Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

How to Get On-Premises NAS Performance with Cloud Storage - Unstructured data is a big problem for IT professionals. They have to wrestle with serving, storing, protecting and retaining all the information within that unstructured data set. Legacy NAS solutions simply can’t keep up. Cloud storage seems like an ideal
The Requirements for Modern Unstructured Data Protection - Unstructured data presents two challenges that organizations need to deal with; the sheer volume of data and the quantity of files in the data sets. Storing this data is a problem in and of itself, but protecting it is an
Why Do Point Products Break Backup - One of the most alarming trends in data protection is the number of different solutions data centers are deploying and managing so they can keep up with the organization’s recovery expectations and budget realities. The demands for rapid recovery are
Why Virtualization STILL Breaks Backup - With the broad adoption of server virtualization by data centers, it became apparent that protection of the new environment was very inadequate. Organizations faced in-guest protection or very fragile off-host architectures. As adoption continued, VMware and others made significant strides
Developing a Comprehensive Data Migration Strategy - Many organizations are working on a cloud data migration strategy. The problem is just working on a cloud migration strategy is too narrow and shortsighted. The cloud is not a single destination. There are multiple cloud providers and it is
Why the Cloud Breaks Backup - For organizations that realize their backups are broken, the cloud appears to be an appealing way out of the mess. The problem is most legacy backup applications don’t have integrated cloud support, so leveraging the cloud either requires a bolt-on
Why Backup Breaks and How to Fix it - For most organizations backup, the process of regularly and consistently protecting production data, is fundamentally broken. As a result, these organizations have very little confidence in IT’s ability to recover data at all, let alone promptly. To try to fix
New Whitepaper: Understanding Cloud NAS Architectures - When organizations first start to leverage cloud resources they typically try to use the cloud to solve their biggest problems first; data protection and unstructured data management. The rapid and unprecedented growth of unstructured data has made both of these
Unstructured Data Protection Should Integrate Archive - Backup and archive have always been on opposing ends of the data management spectrum. Conventional wisdom suggests that the two should never meet and cries of “backup is not archive” fill the air. The reality is, the “backup is not
Unstructured Data’s Compliance and Retention Gap - In most data centers, unstructured data now consumes more storage capacity than all of the organization’s structured data combined. Yet organizations still often treat unstructured data like a second-class citizen when it comes to data protection. Because of its size

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