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Click To Register Primary Storage Refresh is More than Flash - Primary storage refresh projects usually start from some combination of need for more performance, more capacity or because the storage system is coming off of maintenance. A key feature IT professionals look for in new primary storage system is flash.
Figure parts curtains of binary What is a Data Fabric? - When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is
Brexit uncertainty, future and economy, 3d rendering background What Backup Software Should I Use? – is the wrong question - The question of what backup software application should an organization use comes up all the time on the online forums I visit on LinkedIn and Spiceworks. The answer to that question typically come from vendors who, of course, say “Use
Backup Strategy touchscreen concept background. It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right - It’s very easy to find yourself far down the path of virtualization and forget something so trivial as backup. This is not a problem new to virtualization, as backup has often been on the sidelines in many people’s eyes. But
Watch On Demand Storage Lessons that IT can learn from Media and Entertainment - The demands of the modern Media and Entertainment (M&E) organization is pushing storage infrastructure to the breaking point. M&E generates more data, requires faster processing, faster delivery of that data and has, by far, the most justifiable means for retaining
data-storage-network-data-server-and-comp-tech-b DR Ready Storage should be a Scalpel or a Saw? - A real disaster is the ultimate test of potentially years worth of planning. Disasters are unnerving because the IT professionals executing the recovery processes have the eyes of the entire organization and its customers on them. IT, which normally operates
3d-businessman-and-four-colorful-puzzle-pieces-b The Importance of Application Aware Snapshots - An application aware snapshot is one that is taken with the knowledge of an application that is storing its data on the volume. If you need a primer on snapshots, please see our previous blog on the subject. The taking
datarecoverybutton-b How Fast can you Recover in the Cloud? - Some say it’s possible to recover servers into the cloud so quickly – and perform in the cloud so well – no one will even notice that a recovery happened. But one should definitely not assume this will be the
On-Premises, in the Cloud, or Both? On-Premises, in the Cloud, or Both? - If you ever ask someone whether your data should be on-premises, in the cloud, or both, the answer is often different depending on the source. Cloud vendors think you should store all of your data in the cloud. Traditional storage
Click To Register Overcoming the Active Archive Challenges - The term Active Archive is thrown around all the time by IT vendors, but what is it really, other than an attempt to make something as old as data management sound cool again? An Active Archive is an archive where

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