NAS Storage

NAS Storage

3 Reasons Why Networking Breaks HCI Scalability - One of the most appealing aspects of hyperconverged Infrastructures is their ability to scale. When IT needs more compute or storage resources to keep up with their rapidly growing enterprise, they are told to “just add a node”. There is
New Whitepaper: Understanding Cloud NAS Architectures - When organizations first start to leverage cloud resources they typically try to use the cloud to solve their biggest problems first; data protection and unstructured data management. The rapid and unprecedented growth of unstructured data has made both of these
Unstructured Data Protection Should Integrate Archive - Backup and archive have always been on opposing ends of the data management spectrum. Conventional wisdom suggests that the two should never meet and cries of “backup is not archive” fill the air. The reality is, the “backup is not
Unstructured Data’s Compliance and Retention Gap - In most data centers, unstructured data now consumes more storage capacity than all of the organization’s structured data combined. Yet organizations still often treat unstructured data like a second-class citizen when it comes to data protection. Because of its size
The Big Fail – Why is Enterprise File Sync and Share STILL Failing? - A recent Forrester survey indicated that 56% of enterprise respondents either have implemented an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution or are in the process of installing one. At first glance, that looks good for EFSS vendors. However, on
Overcoming the Hybrid Cloud Storage Problem - Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS built their storage infrastructures on an object storage foundation that offered almost unlimited scale at extremely competitive prices. Object storage vendors adopted these architectures and made them more enterprise
Ransomware: The Problem with Paying the Ransom - When ransomware hits an organization, it is very tempting simply to pay the ransom instead of going through the time and effort to replace the encrypted data by recovering from a backup. After paying the ransom, the hackers give a
Creating Enterprise Ready Global File Collaboration – Nasuni Briefing Note - There are several global file collaboration vendors on the market today. These solutions are designed to replace legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems. As the global file collaboration moniker implies, these systems allow the widespread distribution of files. The solutions
An Alternative Approach to HCI - Hyperconverged Infrastructures claim to be a simpler alternative to a traditional architecture with a dedicated compute and a dedicated storage tier. The primary source of the simplification is the elimination of a dedicated storage tier. Instead, HCI integrates storage into
NAS vs. The Unstructured Data Vault - There are two primary use cases for NAS. The first demands high performance when using NAS as primary storage to host application data and virtual machines. Modern NAS systems address this use case. The second, and more common, use is

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