The Importance of Cloud DRaaS Performance - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solves a lot of IT challenges, especially when trying to meet the organization’s need for a DR strategy. As a result, there is a glut of solutions in the market. Situations like Hurricane Harvey
How Does DRaaS Protect End-Users? - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is becoming one of the most popular methods for data centers to not only solidify their disaster recovery strategies, it is all becoming a go to method for general data protection. It provides quick,
What is a End-User Data Management Strategy? - Users are more mobile than ever and while devices like tablets and smartphones are commonplace, most road warriors get most of their work done on laptops. A lot of the data on these laptops is unique and is never stored
Preparing for Recovery - Most of the time IT spends focusing on disaster recovery planning is actually spent on protection, making sure data is being copied to a secondary storage system and a secondary site either by backup or replication. Some advanced recovery planners
Do You Need to Retain End-User Data? - An end-user data strategy for most organizations begins and ends with data protection. Certainly the ability to backup and recover user devices is critical and the most high profile component of the strategy, but retention of end-user data may be
How DRaaS Can Help Data Center Modernization - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions are an ideal way for organizations to address their need to recover from a disaster. But DRaaS solutions can also help organizations with data center modernization – efforts like storage refreshes, server upgrades,
The Endpoint is The Data Center - The data center is no longer the “center” of data. As much as 40% of data is now outside the data center on user devices (endpoints) and in cloud-based applications. The workforce is no longer tied to a specific office
What’s Next in Storage: Cloud to Cloud Data Movement - The writing’s on the wall. Eventually almost every organization will use cloud storage in one form or another. While the use cases may range from production applications to backup, the economics may be too appealing for an organization not to
Finding Object Storage’s Missing Link - Object storage is an excellent secondary tier of storage. It can drive down the cost of storage, improve the quality of data retention and ensure that data is safe in the event of a disaster. Unlike other forms of storage,
Speed is Critical For Ransomware Recovery - Speed of recovery from any disaster is always important, but it is most critical in terms of recovering from a ransomware attack. Most ransomware fees are typically a few thousand dollars, and are rarely more than $20,000. For the organization,

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