The Time is Now for File Virtualization - One part of File Virtualization is a global file system that abstracts the physical location of data from the logical directory structure. Even though data may move between physical file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems, users continue to access
Overcoming the NVMe-oF Blame Game - Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) enables shared storage systems to achieve very low latency, to the point that they can now rival direct-attach storage solutions. Organizations no longer have to suffer through the inefficiencies of direct-attached storage, standard in
Looking for a Better Hybrid Cloud Strategy? - When a company begins its cloud journey, they often assume they need to move everything to one of the “big 3” (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute). Many organizations want to maintain control of their data and leverage only
Answering the “Where’s That File Question?” - One of the biggest challenges users face, and the cause for significant productivity losses, is finding those files later. Where did they store it? What was the file name? The problem is bad enough if they store all their data
Protecting the Multi-Cloud Data Center Without Losing Your Mind - Multi-cloud isn’t a future architecture, it is a reality right now. Organizations have on-premises clouds (virtualized infrastructures) and are hosting applications in multiple cloud providers. The problem is the multi-cloud situation these organizations find themselves in is ad-hoc, not part
Reduxio Focuses on Container-Native Storage - Making Persistent Storage for Production Kubernetes Attainable Containers have become highly popular among DevOps shops due to their advantages in the areas of agility, simplicity and scalability. These same qualities make them attractive candidates for hosting modern applications such as
Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform Briefing Note - Always-On and Optimized Data for the Hybrid Cloud Enterprise storage environments have become so complex that they are very difficult to protect and manage. Data is being created so quickly and it is being captured on such a wide range
HiveIO Debuts Hive Fabric 7.3 - More Proactive Infrastructure Operations and Cost-Effective, Granular Application Performance Acceleration Graphics processing units (GPUs), software-defined data center architectures, and more intelligent infrastructure management are important technologies that all stand to help IT professionals meet modern business requirements. These include ever-faster
Hitachi Vantara Updates its Content Platform - Going Beyond Archive with Denser, More Intelligent Object Storage Object storage has long been viewed as an archive and long-term retention platform. But in the age of data-driven business intelligence, more frequent and more sophisticated cyberattacks, and data privacy regulations,
Dell Technologies World – The Dell Technologies Data Protection Strategy - Dell Technologies is evolving its data protection strategy to emphasize data management. As it does so, it is focusing its portfolio on being both “software-defined” (in that solutions may be deployed on-premises as stand-alone software or pre-integrated into an appliance),

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