Can Cloud Backup Reduce Backup Storage Costs? - One of the most expensive aspects of data protection is the cost of the storage that holds all of the copies of data. Backup storage capacity can be 10X or more the capacity of primary storage. Backup storage has a
Overcoming the Hybrid Cloud Storage Problem - Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS built their storage infrastructures on an object storage foundation that offered almost unlimited scale at extremely competitive prices. Object storage vendors adopted these architectures and made them more enterprise
Disaster Recovery Planning – How to Get from Good To Great - A “great” DR plan is one that addresses one of the biggest concerns that organizations have over the disaster recovery process. “Will it work?” Getting a copy of data to the cloud is the beginning of a great DR plan
High Availability vs. Instant Recovery - All applications in a data center are critical to some degree, and while there are a few applications that are mission-critical, most applications can be down for at least a few minutes without seriously impacting the organization. The problem is
Why Data Management is Failing - Data management companies are struggling to gain adoption. These companies offer to save customers money by moving data to the most appropriate tier of storage based on current needs. The thought is to have only a small fraction of data
How to Improve Recovery Confidence - Almost every recent survey done on the state of backup indicates a very low level of confidence in an organization’s ability to recover in the event of a disaster. There are three reasons for this result. First, the management may
How to Protect a Global VMware Environment - Most enterprises have not virtualized their data center; they have virtualized their data centers (plural). The software most organizations choose as their virtual foundation is VMware. Protecting a multi-site VMware environment has unique challenges that IT needs to address. Three
Six Things Your Boss Needs To Know About DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), the ability to outsource an organization’s recovery site, typically to the cloud, is rapidly gaining in popularity. The executive team may assume the solution can do no wrong and encourage IT professionals to pursue
White Paper: Is Your DR Plan Ready for 2018? - When was the last time you looked at your disaster recovery plan? The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to review it and make sure it is ready for changes within your data center, and changes to
Why Don’t Cloud Backup Solutions Leverage Cloud Compute? - The first iterations of cloud backup solutions were designed primarily to protect individual consumer laptops. Those solutions evolved and eventually were scaled to protect an organization’s laptops. The next logical step was to use the cloud for server and virtual

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