NAS Storage

NAS Storage

The Public Cloud’s Role in Unstructured Data Management - Organizations are now drowning in unstructured data. Addressing the growth and managing this data is increasingly a high priority for organizations. The public cloud has a role to play and vendors must carefully integrate it into their unstructured data protection
Does Your All-Flash Array Support Hard Disk Drives? - Technically, if an All-Flash Array (AFA) supports hard disk drives, it is no longer an AFA. What if however, the system could start as an AFA and then later, to save costs, move older data to inexpensive, high capacity hard
Does Your All-Flash Software Provide Data Protection? - Most primary storage systems and software provide some form of data protection. That protection comes in the form of protection from media failure (typically RAID), snapshots and clones. All-Flash Arrays (AFA) seem to provide a better than average level of
Overcoming the Unstructured Data Management Gap - Hardly a week goes by where an IT professional doesn’t hear “storage is growing,” to which they probably roll their eyes and think “no kidding.” What IT needs is more than just appreciation of the problem is a solution to
Designing a File Storage Infrastructure – CTERA Briefing Note - The combined value of files that an organization creates and stores is higher than its most mission-critical applications. The ability to collaborate, share and retain files both within and outside the organization dictates how competitive that organization is in its
Do You Need to Re-Prioritize Unstructured Data Management Priorities? - In our on demand webinar “The Elephant in the Data Center – Protecting, Managing and Leveraging Unstructured Data”, Storage Switzerland and Igneous discuss the recent 2018 State of Unstructured Data Management report. The report is available as an attachment to
What are the Best Use Cases for Object Storage? - As part of our “2019 Strategies Series”, Storage Switzerland is hosting a live panel discussion “What’s Your Plan for Object Storage”, to help organizations create and implement an object storage strategy. Experts from Caringo, Cloudian and Scality will join Storage
Dashboarding Diverse Storage Infrastructures - The previous blog in this series outlined the advantages of a diverse storage infrastructure; flexibility, workload specific performance, and hard-cost savings. The challenge with a diverse storage infrastructure is how to manage it. In prior blogs, we’ve looked at several
The Advantages of a Diverse Storage Architecture - In the last three blogs, we’ve looked at how IT might consolidate storage by purchasing a single large array and using software-defined storage or using hyper-converged infrastructure. While each option has potential, each option also falls short in some areas.
Accelerate NAS Performance Differently – Metadata Acceleration - To address file performance problems most IT professionals are directed to the latest all-flash array and are forced to migrate to a new storage system. Even if those IT planners insist on keeping their current network attached storage system, vendors

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