SSD Storage

SSD Storage

The Storage Challenges that Cassandra and Couchbase Create - Traditionally databases are scale up, running on a single powerful but expensive server. Distributed databases like Cassandra and Couchbase are scale-out and run on commodity white box servers, each of which becomes a node in a cluster. Traditional databases are
Splunk Storage Basics - Splunk is software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data. While there is a lot of talk about “big data initiatives”, this is the big data that organizations have right now. Use cases include predictive analytics for IT operations, security
A Turnkey Storage Architecture for OpenStack and Docker - Scale-Out All-Flash Solution with Micron, Nexenta and SuperMicro Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions bring the ultimate in flexibility but it does require that IT professionals work through the process of fine tuning the software with both the storage hardware and
All-Flash, Go Fast or Go Deep? - All-flash arrays are known for IOPS and low latency. But there is another feature of flash that may end up being even more important than performance; density. All-flash array vendors are beginning to deliver PBs of capacity in a few
High Performance Object vs. High Performance NAS - Object Storage can take on a lot of roles in the enterprise. This flexibility is one the key values of object storage, the ability to serve as storage for a variety of use cases. With most of those use cases
Data Center Modernization Still Needs Shared Storage - Organizations are increasingly embracing technologies like OpenStack and Docker so IT can become more agile, as well as be able to adapt to user or customer demands rapidly and cost effectively. IT’s new found agility, though, requires equal flexibility from
All-Flash for IOPS or Latency or Bandwidth - There is no doubt that all-flash arrays are fast. In fact, for many data centers the performance of an entry level all-flash array provides more IOPS performance than they will ever need. But the reality is most data centers are
Primary Storage’s Missing Cloud Link - Panzura Delivers Panzura Inside As the time comes to upgrade the storage infrastructure, organizations typically consider two options; an all-flash array or a hyperconverged architecture. While both designs solve many of the challenges data centers face, both are missing a
VMware and Data Domain Founders Build New Storage Company - When founders of both Data Domain and VMware are introduced by Diane Greene to create a storage company, things are bound to be interesting. Typically, product briefings from Storage Switzerland do not start with the pedigree of those developing the
Flash for Files - Flash-based storage systems continue to make inroads into the enterprise. Initially those inroads started as flash systems targeted at improving database response time. Then it spread to virtual workloads to alleviate the IO blender. Now, flash storage is on the


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