SSD Storage

SSD Storage

What Makes SSDs Different? - It is easy to assume that all SSDs are created equal. The reality is there are two distinct types of SSDs. One set is created for the client market and the other for the data center. The use cases between
Navigating the Performance Marketing Hype for True Flash Value - For years, the storage industry has hailed the advent of the all-flash data center. With growing pressure from lines of business to obtain more sophisticated and real-time analytics for competitive advantage, with declining price points and increasing density of solid-state
Accelerate NAS Performance Differently – Metadata Acceleration - To address file performance problems most IT professionals are directed to the latest all-flash array and are forced to migrate to a new storage system. Even if those IT planners insist on keeping their current network attached storage system, vendors
Is All-Flash Deduplication a Must Have? - In the early days of All-Flash Arrays (AFA) deduplication was a key catalyst for adoption. Server and Desktop virtualization environments benefited greatly from the technology because of the similarity between virtual machine images. The environments also didn’t have the same
Can Storage Software Reduce the Cost of an All-Flash Array - Generally speaking, most All-Flash Arrays (AFA) increase performance by adding more processing power, more RAM and more drives. Adding more of any of these components also adds more cost. The only significant cost reduction method that most storage software solutions
Does All-Flash Array Software Improve Performance? - The raw performance of a single enterprise flash drive is often higher than 70,000 IOPS. Most all-flash arrays, even though vendors fill them with 12 to 24 flash drives, deliver only a few hundred thousand IOPS. The cause of the
How to Avoid the All-Flash Capacity Glut - Next generation all-flash arrays (AFA) face a serious problem; they will provide more capacity than most data centers need. While too much capacity doesn’t sound like a problem it will be because organizations are still going to pay for it.
Achieving Cloud Efficiency Without Cloud Scale - Our last blog, “Are Cloud Providers Really Efficient“, discussed how cloud providers, from a resources perspective, aren’t really any more efficient than the typical data center. The provider’s use of automation and their scale is what separates them from the
eBook: The Commercial HPC Storage Checklist - Businesses of all types are increasingly finding themselves in midst of a high performance computing (HPC) environment. This commercial HPC environment though is different from traditional HPC environments found in academia. The demand for business to manage their own HPC
How Object Storage Makes a Hybrid Array Better - In our last blog, Storage Switzerland discussed how a hybrid array, with a properly sized flash tier, could provide similar performance to an all-flash array while substantially reducing costs. The next step in storage architecture design is to use the


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