SSD Storage

SSD Storage

Can The Storage Infrastructure Keep Pace with Data Center Modernization? - The modern data center is increasingly microservice or container-based. These workloads are dynamic and unpredictable. The datasets within these workloads range from thousands of large files to billions of small files. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being
Solving the Media and Advertising Firm Storage Challenge - Many media and advertising firms require multi-site collaboration and external file sharing. Like most industries, these firms are also facing unprecedented data growth both within their core data center and at the edge. They, like the larger media and entertainment
Flash Memory Summit 2019 Day 2 – Western Digital - Our second day at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019 was another jam-packed day. Western Digital’s activities before and at the event are so extensive that we’ve broken them out into a full detailed briefing note on their IntelliFlash products and
The Value of Fine Tuned Flash Drives – Burlywood Briefing Note - What differentiates one flash drive from another? For the most part, the NAND is very similar. The key differentiator is the controller. The problem is each vendor does its unique optimizations and then releases the combined (controller and NAND) product.
Democratizing In-Memory Computing - The speed and low latency of dynamic access memory (DRAM) are why so many organizations are looking at developing new applications to take advantage of the in-memory computing concept. The problem is that rewriting and migrating to a new application
You Need a Multi-Flash Storage Strategy - The two big trends in flash technology are Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) flash and QLC (quad-level cell) but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum from a use case perspective. NVMe flash is designed for extremely high performance and
Customizable and More Efficient Computational Storage - ScaleFlux Briefing Note Data-driven, processing-intensive workloads like database processing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and content delivery networks (CDN) require new levels of storage performance, which today is coming to mean deployment on a non-volatile memory express (NVMe)
How to Maximize Resources and Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Compute – Liqid Briefing Note - Composable infrastructure, whereby resources are disaggregated and may be re-composed on the fly, stands to serve a number of key, future-forward IT infrastructure requirements. Resources may be added and then returned for use by a different application on the fly.
Bringing the Cloud Model to On-Premises Flash Storage – StorPool Briefing Note - Legacy storage-area network (SAN) architectures are notoriously expensive and complex, leading many enterprises to consider migrating workloads off-premises. However, the public cloud model carries recurring costs that add up over time; with the growing petabytes of data that need to
NVMe-oF At Scale for Performance-Intensive Applications – E8 Storage Briefing Note - One of the most significant challenges facing the storage industry today is minimizing application latency without breaking the bank, during the shift to premium-priced non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash storage systems. The lightning-fast levels of solid-state drive (SSDs) performance and

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