Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears in the design of information related to business technology The Value of NAS Integrated Backup in a Virtualized Environment - Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are widely used for storing virtual machine backups. What’s been lacking is a method to integrate the two workload types that many consider mutually exclusive: backup software and backup storage. The Advantage of On-Appliance Backup
Figure parts curtains of binary What is a Data Fabric? - When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is
Brexit uncertainty, future and economy, 3d rendering background What Backup Software Should I Use? – is the wrong question - The question of what backup software application should an organization use comes up all the time on the online forums I visit on LinkedIn and Spiceworks. The answer to that question typically come from vendors who, of course, say “Use
It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right - It’s very easy to find yourself far down the path of virtualization and forget something so trivial as backup. This is not a problem new to virtualization, as backup has often been on the sidelines in many people’s eyes. But
data-storage-network-data-server-and-comp-tech-b DR Ready Storage should be a Scalpel or a Saw? - A real disaster is the ultimate test of potentially years worth of planning. Disasters are unnerving because the IT professionals executing the recovery processes have the eyes of the entire organization and its customers on them. IT, which normally operates
3d-businessman-and-four-colorful-puzzle-pieces-b The Importance of Application Aware Snapshots - An application aware snapshot is one that is taken with the knowledge of an application that is storing its data on the volume. If you need a primer on snapshots, please see our previous blog on the subject. The taking
datarecoverybutton-b How Fast can you Recover in the Cloud? - Some say it’s possible to recover servers into the cloud so quickly – and perform in the cloud so well – no one will even notice that a recovery happened. But one should definitely not assume this will be the
Should I put a Backup Agent in my VM? Should I put a Backup Agent in my VM? - Few people would disagree with the statement that the best way to backup virtual machines is some type of agentless method. And yet, years after this practice became common we still find some people putting backup agents in their VM.
Watch On Demand What’s Your Biggest Backup Hardware Challenge? - The euphoria over disk backup appliances seams to be fading. It used to be that IT professionals were so happy to replace or augment tape that they didn’t look very deep into what the disk appliance was actually doing for
3d business people standing on the puzzle and make a handshake. 3d image. Isolated white background. DR Ready Storage should Complement Backup - A popular trend is to have data protection begin where the data begins – in primary storage. But the questions are: Should protecting your data be the responsibility of your primary storage product, or should there be a separation between

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