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Backup Retention vs. Data Retention - A recent blog “Healthcare overspends on long term backup retention” by Veeam’s Jonathan Butz discussed how healthcare organizations are creating overly complex and expensive backup infrastructure because they are considering backup as part of their records retention policy. Butz is
Are You an Edge-Now Data Center? - We often think of edge data centers as a remote data center that an organization deploys to process a local data set in order to subsequently send that data set, or not, to a larger, primary data center. An example
What’s the Hole in Your Ransomware Protection Strategy? - Over on the Aparavi Blog, Vicki Grey cited a recent study by The Herjavec Group, which indicated that ransomware attacks are on the rise. The report also states that ransomware attacks hit businesses every 14 seconds in 2019, and will
Why Aren’t You Tiering Backup Data to the Cloud? - Organizations tend to treat all backup data the same. Generally, IT stores backup data on a relatively low performing, high capacity disk backup system. The problem is that this type of device doesn’t fit the restore requests that most IT
How Has Ransomware Changed Data Protection? - The ransomware threat can have a significant monetary impact on the business. Not only are enterprises forced to pay the ransom fee to recover their data, but under various government regulations they also may be charged additional fines per impacted
For All-Flash Performance, Hardware vs. Media - In recent years the industry has seen the evolution of flash media from Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) based interconnects to Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) based interconnects. And now, PCIe interconnect is standardized around
Is Innovation in VMware Backup Dead? - The opening chapter of a white paper, “Cloud-native Data Protection for VMware,” available from Druva is titled “The Current State of VMware Data Protection.” While IT has seen a lot of innovation over the past decade, it seems that the
Overcoming the Data Problem with Multi-Cloud - Multi-Cloud is a hot topic right now in IT circles. Instead of being locked into a single cloud, organizations can shift workloads between clouds as needed. Multi-cloud enables them to receive the best pricing possible on cloud services and resources.
Top Four Data Analytics Challenges – Challenge 2: Technical Expertise - The new era of data analytics has opened up a new opportunity for storage professionals to become strategic partners and advisers to line of business stakeholders. The problem is that completing analytics queries is taking far too long – frequently
Is Best of Breed the Next Generation of Cloud? - The cloud provider landscape is dominated by a few large mega-cloud providers that attempt to provide a wide range of applications, services, compute, and storage to their customers. However, a new wave of cloud providers is emerging that focus on