NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Figure parts curtains of binary What is a Data Fabric? - When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is
Click To Register Is Your VMware Storage Slacking? - As VMware began its march into production, IT managers discovered the need for a storage area network (SAN) for the organization to fully tap into its potential. The available SANs at the time were difficult and not really VMware ready.
Watch On Demand Overcoming the Fear of Managing User Data - Despite all the attention big data and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives currently get, IT professionals still site users as one of the primary causes of unstructured data growth. Despite the fact machines and devices can create data non-stop, user
storage-word-cloud Merging NAS, Object and The Cloud – Avere C2N Product Brief - As more organizations move to the cloud or plan to move to the cloud, in order to address challenges like the ever-rising tide of unstructured data, many are encountering various unexpected complications. Some of these complications are things like increasing
Click To Register Re-thinking NAS to Control Unstructured Data - Designing a storage architecture scalable enough to hold all of an organization’s data is a challenge in and of itself. But unstructured data is doing more thant just grow, it is also becoming more varied in type and it is
Watch On Demand The Role of Object Storage in HPC Environments? - For most High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, high performance storage is a critical component in the infrastructure. The storage systems need to feed the compute infrastructure as quickly as possible. With object storage improving its performance and adding flash to
Watch On Demand The Great Debate – Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud Storage - A recent Storage Switzerland webinar sparked an online discussion on the idea of using cloud storage services coupled with a cloud caching appliance. As with all online discussions, there were some naysayers and some supporters. I enjoy debating anything –
Watch On Demand High Performance Object vs. High Performance NAS - Object Storage can take on a lot of roles in the enterprise. This flexibility is one the key values of object storage, the ability to serve as storage for a variety of use cases. With most of those use cases
3d white people measuring tape, isolated white background, 3d image Creating Private Cloud Storage that you can Actually use - While public cloud storage systems have enjoyed incredible growth and success, these architectures have not yet enjoyed anything close to the same success in the traditional data center. Perhaps it’s because these organizations don’t think they need it, or perhaps
Click To Register The Service that Hyperconvergence Forgot - Hyperconverged Architectures attempt to simplify data center operations by converging compute, storage and networking to a single tier. For many businesses hyperconvergence is certainly a step in the right direction. But there is one service that most hyperconverged architectures leave

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