few things that IT professionals can do to
What is Next-Generation Copy Data Management? - Copy data management (CDM) stands to save enterprises significant time and money and at the same time enhance disaster recovery. CDM software works by capturing a “golden master” copy of production data, and then creating and orchestrating the presentation of
Multi-Cloud Needs Composable Infrastructure - Most organizations now live in a multi-cloud world. Workloads can run on-premises one day and then in the cloud the next, only to return back to on-premises soon after. A challenge for organizations looking for this type of workload mobility

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