NAS Storage

NAS Storage

High-Performance Cloud Integrated Object Storage - Some storage architects have been looking at object storage as the unstructured data heir apparent to legacy network attached storage (NAS). Object storage is cost-effective, scales well and has rich capabilities for data retention and perseveration, but it is incompatible
How to Consolidate the Four P’s of Data - The Four P’s of data are performance, protection, preservation and price. IT needs to ensure that each data set receives the right amount of the first three Ps and the right cost for the last one. The problem is the
Amazon RE:Invent is for Storage Professionals - Amazon RE:Invent is right around the corner, and Storage Switzerland will be there for the first time shooting our famous ChalkTalk Videos and attending various analyst meetings and vendor briefings. Amazon AWS’ various storage offerings deserve serious consideration for storage
How Important is Search to Scale-Out NAS? - Finding a file you wrote on your laptop’s hard drive can be difficult. If a file you collaborated on is stored on your department’s file server, it can be even more difficult to find. You just need to remember the
A File System in the Cloud vs. A Cloud File System - There are two types of cloud based file systems. One is designed to extend cloud storage into the organization. The other is designed to allow organizations to run applications in the cloud but use more traditional file protocols like NFS
How to Use Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage for Object Storage Backup - An on-premises object storage solution is a versatile data platform for enterprises that can be used to archive old data to and used as a backup target and even replace some NAS use cases. But one of the challenges with
How to Design a Self-Protecting NAS - All primary storage systems protect themselves in some way. Most provide protection from media failure by leveraging some form of RAID. They also provide snapshot technology to protect against data corruption or user entry error. Many also provide the ability
Why is the Cloud a problem for Enterprise File Sync and Share? - Some see the reliance on the public cloud as the Achilles’ heel of enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). While EFSS products are more robust than their consumer-grade counterparts, their use of the cloud does add a number of concerns
Scaling Unstructured Data in the Cloud Era - Unstructured data presents two scaling challenges to the data center. The first is capacity. It comes as no surprise to any IT professional that unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate. The second is performance, which may take some
Preparing for Recovery - Most of the time IT spends focusing on disaster recovery planning is actually spent on protection, making sure data is being copied to a secondary storage system and a secondary site either by backup or replication. Some advanced recovery planners

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