Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

HYCU for Google Cloud Platform - HYCU for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a native Google Cloud service designed to protect applications running in the Google Cloud. The software is available directly from the Google Marketplace. Instead of developing its own mechanisms for protecting data, HYCU
Archive is Better than Backup - For decades data center best practices were to isolate backup and archive. “Backup is not archive” was the mantra. The reality is most data centers ignored the mantra and used their backup process for all of their data retention. Today,
Your Data Center is Talking to You – Can You Understand it? - Data centers not only store and process the organization’s data they also create a lot of data on their own. Every device in a data center is logging its actions and activity about what it’s doing, what is accessing it
Trusting and Testing DRaaS - Many organizations count on a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution to enable them to bounce back quickly if a disaster strikes their primary data center. DRaaS saves organizations the expenses associated with investing in and equipping a disaster
How to Go All-In with the Cloud as Primary Storage - In our on demand webinar, “Eliminate Backups and Simplify DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage“, we discuss how IT can use the cloud as primary storage to improve their data protection process while dramatically reducing their investments in secondary storage. Since
Is All-Flash Deduplication a Must Have? - In the early days of All-Flash Arrays (AFA) deduplication was a key catalyst for adoption. Server and Desktop virtualization environments benefited greatly from the technology because of the similarity between virtual machine images. The environments also didn’t have the same
How Aparavi Delivers GDPR Compliant Data Management, Privacy, and Protection - Data Privacy regulations like GDPR require that data be protected and managed differently than it has been in the past. Organizations need to prove they are protecting data, securing it, retaining it, and they need to, if a user requests
Can Storage Software Reduce the Cost of an All-Flash Array - Generally speaking, most All-Flash Arrays (AFA) increase performance by adding more processing power, more RAM and more drives. Adding more of any of these components also adds more cost. The only significant cost reduction method that most storage software solutions
What to Look for in Cloud Native Backup - Users and software vendors realize the importance of protecting cloud-native applications. While cloud providers generally do an excellent job of protecting applications from a disaster they don’t provide easy access to tools to provide point-in-time backups which are necessary to
The Dirty Little Secret about DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a game changer for many, cloud backup as a service providers. The service enables organizations to stand up instances of their mission critical applications in the provider’s cloud instead of recovering them across

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