Three Things Missing From Your Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution - Many organizations are considering switching to a cloud backup solution to meet their data protection needs. Cloud backup promises to reduce the data protection headache by reducing the investment in on-premises infrastructure. And while cloud backup does provide almost automatic
Using the Cloud to Improve Compliance - The modern era of stricter compliance regulations and more privacy savvy consumers changes the backup and disaster recovery paradigms. It necessitates that enterprises obtain a complete, centralized and searchable data repository – as well as more sophisticated risk monitoring, management
Does Microsoft Office 365 Need to be Protected? - It is increasingly common for enterprises to offload mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange to cloud service providers; in fact, Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (SaaS)-delivered Office 365 revenue has surpassed its conventional Office revenue since the fourth quarter of 2017, pointing to
Cloud Storage: More Than Your Digital Dumping Ground - Enterprises are dealing with an onslaught of data that is being generated outside of a traditional, centralized data center. Simply put, data is everywhere, being generated in an expanding number of branch and remote offices, by a growing number of
Keep Your Disaster Recovery Budget in Check with Object Storage - Storage managers face the paradox of needing to store seemingly unlimited pools of data for business analytics and compliance, and at the same time enabling recovery of Tier One applications instantaneously and with zero data loss. Against this backdrop, a
Fixing the Hybrid Cloud Storage Problem with InfiniteIO - Fixing the Hybrid Cloud Storage Problem requires an understanding of how organizations intend to use it. First, most organizations continue to use on-premises storage to support their applications and users. Second, these organization’s data centers have multiple storage systems in
Object Storage: Two Critical Capabilities To Look For - Unstructured data continues to grow exponentially in volume, and it is playing a strategic role in fueling business intelligence and analytics. As discussed in a previous Storage Switzerland blog, object storage has emerged as a solution well able to address
Fixing Hybrid Cloud Storage - Hybrid Cloud Storage is ideal for most organizations seeking to reduce the cost of their storage infrastructure and to leverage computing resources in the cloud. The problem in fully enabling a hybrid cloud storage strategy is the latency between on-premises
In Memoriam – Jon Toigo – The Master of Disaster - Last week a legend in backup, disaster recovery, and data storage passed; Jon Toigo. My first foray into storage was thanks to Jon. His 1989 book on disaster recovery launched me into the world of data protection and high availability.
Balance Standardization and Flexibility to Optimize DRaaS - The need for disaster recovery is growing as always-on data availability becomes necessary for business continuity. For many organizations, bypassing the expense and hassle of purchasing, deploying and managing dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure through outsourced disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) makes sense.

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