Three Key Steps to Endpoint Protection - In a world where data is only becoming more critical to the business, many enterprises look over the fact that endpoints are the weak link when it comes to data protection and availability. Data does not only live in the
How to Modernize Your Backup Software - Backup software vendors are taking great strides to adapt their software to accommodate new recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) pressures that increasingly require restoring data immediately and with zero data loss. For example, vendors are investing
5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities – Requirement 3: Flexible Recovery - On-premises backup infrastructure is expensive and cumbersome to manage. At the same time, many enterprises are rapidly running out of available data center floorspace. As discussed on a recent Storage Switzerland webinar with Carbonite, cloud storage services offer a path
Considering Adopting DRaaS? Look for a Comprehensive Software Tool - Disaster recovery is one of the most appealing use cases for the cloud. Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) enables the business to avoid the investment of building and managing a separate data center that must perform up to par with production systems,
5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities – Requirement 2: Complete Platform Coverage - The agility and utility-based cost structure of the cloud makes it an appealing backup target that can help storage managers to keep pace with today’s modern insights and privacy-driven world. However, many cloud backup solutions fall short when it comes
The Requirements of a Modern Data Protection Architecture - Previously, Storage Switzerland wrote about the challenges of trying to meet modern data protection requirements with legacy technologies, including the inability to scale-out and limited cloud integration. We also discussed the pros and cons of new backup appliances and converged
Why Current Data Protection Architectures Miss the Mark - In response to the increased need for rapid recovery, longer data retention and the desire to support the cloud for vaulting and disaster recovery, alternative solutions are appearing on the market to try and correct the shortcomings of legacy architectures.
Is Your Data Protection Architecture Holding You Back? - In most organizations the data protection architecture has gone unchanged for almost a decade. It’s true that certain components within the architecture change because of technological advances or forced refreshes but the basic design remains the same. The challenge with
Using the Cloud for Backup and Data Protection Modernization - One of the problems created by the modern insights economy and era of strict data privacy regulations is the fact that backup data is growing even faster than production data, and that it also must be retained for longer periods
What is an Endpoint Strategy? - By and large, endpoints (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are the core vehicle through which employees complete their work every day. These endpoints are also highly susceptible to malware, theft, loss, damage and accidental data deletion – creating a significant business

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