Is it Time for All-Flash Backups? - Businesses today are all about “agile.” For storage professionals, this means delivering ultra-low latency alongside high throughput and high input/output (I/O) operations per second (IOPS) to accelerate mission-critical application performance as much as possible. All-flash storage arrays have solidified their
What’s Changing in Backup Software? - Today’s business environment is always-on and can tolerate no delays, and data is at the heart of these requirements. Data must be accessible the moment it is needed. At the same time, business analytics and regulations such as the California
How to Make One Thousand Snapshots Useful - Almost every modern storage system claims to support “thousands” of snapshots of production data without impacting performance. While some of the lack of performance impact claims have proven to be suspect, there is little doubt that today’s storage solutions support
Worried About Meeting Disaster Recovery SLAs? Consider These Capabilities - Data protection infrastructures face tremendous pressure. Copy data is growing even faster than production data as businesses create copies to support analytics, test and development, and other important initiatives. Copy data also needs to be retained for longer periods of
You Will be Breached – What’s Next for Recoverability? - As ransomware variants grow in number and sophistication, it is practically inevitable that enterprises will be breached. Users are becoming more aware, but eventually there will be some users in the enterprise that click on something they shouldn’t. At the
Cloud Endpoint Protection: Potential Pitfalls to Avoid - Backing up endpoint data is no longer a nice-to-have. Leaving endpoints unprotected leaves critical enterprise data vulnerable to malware, deletion, theft or corruption, and to running afoul of data privacy regulations. This can quickly result in a tarnished brand reputation,
Tired of Backup Storage Capacity Planning? Look to the Cloud - As recently discussed by Stephen Aldous, Principal Product Manager for Carbonite, and George Crump, Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, backup purchases are difficult to budget for and are often an afterthought. Additionally, backup infrastructure typically jumps from periods of underutilization, to
How to Avoid Cloud Backup Pitfalls - Data protection becomes more challenging as enterprises become more distributed. Data is distributed across core and edge data center environments, and on and off-premises applications and infrastructure resources. This data must be readily accessible by users regardless of their location
Three Key Steps to Endpoint Protection - In a world where data is only becoming more critical to the business, many enterprises look over the fact that endpoints are the weak link when it comes to data protection and availability. Data does not only live in the
How to Modernize Your Backup Software - Backup software vendors are taking great strides to adapt their software to accommodate new recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) pressures that increasingly require restoring data immediately and with zero data loss. For example, vendors are investing

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