NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Why Not Build Ransomware Proof Storage? - The best way to protect an organization from a ransomware attack is at its source, primary storage. Ransomware works by compromising a user account and then encrypting all the files that the account can access. A compromised superuser account is
How Data Management Protects Against Cyber-Attacks - The reason that file data is a prime target of ransomware attacks is that most file servers are full of juicy targets that organizations are willing to pay to get back. Payment is, after all, exactly what ransomware is all
How Can Object Storage Recall as fast as Primary Storage? - How can a cost effective, low cost object storage system also provide fast recalls? These systems are not typically designed for performance but IT professionals are told time and time again to archive to object storage because of its cost
Archiving is Useless Without Search - Managing data is a must have for large and small organizations. But if they can’t search that data the process is useless. When most IT professionals think of data management, they think of saving money. But that’s just the beginning.
Why Would a Service Provider Want Object Storage? - Object storage was built for the cloud; therefore, any company considering providing storage services for other companies will find object storage the best fit for that application. Other shared storage systems, such as NAS filers, simply do not compare when
How Does FileFly Make Windows Data Management Better? - Organizations today deal with daunting storage challenges. To handle the ever-increasing deluge of data, they need the ability to scale-out storage to handle multiple terabytes and millions of files. They also face the need to upgrade their Windows File Servers
Can Your Server Survive a Fire or Flood? – ioSafe Briefing Note - My dad always said, “The best fight is one you don’t have.” In the same way, the best restore is one you never have to do. We all believe that, and we do our best to avoid every restore we
Has All-Flash Really Reached Price Parity on NAS? - Flash has reached the same price as disk! At least that is what all flash vendors want you to believe. But is it true? Has flash really reached price parity with disk? As is often the case it depends on
What is Data Management Sprawl? - Data Management is the art of intelligently moving data to the tier of storage that best balances the performance requirements with the cost of storing it and stage of its life cycle. In a perfect world, organizations would put all
Why Should You Optimize File Servers? - Windows file servers remain one of the most popular ways for an organization to store and share data between employees. One of the reasons for this popularity is when a server reaches capacity or starts to suffer performance problems it’s

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