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Key Security Features to Evaluate in Your Cloud Provider - Cloud storage services have evolved significantly in terms of their ability to provide data security, as well as their ability to comply with data privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer
The ROI of Extreme Performance - In our recent webinar, “Flash Storage – Deciding Between High Performance and EXTREME Performance”, Storage Switzerland and Violin Memory discussed the use cases that demand extreme performance over high performance. Extreme performance is for applications that can benefit from consistent
Data Management vs Data Protection - Storing data comes with responsibilities, two of which are managing that data and protecting it. Many organizations however, focus most of their attention on protecting the data and almost no attention to managing it. However, focusing attention solely on data
Does the Storage Media Matter Anymore? - It used to be that the storage media was the determining factor of an application’s performance. However, with non-volatile memory express (NVMe) solid-state drives (SSDs) now having reached price parity with Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) SSDs, the potential to achieve hundreds
How to Overcome the NAS Silo Problem - Gone are the days of the single site enterprise that relied on files being manually emailed between employees for collaboration. We live today in the world of the multi-site, agile enterprise. Users across the globe must be able to simultaneously
How are the Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud Evolving? - As the cloud continues to mature, organizations are also increasing their sophistication in terms of how they leverage the cloud. A survey by Osterman Research corroborates what Storage Switzerland is hearing from end users – where previously the cloud was
Is Your Application Performance Too Slow? Consider Computational Storage - The modern workload set has fundamentally changed the nature of and also how we handle data sets. Previously, critical business applications were typically driven by the processing of large, monolithic databases that were comprised of large files. Today, more and
How to Make One Thousand Snapshots Useful - Almost every modern storage system claims to support “thousands” of snapshots of production data without impacting performance. While some of the lack of performance impact claims have proven to be suspect, there is little doubt that today’s storage solutions support
Are Your Business Queries Taking Too Long? Data Qualification is Likely the Culprit - Today’s business environment is defined by agility. The company that can innovate faster, react more quickly to changing end-customer preferences, and identify and pursue new revenue opportunities ahead of its peers, has a distinct competitive advantage. In order to achieve
New eBook: Taking The Load off Networks with Computational Storage - The data center is a series of networks. There are networks that connect servers to users and networks that connect storage to servers. Even within servers and storage there are networks to connect CPU to IO devices like flash drives

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