NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Ransomware: The Problem with Paying the Ransom - When ransomware hits an organization, it is very tempting simply to pay the ransom instead of going through the time and effort to replace the encrypted data by recovering from a backup. After paying the ransom, the hackers give a
Creating Enterprise Ready Global File Collaboration – Nasuni Briefing Note - There are several global file collaboration vendors on the market today. These solutions are designed to replace legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems. As the global file collaboration moniker implies, these systems allow the widespread distribution of files. The solutions
An Alternative Approach to HCI - Hyperconverged Infrastructures claim to be a simpler alternative to a traditional architecture with a dedicated compute and a dedicated storage tier. The primary source of the simplification is the elimination of a dedicated storage tier. Instead, HCI integrates storage into
NAS vs. The Unstructured Data Vault - There are two primary use cases for NAS. The first demands high performance when using NAS as primary storage to host application data and virtual machines. Modern NAS systems address this use case. The second, and more common, use is
What the Enterprise Needs to Learn from HPC Environments – DDN Briefing Note - HPC data centers are the harbinger of what the enterprise will look like in the coming years. As such enterprise data centers should pay close attention to a recent survey of HPC data centers, which was sponsored by DataDirect Networks.
Preventing S3 Data Leaks With a NAS - It seems like every week there is news of another Amazon S3 Bucket being left wide open and its data exposed to anyone that figures out the bucket’s URL. Companies experiencing these data leaks include large Fortune 500 organizations and
The Cloud Storage Consistency Problem - Cloud storage like Amazon S3 is scalable and economical, and it is also highly available. But one thing it is not is consistent. Lack of consistency is the primary reason many organizations struggle with cloud migration. Many production applications need
Three Steps To Ending The Data Protection Nightmare - Live Event Steak and Storage, Houston Texas, January 16th 2018 Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of organizations feel their data protection processes can’t be counted on for consistent, rapid recovery of data. Instead of trying to band-aid the problem,
What’s The Best Way To Archive Data to the Cloud - Cloud Storage is an ideal target for the dormant data that is clogging up primary storage systems. For organizations looking to archive their dormant data to the cloud, there are plenty of vendors offering a solution. But these solutions are
High-Performance Cloud Integrated Object Storage - Some storage architects have been looking at object storage as the unstructured data heir apparent to legacy network attached storage (NAS). Object storage is cost-effective, scales well and has rich capabilities for data retention and perseveration, but it is incompatible

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