NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Three Steps to Architecting Storage for Commercial HPC - The storage architecture requirements for Commercial HPC are different from those for traditional enterprise storage architecture. They are also different from the traditional HPC requirements. Most enterprise IT professionals try to either extend their current storage architectures, which are supporting
Why Data Movement Breaks Data Management and How to Fix It - The primary goal of a data management strategy is to reduce storage costs. Achieving that goal requires that at some point data will have to move from primary storage to a less expensive secondary storage. The movement of data between
Commercial HPC vs. Enterprise Storage - High-Performance Computing (HPC) is no longer a workload for academia, now organizations of all types and sizes have HPC like workloads that require scalable, sequential access to vast amounts of unstructured data. These initiatives need rapid access and need to
How to Design Storage for Commercial HPC - High-Performance Compute (HPC) and commercial data centers used to be two distinctly separate entities, but now businesses of all types are conducting HPC-like operations. These organizations have large amounts of unstructured data that they need rapid sequential access to for
Cloud NAS vs. Large Files – How Cloud NAS can Win - Many Cloud NAS solutions leverage a local cache to get around the latency problem when retrieving data from the cloud. If the requested file is on the local cache the user will notice no performance difference than before they had
Why Endpoints Break Backup - According to several recent studies, about 30% to 40% of an organization’s data is stored uniquely on endpoints (laptops and devices). This unique data is not stored or backed up anywhere in the data center, and is outside of the
Managing Data to Manage Ransomware - One of the reasons that data centers are so vulnerable to ransomware attacks is the amount of data that remains accessible on production storage. The reality is that most of this data does not need to be there. Investing in
How to Get On-Premises NAS Performance with Cloud Storage - Unstructured data is a big problem for IT professionals. They have to wrestle with serving, storing, protecting and retaining all the information within that unstructured data set. Legacy NAS solutions simply can’t keep up. Cloud storage seems like an ideal
3 Reasons Why Networking Breaks HCI Scalability - One of the most appealing aspects of hyperconverged Infrastructures is their ability to scale. When IT needs more compute or storage resources to keep up with their rapidly growing enterprise, they are told to “just add a node”. There is
New Whitepaper: Understanding Cloud NAS Architectures - When organizations first start to leverage cloud resources they typically try to use the cloud to solve their biggest problems first; data protection and unstructured data management. The rapid and unprecedented growth of unstructured data has made both of these

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