The Impact of Application Sprawl on Protection Service Levels - In our upcoming webinar “Application Explosion – Rediscovering the Lost Art of Service Levels” we will discuss how IT can successfully continue to set service levels in environments where the number of applications they need to support is growing every
The Rising Ransomware Threat Heightens Urgency for Endpoint Protection - The ransomware threat continues to grow – and this is indeed significant, as ransomware cost businesses $5 billion during 2017, according to Cisco. Many organizations that have been attacked are paying the ransom demanded, causing the number of attacks to
Revamping Your Endpoint Protection Strategy to Minimize Downtime and Data Loss - Endpoint protection threatens to be the Achilles heel of modern IT shops. The need to protect endpoints has been around for decades – but doing so remains largely painful, especially as enterprise mobility usage proliferates. Protecting hundreds or thousands of
Is the Ransomware Scare Over? - In 2017, Ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Locky made headlines as organizations worldwide were infected. Data protection vendors of all types went to work hardening their solutions and advancing them to help customers recover from the threat. However, ransomware attacks
Protecting Your Data Protection’s Blind Side – Endpoints - Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are how users get work done. A surprising amount of organizational data is stored exclusively on laptops, never touching data center storage. Endpoints are also on the front lines of business where they are the most
Disaster Recovery with Cloud as Primary Storage - The first blog in this series discussed initially using a Cloud as Primary Storage solution for data protection and then in the second blog in the series, transitioning to using the Cloud as Primary Storage to store production data. In
Re-setting the Bar for VMware Backups in the Cloud Era - In a world where IT is scrutinized based on the bottom line, it’s easy to deprioritize disaster recovery. Building out, refreshing and managing a dedicated infrastructure for disaster recovery requires significant capex investment and compounds the already heavy burden of
Designing Backups for Data Privacy and Ransomware - Two external factors are forcing organizations to rethink their backup process and how they store backup data. The first is the ever-increasing threat of ransomware, which encrypts production data forcing the customer to pay for a “key” to decrypt it.
Backup Endpoints So You Can Wipe Them - One of the best reasons to backup endpoints like laptops, tablets and smartphones has nothing to do with restores, it has to do with deletion. Endpoints are the most vulnerable to theft. They are left in airport security lines, Starbucks
How to Go All-In with the Cloud as Primary Storage - In our on demand webinar, “Eliminate Backups and Simplify DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage“, we discuss how IT can use the cloud as primary storage to improve their data protection process while dramatically reducing their investments in secondary storage. Since

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