NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Do NAS Systems Need More Than NFS & SMB? - Many years ago when the NAS market was born, it was very simple to distinguish between NAS systems and SAN systems. SAN systems ran on Fibre Channel and NAS systems ran on Ethernet. SAN systems used block protocols like SCSI
Why Windows File Server Archive ROIs are Broken - Windows file server archiving is the process of getting all the old data off of an organization’s Windows file servers and moving them to some less expensive form of storage. The concept has been around almost since there were Windows
The Security Advantage of Cloud Bursting - The result of a poll in our latest webinar, “How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing to the Cloud“, indicates security remains a concern of organizations looking at leveraging the cloud. In the poll, 46% of respondents chose security as
The Storage Refresh Needs to Become a Process - Times have changed. Data centers must refresh storage more frequently than ever. The organization wants faster application response to more sophisticated queries across more users. Or it wants to start a totally new endeavor, like better decision making driven by
Is it Time to Retire Your NAS? - It’s time to retire Network Attached Storage (NAS) – at least as we know it. These systems, glorified file servers, are over two decades old. In that time, users have become more mobile, and organizations more diverse. What seemed like
What Happened to the All-Flash Data Center? - About the same time all-flash arrays appeared on the market, pundits started to predict the coming all-flash data center. In the all-flash data center, IT would finally find storage nirvana. There will be no performance issues, the days of tuning
NAS 2.0 Needs To Manage Capacity Differently - Being able to store terabytes or even petabytes of data is table stakes. It’s how data is managed that determines how effective a data driven organization will be in delivering value and controlling costs.The problem is most file systems and
Scale out NAS Needs a New Kind of Performance - Scale out NAS has proven the old adage that in IT we never solve any problems; we just move them around. Scale out systems were built for a lot of reasons, and one of the chief reasons was performance; a
What is Object Storage Good For? - Backup appliances do one thing well, store backup data. Object storage systems, as we’ve shown, can also fulfill this role. But unlike typical backup appliance they can do so much more. As a backup target, object storage systems provide an
The First Storage Refresh Step - The first step in the storage refresh process has nothing to do with vendors or storage systems. The first step should be to decide on the technology best suited to the workloads the storage system will host. Organizations need to

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