Product Briefings

In Search of True DRaaS – Datrium Delivers the DRaaS We Expected - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) burst on the scene about four years ago. However, most DRaaS solutions don’t exactly live up to expectations. Frequently built on backup, these are solutions that try to make recovery act like high availability.
Bringing an OpEx Model to the Data Protection Service Provider - A managed service provider (MSP) that offers a data protection service typically provides backup, recovery and high availability capabilities to their customers in the form of a subscription based service. In some cases those providers enjoy a similar pricing model
Solving the Billion Files Problem - Most file system management tools – whether they are for reporting, governance, backup, archiving, migration, cloud bursting, or content classification – start developing performance problems when the total number of files and directories exceeds a hundred million. The performance challenges
Overcoming The Cloud Goldilocks Problem – iland Briefing Note - When an organization decides to begin its cloud journey, one of the biggest challenges is trying to find a cloud provider that is the right fit. Typically, the IT planner has to choose from the mega-cloud providers like Amazon AWS,
Flash Memory Summit 2019 – Day 3 Wrap Up - The third and final day of the Flash Memory Summit was as busy as the previous two. Most conferences fizzle out the last day; FMS day 3 was still abuzz with interesting sessions and quality briefings. Briefing 1 – Fibre
Flash Memory Summit 2019 Day 2 – Western Digital - Our second day at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019 was another jam-packed day. Western Digital’s activities before and at the event are so extensive that we’ve broken them out into a full detailed briefing note on their IntelliFlash products and
How to Manage All Your Flash Options - Today’s data center storage infrastructure has to support an unprecedented number of workloads, ranging from virtualized workloads to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Each of these workloads can benefit from all-flash storage systems and it seems like there is a
Flash Memory Summit 2019 – Day 1 - Storage Switzerland is at the 2019 edition of the Flash Memory Summit (FMS). Each day of the summit, we will be providing a quick summary of our meetings. Day 1 was a busy day for StorageSwiss as we raced from
How to Stay IN the Data Center Business - Experts claim that organizations want to “get out of the data center business” as one of the reasons that organizations want to move to the Cloud. While that justification does come up occasionally, in most cases top organizations are quite
The Value of Fine Tuned Flash Drives – Burlywood Briefing Note - What differentiates one flash drive from another? For the most part, the NAND is very similar. The key differentiator is the controller. The problem is each vendor does its unique optimizations and then releases the combined (controller and NAND) product.

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