Case Study

Case Study

Healthcare Provider leverages All-Flash to Power VDI and Improve Patient Care - VDI projects are some of the most challenging and demanding infrastructure projects today; especially on the storage system. Meeting VDI storage performance demands are particularly critical for healthcare organizations because if a doctor or nurse is waiting on IT infrastructure to do their job that also means that a patient is waiting, one that might need critical care. In this case study we speak with a large healthcare provider that is leveraging All-Flash to meet the demands of VDI in Healthcare.
Hybrid Flash Array Enables Local Government to Answer the Storage Performance Call - When virtualized applications experience performance problems, the complaints are always forwarded to IT administrators like Fritz Gielow. Fritz is the storage administrator for the County of Nevada in California, and he was having those “calls” come in too often. A
StorageSwiss sits down with MLB Network’s Asset Management group - Case Study – Major League Baseball’s 24/7 Cable TV Network Pushes IT to Extremes Major League Baseball (MLB) has been around since 1869. The first televised game was in 1939 and 70 years later, MLB Network was launched on January
Vidant Health Leverages Flash to think differently about Healthcare Data Management - Most first time all-flash array buyers make the leap to solid state performance because they have hit a performance wall. While Vidant Health was certainly ready for a performance upgrade, late last year their immediate concern was capacity and security.
Service Provider Counts on XtremIO to Expand Business - Case Study: First National Technology Services Managed Service Providers (MSP) face an enormous challenge, they have to provide IT services at a cost and quality better than the customers they are trying to attract while fending off competitive pressures from
All-Flash Case Study: The Clutch Group – 85% Faster Apps - Which came first, the Success or the Flash? It is said that success breeds success, but sometimes success breeds flash which then breeds more success. This was the case for Litigation Consulting and Compliance firm, The Clutch Group. After landing
All-Flash in Real Life: CMA – XtremIO Database Consolidation Case Study - Executive Summary When it comes to business transformation, numbers matter. For CMA, a leading healthcare application service provider for Medicaid payments systems processing and data analytics, the integration of EMC XtremIO led to a transformation of their workloads, their infrastructure,
Object Storage Industry Veteran Cleversafe now Supports Hadoop - OBS has been a hot topic of late, and rightly so, it’s a technology whose time has come. The advantages it brings to companies facing extreme data growth, often referred to as ‘hyper-scale’ environments, are pretty remarkable. Basically, object storage
How Does Shutterfly Keep 80PB of Pictures Safe and Available? - Shutterfly is the market leader in digital, personalized photo products, currently serving millions of customers who benefit from unlimited, secure (and free) storage, plus a 100 percent happiness guarantee. They help customers turn their pictures into lasting keepsakes, such as
Online Analytics Company Leverages Isilon’s Scale Out Storage for Big Data and Virtualization - One of the big challenges faced by today’s data center is dealing with the mixed workloads that applications like analytics, back-office operations and server virtualization present to the storage infrastructure. In many instances IT professionals are faced with having to

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