NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Data Management vs Data Protection - Storing data comes with responsibilities, two of which are managing that data and protecting it. Many organizations however, focus most of their attention on protecting the data and almost no attention to managing it. However, focusing attention solely on data
How to Overcome the NAS Silo Problem - Gone are the days of the single site enterprise that relied on files being manually emailed between employees for collaboration. We live today in the world of the multi-site, agile enterprise. Users across the globe must be able to simultaneously
How are the Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud Evolving? - As the cloud continues to mature, organizations are also increasing their sophistication in terms of how they leverage the cloud. A survey by Osterman Research corroborates what Storage Switzerland is hearing from end users – where previously the cloud was
DriveScale Composable Infrastructure: Elastic and Efficient Resources for Modern Workloads - Modern workloads such as Hadoop, Kafka and machine learning are demanding in terms of the volume of data that must be processed, the speed at which that data much be processed, and the fact that their capacity and performance requirements
What is the Best Way to Store Inactive Data? - In today’s data deluge, it is a challenge for IT professionals to get a comprehensive and confident grasp on all of the data that their organization is storing – never mind how that data is actually being used. The reality
Is NVMe Enough for Efficient Hyperscale Data Centers? - Hyperscale architectures typically sacrifice resource efficiency for performance by using direct attached storage instead of a shared storage solution. That lost efficiency though, means the organization is spending money on excess compute, graphics processing units (GPUs) and storage capacity that
How to Make Data Archiving Easier Than Expanding Primary Storage - Most IT professionals will admit that most of their data is inactive and hasn’t been accessed in years. Storage Switzerland finds that over 80% of the data in most data centers falls into this category. There are viable solutions to
Is Object Storage Really the Future of Unstructured Data Storage? - Simply put, unstructured data is breaking traditional network-attached storage (NAS) architectures. The scale-up nature of traditional NAS solutions renders the storage controller a bottleneck in being able to handle the intensive metadata operations that are associated with unstructured files, forcing
What is Data Center Transformation? - “IT transformation” is among the most commonly-used (and arguably the most over-used) term in the industry today, but no matter how you define it, one thing is clear: almost universally, enterprises are revamping their IT infrastructure to better meet modern
The Problems with Hyperscale Storage - Direct attached storage (DAS) is the default storage “infrastructure” for data intensive workloads like Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and Splunk. The problem, as we detailed in the last blog, is using DAS creates a brittle, siloed environment. Compute nodes can’t be

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