Amazon EC2 Workloads Need Availability and Backup - There is a difference between availability and backup. Providing a workload with high availability means that if a component of the infrastructure fails, adequate measures are in place to ensure that the use of the workload continues with little or
Does Cloud-Native Mean Cloud Protected? - As organizations migrate applications to the cloud, they sometimes assume that data protection is built-in to the service. However, what cloud service providers offer is high availability and durability, not backup. But organizations, whether their applications are in the cloud
Data Management as a Service – Igneous Briefing Note - Data management is a project that many IT professionals and application owners feel they are too busy or don’t have enough expertise to undertake. Most data management tasks are big projects that take a lot of planning and continuous care
Automating Hybrid Cloud - Creating a hybrid cloud is much harder than organizations expect. Cloud infrastructures run different hypervisors than on-premises, which means it’s necessary to transform the workloads before they can run in the cloud, and then transform them back if the organization
Protecting the Other Door – Application Vulnerabilities - Ransomware gets a lot of attention from IT professionals and data protection vendors alike. Ransomware however, is only one door that bad actors can use to compromise the data center. Another door is application or operating system vulnerability. While several
Surviving the Multiple Data Protection App Reality - Most organizations have more than one backup application, in fact most have three to four and are finding the number of backup applications they need to protect the organizations assets is increasing. At the same time industry and governmental requirements
Protecting the Multi-Cloud Data Center Without Losing Your Mind - Multi-cloud isn’t a future architecture, it is a reality right now. Organizations have on-premises clouds (virtualized infrastructures) and are hosting applications in multiple cloud providers. The problem is the multi-cloud situation these organizations find themselves in is ad-hoc, not part
Defeating Data Gravity with a Data Pipeline - As organizations move into the cloud era, they have to deal with data gravity. Data gravity means that data has a size to it and it takes time to move data from point A to point B. Data’s gravity is
NAKIVO 8.5 Briefing Note - Protecting VMs in a Multi-Hypervisor World In most organizations, day-to-day applications run in a virtual machine on a hypervisor. VMware tends to be the most common hypervisor in use with Hyper-V quickly gaining ground. However, a new hypervisor from Nutanix,
How to Backup Google Cloud SQL – HYCU Briefing Note - Each of the major cloud providers, Amazon, Google and Azure, provide SQL as a service. While these providers offer data protection, that protection is more for high availability (HA) rather than backup. Most cloud providers leverage replication to protect against

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