Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

How Data Management Protects Against Cyber-Attacks - The reason that file data is a prime target of ransomware attacks is that most file servers are full of juicy targets that organizations are willing to pay to get back. Payment is, after all, exactly what ransomware is all
Does Disk Based Backup Require Deduplication Anymore? - Hardware-based deduplication legitimized the concept of backing up to disk. But deduplication alone is no longer as important as it used to be. The problem with hardware-based duplication is the data must be transferred to the backup appliance prior to
How Can Object Storage Recall as fast as Primary Storage? - How can a cost effective, low cost object storage system also provide fast recalls? These systems are not typically designed for performance but IT professionals are told time and time again to archive to object storage because of its cost
Archiving is Useless Without Search - Managing data is a must have for large and small organizations. But if they can’t search that data the process is useless. When most IT professionals think of data management, they think of saving money. But that’s just the beginning.
Why is Encryption Key Ownership So Important? - When it comes to encryption, IT is constantly being told to “own the keys.” But why? Isn’t it OK if your provider owns the keys? Encryption keys are how you unlock encrypted data. Whoever or whatever owns the keys has
Enterprise File Sync and Share Panel Discussion - The mobile ”work from anywhere” workforce creates new challenges for IT. Users not only need to sync and share data, they need to have data protected and need efficient storage in remote offices. IT can no longer let users establish
Why Would a Service Provider Want Object Storage? - Object storage was built for the cloud; therefore, any company considering providing storage services for other companies will find object storage the best fit for that application. Other shared storage systems, such as NAS filers, simply do not compare when
How To Solve The Three Biggest HCI Adoption Challenges - Guaranteeing application performance, creating a cloud like consumption model and timing the simultaneous replacement of three data center architectures are the biggest hindrances to HCI adoption. Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) promise to simplify a data center, making it more cloud like.
Best Next Steps for the Hybrid Cloud - Companies that are deciding to leverage a hybrid cloud infrastructure have a number of options available to them that others do not. But since the concept of hybrid cloud is still so new, it’s not always obvious what the choices
How Does Saturday Night Live Use Object Storage? - Saturday Night Live (SNL) veteran Matt Yonks spoke about the show’s archival challenges at a special event hosted by Cloudian at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Matt has been with SNL for 19 years and is their Post Production

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