Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Using the Cloud for Backup and Data Protection Modernization - One of the problems created by the modern insights economy and era of strict data privacy regulations is the fact that backup data is growing even faster than production data, and that it also must be retained for longer periods
Will Your Workload Really Benefit from NVMe? - Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is arguably one of the most important new technologies to make its way into the data center, because it is capable of delivering the ultra-fast levels of performance that are required by a growing number of
Not Achieving the SSD Performance You Expected? Latency Outliers May Be the Issue - Delivering new levels of application performance at massive scale is a requirement for modern enterprises and cloud service providers. These organizations are frequently employing hyperscale architectures and solid-state disks (SSDs) to meet modern applications’ aggressive performance requirements. However, performance degradation
How to Design a Modern Architecture for Data Management and Data Protection - Today’s organizations look at data differently: It’s seen as an asset that can be mined to improve product creation and delivery as well as improve customer satisfaction. External forces also see data differently: Governments and customers expect organizations to maintain
How to Avoid the Storage Refresh - IT professionals look forward to storage refreshes as much as the look forward to a trip to the dentist. In fact, the dentist may be preferable. There are certainly times where storage needs to be upgraded but IT should do
What is an Endpoint Strategy? - By and large, endpoints (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are the core vehicle through which employees complete their work every day. These endpoints are also highly susceptible to malware, theft, loss, damage and accidental data deletion – creating a significant business
Using Metadata to Overcome “Data Blindness” - File data is growing so quickly that it is difficult for enterprise storage managers to keep up. A larger volume and greater variety of files is being stored across a range of locations and devices. At the same time, it
The Requirements of a Cloud-Like Experience for On-Premises Mission Critical Workloads - The cloud provides computing, networking and storage resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. IT resources become an operational expense. Most on-premises data center resources need to be purchased up front. IT resources are a capital expense. The challenge with purchasing hardware
What Is Inactive Data – And How Much of It Do You Really Have? - A recent study by Osterman Research found that two-thirds of storage decision makers at mid-sized and large enterprises believe that 50% of the total data that their organization is storing is inactive. This translates into the organization paying to archive
Agent or Provider? The MSP Conundrum - Managed Service Providers (MSP) have a decision to make, should they be an agent or a provider? Both choices have ramifications on the business both short term and long-term. Understanding the pros and cons of each model is critical in

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