Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

2020 Will Be THE Year for NVMe-oF - Technology rarely has “a year.” In most cases, what is that technology’s year is the accumulation of previous years’ worth of work until one year pushes the technology over the top in terms of adoption. With that admission, 2020 will
Solving the Unstructured Data Protection Problem by Creating A Cloud Foundation - When organizations try to establish a cloud strategy, one of the challenges they face is where to begin. The problem is the cloud can do so much, like run applications, and provide advanced services and store data, to name just
Can Current Storage Infrastructure Meet the AI at Scale Demand? - In our last blog we covered the challenges that AI at scale creates for storage infrastructures. To support the coming wave of AI applications, storage infrastructures need to deliver a tremendous amount of storage capacity with the ability to retain
How and Why to Develop a Robust File Retention Strategy - Backup applications, generally speaking, store the data they protect for a given amount of time. Increasingly, the default setting for most organizations is forever. While we are not opposed to a forever retention strategy, long term retention should not be
Purpose-Built Backup is Not Just About Look and Feel - Purpose-built backup is backup software designed to protect a specific application, environment, or data set. An example of a purpose-built backup solution is HYCU Software’s Backup and Recovery, which initially focused on protecting Nutanix Acropolis, expanded to cover VMware ESX,
Purpose-Built versus Consolidated Backup - The number of data protection applications designed to back up a specific application or environment is increasing dramatically. These purpose-built backup applications have an almost unfair advantage over legacy solutions and customers seem more than willing to deal with the
Are Cloud Storage Tiers Making You Cry? - Moving data from one tier of storage to another to drive down costs is the foundation of data management but there comes a point when too many tiers is a problem, especially when each tier of storage comes with strings
Is it Time to Bring Back File by File Backup for Unstructured Data? - Unstructured data, more because of the sheer number of individual files than the capacity it consumes, creates challenges for IT professionals looking to protect it. To get around the problem of massive file growth many data protection software solutions have
The Problem with Image Backup for Unstructured Data - Unstructured data presents two challenges to the typical backup process. First, the overall volume of the data set can be the largest data set in terms of capacity that the backup application needs to protect. Second, and potentially more problematic,
Getting the Most Out of Cloud Storage for Backups - Most IT professionals want to use cloud storage in hopes of reducing on-premises backup infrastructure costs. While most on-premises backup software solutions claim cloud support, how they implement that support can vary significantly from vendor to vendor. Many backup software

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