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Why Storage Switzerland is Now a Part of StorONE - Storage Switzerland started in 2007 with the primary purpose of educating IT professionals. Our focus was on the various technologies that would help them make their storage infrastructures easier to manage, more resilient against data loss, meet demands for high
What is SRMaaS? - To keep up with the capacity and performance demands, IT is continually adding new storage systems to the data center. At Storage Switzerland, we find it is not uncommon for an organization to have seven or more different storage systems
Creating a Ransomware Recovery Plan in 2020 - Recently, Storage Switzerland participated in a 2020 predictions webinar with iland and Veeam, which is now available on demand. Unlike other predictions webinars, our webinar gave IT-specific ways to overcome whatever the problem the prediction pinpointed One of those predictions
The Requirements of AI at Scale Storage Infrastructures - Artificial Intelligence (AI) at scale raises the bar for storage infrastructure in terms of capacity and performance. It is not uncommon for an AI or machine learning (ML) environment to expect growth to dozens if not hundreds of terabytes of
StorageSwiss Report 64 – A Decade’s Worth of Predictions - The StorageSwiss Report is a weekly discussion about hot trends and topics going on in the storage, cloud, and data protection markets. We don’t just cut & paste press releases. We provide insight as to why or why not the
Understanding the Problem of Unification in Most Software-Defined Storage Solutions - The promise of software-defined storage (SDS) aims to unify all of your organization’s storage assets through a single user interface. But that interface is supposed to do more than provide a single pane of glass for monitoring. It is also
Take “Create DR Plan” OFF of Your 2020 Project Goals - If disaster strikes, the purpose of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is to guide the available IT personnel through the process of recovering the data center, either at an alternate site owned by the company or a facility owned by
Are All-Flash Arrays All Wrong for AI and DL Workloads? - When designing a storage infrastructure for an artificial intelligence (AI) or deep learning (DL) workload, the default assumption is that an all-flash array (AFA) or something even faster must be at the heart of the design. The problem is as
Does All-Flash Kill Data Management? - Most of today’s modern storage systems have a scale-out design, meaning they can expand to meet almost all of the data center’s capacity requirements. Also, since an increasing number of these systems are all-flash, they can meet most data center’s
2020 Will Be THE Year for NVMe-oF - Technology rarely has “a year.” In most cases, what is that technology’s year is the accumulation of previous years’ worth of work until one year pushes the technology over the top in terms of adoption. With that admission, 2020 will

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