Is the Cost of Switching Backup Solutions Worth the Cloud Gains? - Organizations look to change data protection software for a variety of reasons. Two of the most popular involve the cloud; cloud backup storage and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). There are many problems though with switching software and the
Protection Service Levels – Sometimes OK is OK - In my last blog “The Problem with Gold-Only Data Protection Service Levels” we looked at how to design a gold service level for data protection and what the pros and cons of that approach are. In this entry, we look
Overcoming the Latency Hurdle – Hybrid Cloud Storage Workarounds - When organizations attempt to create a hybrid cloud storage architecture to manage costs better and ease on-premises storage requirements they face a significant hurdle, dealing with the latency between on-premises storage and cloud-based storage. The transfer of files between these
The Hybrid Cloud Storage Problem - Public Cloud Storage solves many of the challenges facing IT planners as they try to address the rampant growth of data within their data centers. Storing this ever growing quantity of data is causing problems for both primary and secondary
What’s Hot in 2019 – Object Storage - Object Storage is a storage technology that IT planners should include in their plans for 2019. The headline feature of object storage is incredibly low-cost storage that scales to meet almost any capacity demand. It’s true that object storage is
The Problem with Gold-Only Data Protection Service Levels - A recent Storage Switzerland webinar dealt with the impact of the massive increase in the number of applications that data centers support on the data protection architecture. How does IT apply the right level of protection, set service levels, for
Embracing Cloud Storage Services for Data Durability and Availability - Legacy storage architectures are notoriously expensive and complex. Factor in the blazing pace at which data growth is accelerating, alongside rising pressure from the business for ubiquitous and always-on data availability, and a new nightmare is brewing for IT –
Have We Reached VMware Backup Parity? - There was a time not too long ago where the state of VMware backups was bad. It was so bad in fact that entirely new companies emerged to address the problem. These companies took the approach of ignoring the then
Bored with Ransomware? Good it is Not the Primary Problem - There has been a lot, too much maybe, discussion about ransomware and its impact on business. Ransomware is a threat but it is only one of the reasons organizations should protect user endpoints and servers. In a recent Storage Switzerland
Object Storage Vs. The Public Cloud – Friend or Foe - In today’s webinar, “2019 Storage Strategies Series – What’s Your Plan for Object Storage?” one of the key points of discussion will be about the cloud. Most cloud providers have a tier of storage built from object storage so is

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