Using HCI to Optimize SMB and ROBO Storage Availability, Capacity and Performance – StarWind Briefing Note - IT organizations at small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) and remote and branch office (ROBO) environments face unique challenges. Like their counterparts at larger organizations, they are pressured to empower new, data-driven business insights in real-time, to respond with agility to dynamic business
Using Open Networking to Overcome Roadblocks to the Cloud – Cumulus Networks Briefing Note - Organizations are moving to private, hybrid and public cloud so they can create more flexible and more cost-efficient IT operations. The goal is to leverage software which interacts with quality, commodity hardware to create a programmable data center. Underpinning these
Mastering Enterprise Data Management and Protection – FalconStor Briefing Note - The modern enterprise relies on data to differentiate itself from competitors, to innovate new products and services, to unlock new revenue opportunities, and to drive employee productivity. Consequently, IT organizations must deliver unprecedented levels of data agility and availability while
Using Proactive Change Management to Maximize Application Performance – SolarWinds Briefing Note - Application performance degradation can significantly drag on business productivity and the internal, as well as external, end-user experience. In the event that an application is not performing up to business requirements, it is important for IT to have effective change
Continuous Data Protection for Greater IT Resilience – Zerto Briefing Note - The need for data protection transformation is pressing. Typically, IT employs multiple point solutions with long backup windows to provide “best effort” recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). However, in today’s business environment, a “best effort” RPO
Making High Availability Attainable Across the Workload Ecosystem – INFINIDAT Briefing Note - Ensuring high availability to mission-critical applications is vital, but it can be expensive and cumbersome. For instance, managing multiple point data gateways for high availability adds significant management overhead and can substantially drive up the costs of the infrastructure. Meanwhile,
A Collective Hive for HCI – Maxta MxIQ Briefing Note - Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) simplifies many things for busy IT professionals. As their environment grows, HCI automatically scales with it, adding performance and capacity with each additional node. However, an area where HCI falls short, along with many other storage systems,
Using Machine Learning to Eliminate Data Center War Rooms – Virtual Instruments Briefing Note - According to Dimensional Research, over 60% of enterprises experience two or more significant application performance issues per month. In the modern data center, most users equate poor performance the same as application downtime. Performance issues, though, are usually much harder
Solving the Software Defined Storage Bottleneck – Mellanox Briefing Note - Software Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts commodity storage hardware so that it can be used in a scale-out architecture, but this can create a bottleneck between the CPU and the storage media. In many cases, the latency of hard disk drives
Backup Software Needs to Provide Freedom of Choice – Nakivo Backup and Replication 7.5 - Backup software used to be a conduit through which data moved from primary storage to some form of protected storage. Today though, backup software vendors are increasingly forcing customers down a pre-selected path. Vendors are now bundling their solutions with

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