Why Not Build Ransomware Proof Storage? - The best way to protect an organization from a ransomware attack is at its source, primary storage. Ransomware works by compromising a user account and then encrypting all the files that the account can access. A compromised superuser account is
Should Experts Convince You to Pay for Ransomware? - I may be an analyst for Storage Swiss now, but for 30 years I’ve also been in the news business. So with the emergence of “WannaCry” I’m seeing my two worlds collide. And it’s no surprise it’s over ransomware. We’ve
How Do You Stop WannaCry? - Preventing the WannaCry attack is simple. Update Windows. Stopping the next ransomware attack may take more prevention steps. WannaCry leverages exploits that were made public when hackers revealed on April 14 a list of exploits that were allegedly developed by
How Do Disk Backup Appliances Scale? - Eventually most organizations will run out of backup storage, so understanding how backup storage scales is critical to creating a long term data protection strategy. It is not as simple as just converting to a scale-out architecture because deduplication adds
How To Beat Ransomware But Not Your Budget - The solution to ransomware is real-time data protection. The moment data changes it needs to be copied to a secondary storage system and sequestered from primary storage. Then, if a ransomware virus attacks, the last known good copy can be
How Can Object Storage Recall as fast as Primary Storage? - How can a cost effective, low cost object storage system also provide fast recalls? These systems are not typically designed for performance but IT professionals are told time and time again to archive to object storage because of its cost
How Next-gen HSM Solutions Complement Backup - Organizations need to backup their data, but if you view backup as a one-size-fits-all job, where all data is treated equally, you’re missing an opportunity for substantial cost savings. Ideally, you could tier storage and create an “active archive” that
Why Backups Can’t Protect Against Ransomware - Ransomware is a new type of threat. As a result it needs a new type of defense. The reason is simple: Backups are not enough to protect against ransomware. They are increasingly victims of the attack themselves, and they don’t
How Do You End Ransomware? - Here we go again. Friday, a ransomware attack hit the England’s National Health Care System. And according to sources they are paying! Once again we are rewarding bad behavior. The only way to end ransomware is to dry up its
Why Would a Service Provider Want Object Storage? - Object storage was built for the cloud; therefore, any company considering providing storage services for other companies will find object storage the best fit for that application. Other shared storage systems, such as NAS filers, simply do not compare when

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