Why Cloud Backup Doesn’t Work for Enterprises and How to Fix it - Protecting the enterprise remains a big challenge facing data centers. Backup touches and interacts with almost every component of the data center, and in the enterprise where there are more of those components; the chance for failure is high. At
Making Primary Storage Fulfill the 3-2-1 Rule - The 3-2-1 rule states that an organization should have three copies of data on two different types of media, with IT storing one copy off-site and preferably offline. Traditionally, organizations count on the backup process to meet the 3-2-1 rule’s
How to Reduce the TCO of Data Protection Infrastructure - The growth of primary storage has an exponential effect on data protection infrastructure. Demands to protect data more frequently, recover faster and retain data longer promise to make the situation worse. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the data
Will Cloud Backup Really Reduce Your Backup Investment? - Organizations make significant investments in their infrastructure. As production data continues to grow, the exponential impact on backup storage threatens to deplete IT budgets. The cloud promises to reduce on-premises backup infrastructure but most solutions only use the cloud to
Does Your Backup Application Support VMware on AWS? - Amazon, through its VMware Cloud on AWC (VMC) service enables organizations to run VMware in Amazon AWS. Organizations can use the service for disaster recovery or to migrate applications to the cloud. The transfer between on-premises and VMC is seamless
Object Storage or NAS for File Sync and Share - The primary motivation behind using file sync and share used to be the “sync” component. Now, however, it is sharing. In an era where devices are almost always connected to the internet, syncing is less of a priority, although ubiquitous
The Top 5 Reasons VMware Backups Still Break - Lack of Auto-Discovery Lack of auto-discovery is an issue for most backup solutions. As virtual machines and physical hosts are constantly being added to a VMware environment, many backup applications can’t auto-discover them. This means a new VM can go
Securing Backups from Ransomware - Ransomware “developers” know that organizations are likely to count on their backups as a primary point of recovery if they are infected. As a result, these malware programs attempt to encrypt or disrupt backup operations. Other cyber attacks may even
Refining Your GDPR Strategy – Addressing User Data - The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline for implementation has come and gone. Many organizations have achieved a basic level of compliance, so now is the time to dig deeper, tie up loose ends and try to simplify
Three Steps to Moving Legacy Backups to the Cloud - One of the significant challenges regarding data protection is managing its data set. Secondary storage tiers store five to ten times as much data as production data stores and can overwhelm the data center. IT planners are looking to cloud

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