Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Making the Hybrid Cloud Work for Media and Entertainment - The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is already taking advantage of the cloud, but most of the workflows have been rendering, simulation or other ephemeral use cases. The advantages of using the cloud for more permanent project tasks though should
Streaming Recovery vs. In-Place Recovery – Which is Better? - Server recovery from backup typically means copying data from the backup device over the network back to a production storage system or server. In addition to copying the data across the network, the backup software has to extract it from
Silos of Clusters – Is this the End Result of Data Center Modernization? - Applications like Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and TensorFlow typically operate on scale-out architectures built from dozens, if not hundreds of servers, which act as nodes in the application’s cluster. Many organizations now use a mix of these applications to derive the
New eBook: Hyperscale Performance, Is NVMe Enough? - Hyperscale architectures that support Elastic, Hadoop, and Kafka, often vary wildly between organizations and even within each organization. Each workload often needs its own cluster and IT teams are constantly trying new technology within those clusters, trying to improve performance.
The State of Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud - Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud tend to be the direction that most organizations are heading with their cloud strategy. The problem is the path to both of these cloud strategies is full of unexpected twists and turns. What is Hybrid-Cloud? While these
What is the State of Software Defined Storage? - Software Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts the storage software from the storage hardware. It sounds great on paper and looks great on the whiteboard but in execution it fails to impress. Storage Switzerland finds that the large majority of customers still
Backup Retention vs. Data Retention - A recent blog “Healthcare overspends on long term backup retention” by Veeam’s Jonathan Butz discussed how healthcare organizations are creating overly complex and expensive backup infrastructure because they are considering backup as part of their records retention policy. Butz is
What’s the Hole in Your Ransomware Protection Strategy? - Over on the Aparavi Blog, Vicki Grey cited a recent study by The Herjavec Group, which indicated that ransomware attacks are on the rise. The report also states that ransomware attacks hit businesses every 14 seconds in 2019, and will
Why Aren’t You Tiering Backup Data to the Cloud? - Organizations tend to treat all backup data the same. Generally, IT stores backup data on a relatively low performing, high capacity disk backup system. The problem is that this type of device doesn’t fit the restore requests that most IT
How Has Ransomware Changed Data Protection? - The ransomware threat can have a significant monetary impact on the business. Not only are enterprises forced to pay the ransom fee to recover their data, but under various government regulations they also may be charged additional fines per impacted

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