Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

The Architectures behind Cloud Storage - Each of the major cloud providers deliver at least three different types of cloud storage; high performance, archive and cold storage. Each of these storage types share the pay-as-you-go cloud expectation but each differ in terms of cost and performance.
The Top 5 Reasons VMware Backups Still Break - Lack of Auto-Discovery Lack of auto-discovery is an issue for most backup solutions. As virtual machines and physical hosts are constantly being added to a VMware environment, many backup applications can’t auto-discover them. This means a new VM can go
Securing Backups from Ransomware - Ransomware “developers” know that organizations are likely to count on their backups as a primary point of recovery if they are infected. As a result, these malware programs attempt to encrypt or disrupt backup operations. Other cyber attacks may even
How is Storage IO Different for AI vs. HPC? - Most Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects start off as a skunkworks project that when ready for production is tossed over the wall for IT to handle. In many cases, IT tries to store the AI workload on an existing network attached
Cyber-Secure Storage Requires More Than Encryption - Encryption is a fundamental element of building a secure storage system, but organizations need more than just encryption. Encryption works when the outside attacker can’t authenticate themselves, but if the outside attacker can compromise a user or admin account, then
Current Data Protection Infrastructure Is Broken - Some of the more sizeable shifts in the data center include the move from Mainframes to Open Systems and network computing, the move to client-server computing, and the move to a virtualized server infrastructure. Each of these shifts spawned several
Do You Need to Protect Cloud-Native Applications? - One of the forgotten elements of migrating an application to the cloud is protecting that application and its data. There sometimes is an assumption that the cloud automatically protects itself and for natural disaster protection, that assumption is correct. Most
Should You Protect Unstructured Data Differently? - The focus of backup is now on unstructured data instead of databases. Indeed, protection of databases is as important as it ever has been, but the backup process is probably not the right way to protect that data. Organizations have
Refining Your GDPR Strategy – Addressing User Data - The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline for implementation has come and gone. Many organizations have achieved a basic level of compliance, so now is the time to dig deeper, tie up loose ends and try to simplify
What’s the Right Cloud for Enterprise Backup - Selecting a cloud backup solution also means selecting a cloud provider. For enterprises, cloud provider options range from the megacloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to small regional providers. Another decision for enterprises is in selecting

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