SSD Storage

SSD Storage

How to Solve Storage Challenges in Software as a Service (SaaS) Data Centers – Kaminario Briefing Note - The software as a service (SaaS) market is projected to be a $117 billion dollar market by 2019. While most of these solutions incubate in the public cloud, successful SaaS providers reach a point where the disadvantages of renting the
Does Google Have a Faster DRaaS Cloud? – Infrascale Briefing Note - All VMs are not created equal. Two VMs running on equivalent hardware could have different performance based on the hypervisor they’re using. And obviously two VMs using the same hypervisor could have different performance based on the underlying hardware. Could
Raising the Bar for Data Aware Scale-out NAS – Qumulo Briefing Note - Over a year ago, Qumulo released a new data-aware scale-out NAS solution designed to address what it considers a key weakness in scale-out storage – Increased data management complexity when adding nodes to the cluster. This means most scale-out NAS
Quorum Briefing Note – Instant Recovery Software gets Major Update - Quorum OnQ already appeared to be a solid product. OnQ is a next-gen backup and recovery product built around modern ideas of data protection. It could back up virtual or physical machines and store those backups in native (but deduplicated)
Solving the Problem that SDS Does not - FormationOne Briefing Note Most data centers are not really out of capacity, they are just out of capacity that they can get to in any meaningful way. Confused? Let me explain. The problem is the capacity is spread across potentially
All-Flash for Mid-tier Data Center - Exablox Briefing Note Despite the continual decline in the cost of flash, all-flash arrays remain out of reach for many medium sized data centers. They are left trying to band-aid performance problems with server side caching or hybrid arrays instead
NVMe over Fabrics Needs NVMe Storage Systems - E8 Flash Memory Summit Briefing Note When selecting a storage system users have to choose between reliability, performance and cost. Vendors try a variety of methods to deliver on all three. But as the old adage goes, you can only
Faster Flash with NVMe Over Fabrics - Broadcom Briefing Note No matter how fast the storage infrastructure is, IT professionals can count on users and application owners to want more. Flash storage goes a long way toward appeasing the appetite for performance. But it is the constant
A Fresh Take on SDS – Quobyte Briefing Note - Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions are a dime a dozen. The problem is that only a few solutions truly differentiate themselves from the features that come with the legacy storage hardware systems they are replacing. The key value to SDS
vSphere tackles the Hyperconverged Infrastructure World: VMware VSAN 6.2 - VMware is releasing VSAN 6.2, the third major release of VSAN since its introduction in August of 2014. (Like other VMware companion products, the release number is tied to the vSphere release number it is associated with.) This release gives

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