Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup: Integrate or Rip and Replace? - An ideal use case for the cloud is for backup. It automatically creates an offsite copy; most cloud providers automatically replicate that backup to another cloud region, and now some providers offer disaster recovery services. One of the upfront challenges
Why Data Movement Breaks Data Management and How to Fix It - The primary goal of a data management strategy is to reduce storage costs. Achieving that goal requires that at some point data will have to move from primary storage to a less expensive secondary storage. The movement of data between
The Data Management Imperative vs. IT Reality - Data management is hard, and with the massive growth of data this task is becoming even more difficult. But, data growth is also making data management an imperative. Organizations need to figure out a way to better manage their data
What is Tape as a Service? - Tape should be a critical component of every data center. As a medium, it is cost effective and easy to transport. It also provides diversity as an offline alternative media choice to hard disk based technology. The problem is that
What Type of Cloud Provider Do You Need? - IT’s impression of the cloud has evolved over the past few years. Most IT professionals see the cloud not as a competitor but as another tool in the IT toolbox. Like any other tool, when used in the right circumstances
Mergers and Data Protection – The Cost of Doing Nothing - One of the most significant challenges when two organizations merge is what to do with the data protection process. In all likelihood, before the merger, each organization had its data protection practices and policy. The overwhelming tendency is to do
The Three New Requirements of Unstructured Data Protection - Unstructured data has been a part of the data center since there were data centers. However, over the last decade, unstructured data has fundamentally changed. What was once data consisting of office productivity documents created by users is now data
What is the Value of Hybrid Flash in an All-Flash Era? - When flash storage first became viable for the enterprise, it was also very expensive. Early devices where low in capacity as well. Hybrid systems overcame these two shortcomings by mixing hard disk and flash technologies. These systems added the capability
The Storage Problems That HCI Creates - Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI), as they scale, start to experience several storage challenges. HCI deals with any scaling requirement with a single move, adding a node. This additional node comes with CPU and Memory to meet the compute demand, flash storage
How to Fix Broken Backup - The single biggest challenge facing backup, ironically has nothing to do with backup. Backup’s biggest challenge is the pace at which the organization evolves and the speed at which it expects IT to keep pace with that evolution. Combine that

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