NAS vs. The Unstructured Data Vault - There are two primary use cases for NAS. The first demands high performance when using NAS as primary storage to host application data and virtual machines. Modern NAS systems address this use case. The second, and more common, use is
A 3 Step Cloud Storage Strategy - The desired final step of a cloud strategy is to use the services available in the cloud to the fullest extent possible. The problem is for most organizations the first step, leveraging the cloud for backup or archive, which typically
Do You Still Need a Dedicated Backup Server? - For over a decade the classic data protection architecture included a server whose sole purpose was to receive data from endpoints. This server was responsible for pulling data from the endpoints or receiving data from the endpoints. It might also
Using DRaaS For Test-Dev - Almost every data center needs to test operating system updates and new code releases. A DRaaS solution can meet the need. The problem is these testing needs require a copy of the server being tested with a most recent copy
How to Find Good Backup Software Support - A vendor’s support of their backup application is an important priority for IT to understand as it looks for potential new backup solutions. Enterprise backup is unlike any other application in the data center. At some point in the backup
Why Do Primary Storage Providers Resist the Public Cloud? - Public cloud storage is highly scalable and very cost effective. It also happens to be located next to an almost infinite supply of compute. Why then do most primary storage vendors pretend the resource doesn’t exist? The answer is quite
Three Steps To Ending The Data Protection Nightmare - Live Event Steak and Storage, Houston Texas, January 16th 2018 Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of organizations feel their data protection processes can’t be counted on for consistent, rapid recovery of data. Instead of trying to band-aid the problem,
Optimizing Amazon EBS with S3 - Primary storage vendors have been slow to integrate the public cloud into their solutions. Most pretend the public cloud doesn’t exist and even the vendors that do provide some level of integration to use the cloud only as a giant
How To Solve The Three Biggest Backup Problems; Part One Increasing Backup Frequency - “It’s all about recovery” is a favorite mantra of backup marketing material. The truth is that it is not all about recovery. In fact, it is easy to make a case that recovery is the easy part. The actual backup
Analysis of Actifio’s Results in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities of Data Center Backup and Recovery - The definition of backup is always changing. Backed up files or databases were typically put into some type of container, such as tar. When backups started being stored on disk, the tradition of putting backed up data into a container

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