How to Backup a cPanel Website to Google Cloud Storage - This blog post is part of a multi-part series. Before reading this blog post, make sure you take a look at my previous post, How to Backup a cPanel Website. You might also want to look at How to Backup
What’s Wrong with DRaas? - Many people feel DRaaS is the next wave in data protection. Just like flash solves so many problems in the primary storage world, DRaaS solves a ton of problems in the backup and DR worlds. And it does all that
Do AWS VMs Need to be Backed Up? - I’m amazed at how often the question of backing up virtual machines running within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure comes up. The short answer is, “absolutely!” Thinking that your VMs in AWS do not need backups is a surefire
What are your Backup Storage Options? - When it came to selecting the storage target for an organization’s backups the choice was simple; tape. At the time, that is all there was. Now, though, there are an almost overwhelming number of options including fully integrated (including software)
How to Backup a cPanel Website to Amazon S3 - The latest version of cPanel backup has support for automatically backing up your website to multiple cloud providers. Before reading this blog post, make sure you take a look at my previous post, how to backup a cPanel website. Backing
Why do Hyper-V Backups Waste Space? - There are too many traditional backup products trying to tackle a nontraditional backup problem. As a result, they continue to use some of the old world backup techniques in the very new world of IT. These techniques waste storage space,
Can You Eliminate Downtime? – New White Paper - Achieving a zero or near-zero recovery point and recovery time objective requires planning. From a data perspective, IT needs to position the data in a ready state on the recovery system. The positioning or copying of data needs to happen either as,
Why Should You Not Use Your Backup as an Archive? - All of us at storage Switzerland preach that backup and archive are two different practices, and have been for probably more than 20 years. But to see the results of a survey during one of our recent webinars, you would
How to Backup a cPanel Website - cPanel is a web based hosting control panel used by many hosting providers. The program gives their customers a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of the Linux server. If you haven’t configured the backup of your
Can Your Server Survive a Fire or Flood? – ioSafe Briefing Note - My dad always said, “The best fight is one you don’t have.” In the same way, the best restore is one you never have to do. We all believe that, and we do our best to avoid every restore we

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