NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Enterprise File Sync and Share Comes of Age – FileCloud Briefing Note - File sync and share is one of those IT initiatives that administrators would rather avoid and there are what seems to be viable alternatives in the consumer cloud. The challenge with letting users take matters into their own hands is
High Performance NAS in an Object World – Rozo Briefing Note - Object Storage dominates the unstructured data discussion. But many organizations need high performance NFS, SMB and even Apple’s AFP to meet the demand of various use cases in markets like M&E, Science, HPC and Oil and Gas. The more traditional
NetApp Holds Annual Conference Amidst Mandalay Bay Shooting - If NetApp handles its business as well as it handled Insight 2017 – held in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas – NetApp will do just fine. The conference, held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, went
Time To Control Unstructured Data – NTP Software File Reporter Briefing Note - IT professionals are tired of hearing that the growth of unstructured data is out of control. While attempting to curtail its growth is a noble cause, what IT really needs is the ability to control and manage it. Gaining control
Fix Files or Move To Objects – Qumulo Briefing Note - Object storage has been getting a lot of attention lately. This new way of storing data does not require the old metaphors of volumes and folders. Data is stored in a flat architecture and then each object (file) is assigned
Understanding The AWS Storage Portfolio – Amazon Briefing Note - Amazon Web Services (AWS) support a large number of use cases, ranging from high transactional applications to analytic processing applications, as well as backup and archiving solutions. As vendors and data centers decide on how they will use Amazon they
How to Leverage AWS or Azure Object Storage For Cloud Hosted Applications - Many organizations are looking to move their applications to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Part of the challenge is how to integrate the organization’s applications with native cloud storage protocols. Instead of re-writing existing applications from
Is There A Safe Place for Prosumer Data? – Morro Briefing Note - Prosumers and small businesses sometimes create significant amounts of data that are the lifeblood of their business. Examples include (but certainly aren’t limited to) photographers, videographers, healthcare clinics, as well as architecture and CAD design firms. Even hobbyists in these
Solving Today’s Problems With A Cloud Future – Elastifile FMS Briefing Note - The term “cloud first” comes up often in IT circles these days. It’s a concept that calls for each new application an organization is bringing online, IT should consider the “cloud first” as a place to host that application. It
Adding Object Storage Capabilities To NAS – iXsystems Briefing Note - Object storage is rising in popularity in data centers of all sizes. While many object storage vendors try to position it to be a replacement for NAS, doing so requires the vendor to provide some form of emulation so the

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