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Comparing the Price of Disk-Only Backup to Tape Integrated Backup - As discussed in our last blog, tape, when correctly integrated into the disk architecture, does not negatively impact the performance of the backup infrastructure and in some cases improves it while providing a more efficient, more reliable long-term storage capability.
Where Did All the NAS Vendors Go? - In 2010, there were almost a dozen major NAS vendors on the market. Today, the market has shrunk, ironically at a time when organizations need unstructured data storage solutions more than ever. The primary reasons for the shrinking of the
Is it Time to Rethink NAS for Unstructured Data? - Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems were once the primary storage destination for all unstructured data but with file-counts soaring past one billion and with machines replacing users as the primary creators of data, the industry is seemingly moving past NAS
Comparing the Performance of Tape Integrated Protection to Disk Only Protection - When vendors compare the performance of disk backup systems with the performance of tape, they often will highlight the area in which their particular product has the biggest advantage and ignore situations where performance doesn’t matter. IT planners looking to
MSP Agent or Provider – What Do Customers Want? - In the Lightboard Video below, Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President at Asigra, and I discuss the business of being a managed service provider (MSP). In the video, we discuss how MSPs can build value into their businesses by investing in
How Does Tape Work in the Modern Infrastructure? - When considering integrating tape storage into their infrastructure, IT planners must consider the realities of how data is accessed. The IT planner needs to maximize tape’s strengths with the goal to store as much data as possible on tape because
Flash Second – Getting Data Analytics Ready for Flash Storage - Accelerating a data analytics project is critical for storage vendors that sell storage systems designed for big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). These vendors all thrive by helping their customer get answers to their questions faster
How DR Orchestration Can Improve Success while Lowering Costs - To the organization, all applications are essential, but not all apps are critical. There is a pecking order in terms of what applications need to be back online first. Recovery prioritization is especially crucial during a full-scale disaster where the
Windows 2008 File Server? What to do now - One of the popular use cases for Windows Server 2008 is as a file server but on January 14th Microsoft stopped supporting the 2008 version of the operating system. Those using Server 2012 as a file server can assume that
Reintroducing Tape to the Modern Data Center – Myth Busting Tape’s Shortcomings - To many IT professionals, tape media and tape libraries seems like an ancient technology used by the “old” IT guys. The reality is tape as a technology can bring significant value to the organization. Almost every data center is experiencing