NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Why Should You Optimize File Servers? - Windows file servers remain one of the most popular ways for an organization to store and share data between employees. One of the reasons for this popularity is when a server reaches capacity or starts to suffer performance problems it’s
How to Avoid Windows File Server to NAS Upgrades - Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems were supposed to replace the Windows file server. But, Windows file servers are still the predominate means to share data within an organization. With the increase of processing power, internal storage capacity and network bandwidth,
Is It Time to Modernize NAS? - Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are the cornerstone of most organization’s storage architectures. For decades they’ve replaced legacy Windows or Linux file servers to provide SMB and NFS access from a single system that can support many more users. But
The Advantages of a Fabric Based File System - Storage solutions that offer customers familiar, flexible interfaces (e.g.files and file attributes), while also offering advanced features like automated data movement and cloud bursting, offer a unique solution to many problems. The more seamless we can make things for the
What is Scale-Out NAS 2.0 - Scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are designed to address the shortcomings of scale-up solutions. Namely scale-up solutions require IT professionals to accurately predict the performance and storage capacity needs for the life of the NAS. Scale-out solutions by comparison
The VMware File Services Problem - One of the challenges facing virtualized environments, especially hyperconverged ones is how to provide file services to their users because after virtualization users still need to share data. One method is to select a storage system for the virtual infrastructure
The Value of NAS Integrated Backup in a Virtualized Environment - Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are widely used for storing virtual machine backups. What’s been lacking is a method to integrate the two workload types that many consider mutually exclusive: backup software and backup storage. The Advantage of On-Appliance Backup
What is a Data Fabric? - When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is
Is Your VMware Storage Slacking? - As VMware began its march into production, IT managers discovered the need for a storage area network (SAN) for the organization to fully tap into its potential. The available SANs at the time were difficult and not really VMware ready.
Overcoming the Fear of Managing User Data - Despite all the attention big data and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives currently get, IT professionals still site users as one of the primary causes of unstructured data growth. Despite the fact machines and devices can create data non-stop, user

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