Product Briefings

Data Management as a Service – Igneous Briefing Note - Data management is a project that many IT professionals and application owners feel they are too busy or don’t have enough expertise to undertake. Most data management tasks are big projects that take a lot of planning and continuous care
Solving the Media and Advertising Firm Storage Challenge - Many media and advertising firms require multi-site collaboration and external file sharing. Like most industries, these firms are also facing unprecedented data growth both within their core data center and at the edge. They, like the larger media and entertainment
Automating Hybrid Cloud - Creating a hybrid cloud is much harder than organizations expect. Cloud infrastructures run different hypervisors than on-premises, which means it’s necessary to transform the workloads before they can run in the cloud, and then transform them back if the organization
Protecting the Other Door – Application Vulnerabilities - Ransomware gets a lot of attention from IT professionals and data protection vendors alike. Ransomware however, is only one door that bad actors can use to compromise the data center. Another door is application or operating system vulnerability. While several
Reducing the High Cost of Data Management - Data Management is the process of ensuring data is on the right storage tier at just the right time. IT professionals that run the data management process are trying to strike a balance between saving the organization money by eliminating
Creating an Accessible Archive for Media and Entertainment - The traditional Media and Entertainment (M&E) market is exploding with new producers of content for movies and television. It is also seeing significant growth in sports television, corporate training and worship broadcasting. All of these content creators benefit from a
Developing an NVMe over Fibre Channel Strategy - Most All-Flash Arrays (AFA) are setup as block devices connected via a Fibre Channel (FC) Storage Area Network (SAN). The deterministic nature of FC and its inherent low latency are an ideal match for AFAs. As data centers begin to
How to Meet the New Data Protection Requirements - Data protection, specifically the backup process, is a foundational element of most data center architectures. The requirements of that foundation though are shifting from an insurance policy that the organization hopes it rarely needs to an active component of the
In Search of True DRaaS – Datrium Delivers the DRaaS We Expected - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) burst on the scene about four years ago. However, most DRaaS solutions don’t exactly live up to expectations. Frequently built on backup, these are solutions that try to make recovery act like high availability.
Bringing an OpEx Model to the Data Protection Service Provider - A managed service provider (MSP) that offers a data protection service typically provides backup, recovery and high availability capabilities to their customers in the form of a subscription based service. In some cases those providers enjoy a similar pricing model

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