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Why Data Protection-as-a-Service is Unpredictable - Economic unpredictability is the most significant challenge associated with data protection. The pool of data that must be protected continues to grow exponentially, and meanwhile, recoveries must be nearly instantaneous. Our previous blog discussed the challenges inherent in meeting these
The Impact of Unpredictable Data Protection - Most production IT projects are planned months, if not years, in advance of deployment. However, advanced planning of infrastructure upgrades for the data protection architecture seldom occurs. The problem is that updates to the backup infrastructure can often be expensive
Fixing Hybrid Cloud Storage - Hybrid Cloud Storage is ideal for most organizations seeking to reduce the cost of their storage infrastructure and to leverage computing resources in the cloud. The problem in fully enabling a hybrid cloud storage strategy is the latency between on-premises
The Future of HCI: 2019 Edition - The hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market has entered a new phase of maturity, as evidenced by recent technology developments as well as vendor consolidation. For IT professionals, this maturity has two significant takeaways. From a technology perspective, HCI brings a compelling
In Memoriam – Jon Toigo – The Master of Disaster - Last week a legend in backup, disaster recovery, and data storage passed; Jon Toigo. My first foray into storage was thanks to Jon. His 1989 book on disaster recovery launched me into the world of data protection and high availability.
Optimizing Storage Costs and Performance while Enhancing Planning with Resource Monitoring - Storage managers face the demanding task of maximizing storage infrastructure capacity, performance and availability, while also reducing or at least slowing the growth of storage-related capital and operating expenses. Storage array vendors are innovating to increase performance, uptime and utilization,
Balance Standardization and Flexibility to Optimize DRaaS - The need for disaster recovery is growing as always-on data availability becomes necessary for business continuity. For many organizations, bypassing the expense and hassle of purchasing, deploying and managing dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure through outsourced disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) makes sense.
Cyber Attack on VFEmail Evaporates 18 Years of Data! - In what may be one of the most devastating attacks in recent history, email provider VFEmail is working through the aftermath of a massive cyberattack and is indicating that 18 years’ worth of its user’s email data is lost forever.
The TCO of Premium Node Hardware for HCI - While the per node cost of using premium hardware in Hyperconverged Infrastructure 2.0 (HCI) is higher than the per node cost of using commodity hardware common to HCI 1.0, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower. The primary reason
Using Workload Simulation to Justify the Shift to NVMe - The introduction of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage protocol brings with it a new storage performance tier. Whereas older Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) standards were designed for slower-performing hard disk drive (HDDs) and