Object Storage

Object Storage

How Object Storage can improve Hadoop - When organizations begin to explore a Hadoop initiative their goal is to create an environment that can help them make better decisions. The more data that the Hadoop environment has access to and the faster that data can be processed,
What Object Storage Provides - In a recent column we talked about what exactly object storage is, a storage software architecture that puts data into discrete ‘containers’ (called objects) and accesses them through an ID number and a simple index. We also discussed what object
Object Storage 101 - Strictly speaking, object storage refers to a system where data is stored in discrete buckets or “objects”, in contrast to the directories and subdirectories of a traditional file system. It can be implemented in any storage architecture, but is usually
Scale-Out NAS or Object Storage? - Unstructured data is becoming a big headache for many organizations. By some estimates, this type of data (user files, emails, PDFs, images, videos, etc.) now accounts for up to 90% of all new data growth. While most of this information quickly
The Requirements for Cloud Storage Infrastructure - Cloud storage is becoming a ubiquitous term, subject to a wide variety of definitions. In the context of this article cloud storage will refer to a storage service that’s provided by an organization to storage users. That organization can be

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