Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Top Four Data Analytics Challenges: Challenge 1: Business and IT Disconnect - Data analytics has become table stakes for competitive differentiation. As a result, businesses require their analytics-driven insights as quickly as possible. The reality is, however, that queries often take weeks or even months to complete. One of the key logjams
How to Prepare for Site-Wide Disasters - It used to be that natural disasters, such as major hurricanes, were arguably the worst thing that could happen to the enterprise from an IT continuity perspective. Practically speaking, nothing else could really result in a site-wide data center failure.
How to Avoid Cloud Pitfalls to Obtain an Infrastructure-Less Backup Strategy - Meeting requirements for infinite data retention and always-on business continuity is, practically speaking, not possible without using cloud resources in some way. On-premises backup and disaster recovery infrastructures are fraught with unpredictable costs and heavy operational overhead. At the same
How to Facilitate Rapid Recovery - It’s no secret that rapid recovery is a non-negotiable business requirement today. Very few applications can stand even moments of downtime, never mind hours. However, getting there requires multiple steps that are not always immediately clear. The first step to
How Do I Prepare for PCIe Gen 4? - 2019 will be the year that new CPUs and motherboards supporting the fourth generation of the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) interface (PCIe 4.0) will come to market – meaning that new storage systems using the interface are also on
Actifio Data Driven 2019 – What is Digital Transformation and How Do I Get There? - As an industry, we spend a lot of time talking about digital transformation and the need to harness data for competitive advantage. What we don’t spend enough time talking about is what that actually means in terms of business objectives,
Applying the 3-2-1 Backup Rule to Self-Protecting Primary Storage - Primary storage has two key functions, to deliver data as fast as possible to the applications and users requesting it, and to maintain data accessibility in the event of a hardware failure. Primary storage vendors have attempted to expand their
Understanding the Azure Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp - Most organizations approach the cloud without a formal strategy. They pick a pain point, like backup and disaster recovery, as a starting point with the hope of adding more services as they become more cloud savvy. What often happens, however,
What is a Cloud-Like Storage Experience for On-Premises Applications? - The public cloud is often described as “just a business model” that provides organizations with the ability to pay for storage and compute resources as they need them. If that were true then the public cloud providers could be easily
Key Security Features to Evaluate in Your Cloud Provider - Cloud storage services have evolved significantly in terms of their ability to provide data security, as well as their ability to comply with data privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer

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