Product Briefings

Bringing the Cloud Model to On-Premises Flash Storage – StorPool Briefing Note - Legacy storage-area network (SAN) architectures are notoriously expensive and complex, leading many enterprises to consider migrating workloads off-premises. However, the public cloud model carries recurring costs that add up over time; with the growing petabytes of data that need to
Simplifying the Path to Open-Source Storage – SUSE Version 6 Briefing Note - Software-defined storage (SDS) is growing in popularity as a path to achieving a public cloud-like experience on-premises. Among the key objectives in moving to SDS is cutting the costs and improving the flexibility of the storage infrastructure. Ceph is a
Democratizing NVMe and Public Cloud Replication – IBM Storage Briefing Note - Businesses large and small are looking to tap the performance acceleration of flash storage to be able to compete more effectively. The problem is that these solutions frequently come with a premium price tag  – especially as non-volatile memory express
Optimizing Efficiency for the Multi-Cloud World - Dell Technologies World 2019 Primary Storage Updates The storage strategy for the modern enterprise, at its core, centers on getting the right data to the right user at the right time. However, this is a difficult task that requires the
The Next Generation of HCI: Intelligent Management and Multi-Cloud Support - Dell Technologies World Hyperconverged Infrastructure Briefing Note Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is quickly spreading across core and edge data center environments. As it moves beyond the point use cases like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) hosting, greater solution flexibility is needed because
Cutting Through Multi-Cloud Complexity – Dell Technologies World Cloud Briefing Note - Multi-cloud is a necessity. To meet varying cost and privacy requirements, data and workloads must exist and be able to traverse across on-premises private clouds that exist in core and edge data centers, as well as externally hosted off-premises infrastructure-as-a-service
More Efficient Enterprise File Data Storage and Collaboration – CTERA Briefing Note - The modern enterprise is highly distributed geographically, employs a range of in-office and remote workers, and is generating and using file data at an unprecedented pace. Legacy network-attached storage (NAS), or “filer” arrays were not designed to provide the levels
Backup-as-a-Service for Legacy and Modern Infrastructure – Tributary Systems Briefing Note - Object storage stands to unlock cost-effective archive and disaster recovery, but most object storage systems can’t keep up with the pace that backup applications can send data to them. Another pain point is that some mission-critical applications may need to
Validating the Developing Standards of NVMe – University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory Briefing Note - The non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage controller interface continues extending into the data center, on the back of growing requirements for new levels of application performance acceleration. NVMe is typically deployed as direct-attach storage via a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
How to Backup Google Cloud SQL – HYCU Briefing Note - Each of the major cloud providers, Amazon, Google and Azure, provide SQL as a service. While these providers offer data protection, that protection is more for high availability (HA) rather than backup. Most cloud providers leverage replication to protect against

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