Finding Object Storage’s Missing Link - Object storage is an excellent secondary tier of storage. It can drive down the cost of storage, improve the quality of data retention and ensure that data is safe in the event of a disaster. Unlike other forms of storage,
Speed is Critical For Ransomware Recovery - Speed of recovery from any disaster is always important, but it is most critical in terms of recovering from a ransomware attack. Most ransomware fees are typically a few thousand dollars, and are rarely more than $20,000. For the organization,
Why Windows File Server Archive ROIs are Broken - Windows file server archiving is the process of getting all the old data off of an organization’s Windows file servers and moving them to some less expensive form of storage. The concept has been around almost since there were Windows
Does The Cloud Need Backup? - There is no such thing as the cloud; there is only somebody else’s computer. Data stored in the cloud (i.e. on someone else’s computer) needs to be protected just like data stored on your own computer. No one would question
Ransomware Protection Requires Different Protocols - The core server component of most modern backup applications run on Windows. Unfortunately, Windows is also the primary target of ransomware attacks. While there are incidents of attacks on Linux or Macs, ransomware creators are going to go for the
What Should MSPs Do After Backup? - Managed service providers are invaluable leading organizations to the cloud. But most excel in one area; backup. Some MSPs are adding disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). But there are two other areas where data centers (potential customers) continue to
How To Design a Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Plan - Server Failure, Storage System Failure and Data Center Failure are all forms of disaster that will impact the Hyper-V environment. Now IT planners should add ransomware to that list. How does the Hyper-V Administrator design a disaster recovery plan? Disaster
Why is Operational Recovery Needed? - The reason backup strategies exist is to ensure operational continuity after someone makes a mistake, purposefully corrupts data, or hardware or software component runs afoul. Operational recovery is the day-to-day reason you backup data. It is the recovery of specific
How to Prepare for the Next WannaCry - WannaCry was a wakeup call. New ransomware strains are now appearing every week because ransomware is a profitable “business.” There will be another attack and the chances of your organization being infected are high. The time is now to take
Testing is the Key to Ransomware Success - IT’s goal should be to never pay a ransom as a result of a ransomware attack. To achieve that goal requires prevention, preparation and practice. Unfortunately, practice is the element most overlooked but potentially the most critical. Why Ransomware Testing

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