NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Eliminating Stub Files for a Better Archive - The case for archiving is beyond compelling. Most organizations don’t access data once it is older than 90 days. In most cases, inactive data can consume 85% or more of the organization’s primary storage capacity. Moving inactive data to secondary
eBook: Are You Evolving Your Unstructured Data Management Strategy? - Unstructured data is changing. What was once a relatively small data set made up mostly of user home directory data is now a massive data set that is proliferating and is made up of much more than just user data.
Overcoming the Latency Hurdle – Hybrid Cloud Storage Workarounds - When organizations attempt to create a hybrid cloud storage architecture to manage costs better and ease on-premises storage requirements they face a significant hurdle, dealing with the latency between on-premises storage and cloud-based storage. The transfer of files between these
Does NVMe Flash Have to Be End-to-End - One of the advantages of the NVMe Flash standard is that it is networkable. NVMe over Fabrics (NVMf) brings direct attach storage like latency to shared storage systems. NVMf eliminates the need for modern applications like Hadoop and others to
Is Your All-Flash Storage Software Block Only? - Accelerating database performance remains a top use case for all-flash arrays, so it makes sense that most all-flash array systems only support block storage. However, only supporting block means that the customer assigns the “raw” volume to a server and
The Public Cloud’s Role in Unstructured Data Management - Organizations are now drowning in unstructured data. Addressing the growth and managing this data is increasingly a high priority for organizations. The public cloud has a role to play and vendors must carefully integrate it into their unstructured data protection
Does Your All-Flash Array Support Hard Disk Drives? - Technically, if an All-Flash Array (AFA) supports hard disk drives, it is no longer an AFA. What if however, the system could start as an AFA and then later, to save costs, move older data to inexpensive, high capacity hard
Does Your All-Flash Software Provide Data Protection? - Most primary storage systems and software provide some form of data protection. That protection comes in the form of protection from media failure (typically RAID), snapshots and clones. All-Flash Arrays (AFA) seem to provide a better than average level of
Overcoming the Unstructured Data Management Gap - Hardly a week goes by where an IT professional doesn’t hear “storage is growing,” to which they probably roll their eyes and think “no kidding.” What IT needs is more than just appreciation of the problem is a solution to
Designing a File Storage Infrastructure – CTERA Briefing Note - The combined value of files that an organization creates and stores is higher than its most mission-critical applications. The ability to collaborate, share and retain files both within and outside the organization dictates how competitive that organization is in its

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