NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Is it Time to De-Tape Your Archive? - Enterprises want more value from their archived data assets but tape doesn’t really enable the real-time archive that organizations need. The challenges is that any enterprise in existence for 10 years or longer more than likely has terabytes, even petabytes,
Is it Time to Reboot Primary Storage? - Primary storage has remained the same for quite some time. It comes in two primary forms: block or file, also known as SAN or NAS. Yes, each of these two forms can be filled with a mix of ingredients, including
Adding File Services to Hyperconverged Architectures - Hyperconverged architectures are gaining interest in organizations of all sizes. They collapse the compute, network and storage tiers into a single tier that promises an easier to use and more cost effective solution for virtualized data centers. The problem is
Solving the Ransomware Problem – Backup or Cloud Storage? - Given the “success” of its initial wave, the ransomware problem is getting worse. Backups seem to be the “go to” solution but really they should represent the last line of defense. The problem with backups are that they are not
Flash Strategy 2.0: Optimizing NetApp with Flash and Cloud - For most organizations, databases are the heart of the data center. Not surprisingly, its IT infrastructure revolves around those databases. But there are market segments like Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences, Financial Services and Technology where unstructured data is at
Addressing VDI’s Fork in The Road - Organizations embark on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects to drive down end-user operational costs and to enhance infrastructure security. These projects often evaluate well. During “test mode” there are a limited number of users, making it easy to meet their
Can you do it better? A Balanced Approach to Cloud Storage - For most organizations, public cloud storage is a great place to start but not where they should end. While there is an initial operational advantage to the public cloud, the long-term cost of renting TBs of capacity may be too expensive even after you factor in storage management costs. A private cloud storage solution can leverage similar concepts of public providers to keep the hard and soft costs under control while gaining the advantages of owning vs. buying, increased security, and localized performance.
What is Object Storage and what can you use it for? - For an increasing number of organizations, the traditional file server may have outlived its usefulness. File servers were designed in an era where most employees were in a single location; road warriors were a rare breed and the only files
Selecting the Right OpenStack Storage Module - OpenStack is a set of tools for building and managing computing platforms for cloud data centers. Public cloud providers have widely adopted OpenStack, and now the toolset is working its way into the enterprise in the form of private clouds.
Is Software-Defined Storage Enough? - Initiatives like server virtualization, cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, and real-time analytics are allowing IT to meet today’s ever-increasing business demands. These initiatives are designed to bring agility to the data center, yet they trip and fall when they have to interact with

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