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Getting the Most Out of Cloud Storage for Backups - Most IT professionals want to use cloud storage in hopes of reducing on-premises backup infrastructure costs. While most on-premises backup software solutions claim cloud support, how they implement that support can vary significantly from vendor to vendor. Many backup software
Understanding Software-Defined File Systems - Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is a frequently used term that can have different definitions depending on the vendor using the term. SDS solutions can be block, file, or object-based. File systems are almost always software-defined and nearly always run on top
New eBook: The Value of DR Orchestration - Given the pace of the modern data center, creating a disaster recovery (DR) plan is a significant challenge. Keeping that plan up to date after it’s created is almost impossible because of how quickly the data center changes. If a
Why Office files are More Important than Ever - Files created through Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) are often the result of many of an organization’s employees’ creative energy. If ransomware infects an organization’s data center, these are the files an organization struggles to recover. The typical reason given
Are You Storing Data in the Cloud? Where do You Store Metadata? - Metadata is data about data. In the case of files, metadata includes information like the last access date and last modified date. An archive or backup solution may use metadata to track the location of the file, or it may
Should You Use Image-Based Backups on Unstructured Data? - Most data protection applications are not backing up unstructured data correctly. The massive increase not only in the capacity of unstructured data but also in the number of files represented within the data set makes protecting it difficult. The large
Understanding the Challenges That AI at Scale Creates - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in its infancy and the requirements it places on the storage architectures that support these workloads are not widely understood. As a result, an organization starting an AI initiative can initially get away with using an
Requirements for Unstructured Data at Petabyte Scale - Unstructured data is hard to manage. When an organization’s unstructured data assets cross the petabyte threshold, though, controlling the data set brings on an entirely new set of challenges. Most legacy network-attached storage (NAS) systems struggle to manage 100 terabyte
How Does Your 2020 DR Plan Need to Change? - With each passing year, disaster recovery changes. Most of the time, those changes relate to faster and faster recoveries, as well as protection from net threats like ransomware. In 2020 the pressure to recover even faster remains critical, but there
Disaster Recovery Workshop: Dealing with New Requirements, Expectations, and Threats - Disaster Recovery (DR) is changing, and DR plans need to change with it. Legislative bodies want companies to not only prove their ability to recover from a disaster, but they have specific guidelines as to how long that effort can