Three Steps to Moving Legacy Backups to the Cloud - One of the significant challenges regarding data protection is managing its data set. Secondary storage tiers store five to ten times as much data as production data stores and can overwhelm the data center. IT planners are looking to cloud
The State of Disaster Recovery Planning - Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are supposed to be an organization’s playbook if they need to recover critical data center operations after a disaster. The issue is that in most organizations, the DRP is outdated if it exists at all. Disaster
Can Data Management be Done Better in the Cloud? - Backup, archive and managing secondary storage capacities are a constant thorn in IT’s side. Backup is often a disaggregated mess, and IT doesn’t have time to implement archiving. Secondary storage capacities, thanks to initiatives like IoT and next-generation applications, threaten
What is a Recovery Capabilities Assessment? - Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is a long and arduous process. The process of creating and even updating a disaster recovery plan is the primary reason that most plans, if they exist, are woefully out of date. In the event of
What is Tape as a Service? - Tape should be a critical component of every data center. As a medium, it is cost effective and easy to transport. It also provides diversity as an offline alternative media choice to hard disk based technology. The problem is that
What Type of Cloud Provider Do You Need? - IT’s impression of the cloud has evolved over the past few years. Most IT professionals see the cloud not as a competitor but as another tool in the IT toolbox. Like any other tool, when used in the right circumstances
Mergers and Data Protection – The Cost of Doing Nothing - One of the most significant challenges when two organizations merge is what to do with the data protection process. In all likelihood, before the merger, each organization had its data protection practices and policy. The overwhelming tendency is to do
How to Fix Broken Backup - The single biggest challenge facing backup, ironically has nothing to do with backup. Backup’s biggest challenge is the pace at which the organization evolves and the speed at which it expects IT to keep pace with that evolution. Combine that
Why Scale-Out Architectures Break Backup - In a recent blog, we discussed how scale-up architectures break backup, forcing customers into expensive and disruptive forklift upgrades. Scale-out architectures are the logical solution to the scale-up challenge. But, scale-out architectures create problems of their own. IT planners need
Why Endpoints Break Backup - According to several recent studies, about 30% to 40% of an organization’s data is stored uniquely on endpoints (laptops and devices). This unique data is not stored or backed up anywhere in the data center, and is outside of the

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