Product Briefings

Open Software Defined Storage Becomes Enterprise Ready – SUSE Enterprise Storage Update - Software Defined Storage vendors claim “no vendor lock-in” as one of their mantras. While these solutions do allow the intermixing of various vendor hardware, the organization adopting the SDS solution is hopelessly locked into the SDS vendor from a software
Building Smarter, Simpler Storage Networks – Cisco Storage Networking Briefing Note - Storage architectures are becoming increasingly more complicated. There is more data coming from more applications. There are more users and developers. And there are more operational challenges as IT tries to maximize flash performance across multiple protocols. The storage network
Real Time SAN Analytics, No TAPs – Virtual Instruments & Cisco Briefing Note - Capturing real time analytics from the storage area network is important to optimizing the network. However, the rapid adoption of flash technology makes it even more critical. The problem is capturing information in real time typically involves using TAPs. A
Beating the VMware Tax – Maxta Briefing Note - The term VMware Tax was a derogatory description of a change in VMware licensing a few years ago that charged users based on the amount of vRAM they used. VMware, after public outcry, dropped that policy. The term is now
Is it time to Re-think Unstructured Data Protection and Retention? – Aparavi Briefing Note - Data is growing and most of that growth is unstructured data (machine data, files, images, etc …). That’s not surprising to any IT professional, but what is unnerving is the rate of that growth and the fact that the growth
Can You Backup a Nutanix Cluster to Amazon S3? – Comtrade Software Briefing Note - Data centers of all types are increasingly trying to figure out how to store backups in the cloud. VMware and Hyper-V customers have a variety of options for doing this, but Nutanix customers using the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) have historically
High Performance NAS in an Object World – Rozo Briefing Note - Object Storage dominates the unstructured data discussion. But many organizations need high performance NFS, SMB and even Apple’s AFP to meet the demand of various use cases in markets like M&E, Science, HPC and Oil and Gas. The more traditional
Look Before You Leap into DRaaS – Scale Computing Briefing Note - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solves a lot of problems for IT professionals trying to prepare their organizations to survive a disaster. At the same time, though, it also creates new challenges that need to be resolved prior to
NetApp Holds Annual Conference Amidst Mandalay Bay Shooting - If NetApp handles its business as well as it handled Insight 2017 – held in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas – NetApp will do just fine. The conference, held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, went
How to Develop a Holistic Cloud Data Management Strategy – Actifio Briefing Note - Many organizations have identified the public cloud as an important tool in their data protection and data management strategies. Vendors are quick to jump on this interest. The problem is most of the solutions vendors provide are fairly myopic and

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