IT Needs A Different Reason To Buy Tape - With the release of LTO-8 Tape media and hardware vendors are once again boasting about how affordable it is to store data on tape. With a compressed capacity of 30TB per tape, they are right in doing so. At Storage
Amazon RE:Invent is for Storage Professionals - Amazon RE:Invent is right around the corner, and Storage Switzerland will be there for the first time shooting our famous ChalkTalk Videos and attending various analyst meetings and vendor briefings. Amazon AWS’ various storage offerings deserve serious consideration for storage
Why is Data Protection Still an Art? - Data protection has been a key data center practice for as long as there have been data centers. It would seem that by now the art of data protection would be a science and that every operating system or environment
How Can DRaaS Backup Performance Be Different? - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a great way for an organization to start its cloud journey, and the first part of that journey starts with a backup. Data has to get to the cloud before it can be
What Is The Best Way to Tier Within The Cloud? - The major public cloud storage providers now all offer multiple tiers of storage. Like in the data center each successive tier becomes less expensive per GB. But unlike the data center it becomes more costly per access. IT should look
How to Use Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage for Object Storage Backup - An on-premises object storage solution is a versatile data platform for enterprises that can be used to archive old data to and used as a backup target and even replace some NAS use cases. But one of the challenges with
Is Recovery in the Cloud the New Standard - The cloud is increasingly becoming the disaster recovery option of choice. In fact, it’s really hard to argue with the cost and functionality available from the various cloud vendors that are available today. Recovering to the cloud seems even better
How to Archive Video and Audio But Still Find it – Archive360 Briefing Note - This week at Microsoft Ignite, the Azure team announced it added some interesting features to its object storage platform that dramatically increase the value of storing data in the Azure cloud. These features are just now beginning to appear in
How Are Backup Software Products Responding to Ransomware? - Backup software products are starting to adopt anti-ransomware features – and that’s a good thing. Ransomware has clearly expanded beyond consumers and is regularly attacking businesses and government entities. But not every backup company is convinced this is a problem
The Importance of Cloud DRaaS Performance - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solves a lot of IT challenges, especially when trying to meet the organization’s need for a DR strategy. As a result, there is a glut of solutions in the market. Situations like Hurricane Harvey

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