windowscontainers-b The Challenges Facing Docker on Windows – WinDocks Briefing Note - Until containers support persistent storage that can be easily backed-up, their use will be limited to test and development. This is not to say that containers can’t bring significant value to the test and development world. It’s just that they
cloud-networking-b Does Networking as a Service Make Sense? – Datto Briefing Note - The “as a service” moniker is appearing everywhere. Everything from storage to compute to networking is now being offered as a service. More and more companies are opting to have service providers provide their core infrastructure services – as a
Students studying in super PC center Solving the Distributed Storage Challenge by Centralizing Your Data – Talon FAST Software Briefing Note - Modern organizations continue to face an uphill battle as they struggle to meet the challenges of storing ever-growing amounts of unstructured data while also cost effectively managing their distributed storage environment. Many organizations are now moving data and operations to
Cyber security concept with lock Overcome the Data Protection Dilemma – Vembu Briefing Note - Virtualization through hypervisors like VMware and Hyper-V have simplified the data protection and application recovery processes but they have not made it less expensive. Additionally most of these virtualization-specific data protection solutions are almost too myopic, ignoring physical machines all
Computer network Endpoint Data Protection with a Difference – Zoolz Briefing Note - All organizations today, regardless of size, have to deal with a myriad of governmental rules and regulations that require the organizations to retain, secure and protect all of their data in specific ways determined by the governmental body requiring the
Expert businessman using business intelligence to sketch future growth and success with charts It’s Time To Manage Your Data! – NTP Software Briefing Note - Data is growing, especially file data. This statement should come as no surprise to any IT professional. The response to that growth is typically to keep adding more and more storage capacity. The problem is that most of these additions
DRP start button. Disaster Recovery Plan concept or crisis solutions. Making DRaaS Make Even More Sense – Bluelock Briefing Note - Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) continues to grow on both the demand and the supply side of the equation. While some still wonder if DRaaS makes sense for their business, many customers and vendors alike are flocking to the
public-private-hybrid-cloud Controlling AWS with vCenter – HotLink Briefing Note - Many companies are finding workloads that are much more appropriate for the infinite scalability and cost predictability of the public cloud. They are also finding the public cloud to be an excellent disaster recovery and business continuity resource. The challenges
DRP start button. Disaster Recovery Plan concept or crisis solutions. Quorum Briefing Note – Instant Recovery Software gets Major Update - Quorum OnQ already appeared to be a solid product. OnQ is a next-gen backup and recovery product built around modern ideas of data protection. It could back up virtual or physical machines and store those backups in native (but deduplicated)
A man stands in place of the letter i in the word Think Modernizing Enterprise Backup Instead of Replacing it - Unitrends Briefing Note To survive in the latest age of computing, backup products must move beyond backup and begin to embrace business continuity. Today’s companies want to resume business immediately after a disaster, and backup products that work “the old

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