Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Requirements for Unstructured Data at Petabyte Scale - Unstructured data is hard to manage. When an organization’s unstructured data assets cross the petabyte threshold, though, controlling the data set brings on an entirely new set of challenges. Most legacy network-attached storage (NAS) systems struggle to manage 100 terabyte
How Does Your 2020 DR Plan Need to Change? - With each passing year, disaster recovery changes. Most of the time, those changes relate to faster and faster recoveries, as well as protection from net threats like ransomware. In 2020 the pressure to recover even faster remains critical, but there
Disaster Recovery Workshop: Dealing with New Requirements, Expectations, and Threats - Disaster Recovery (DR) is changing, and DR plans need to change with it. Legislative bodies want companies to not only prove their ability to recover from a disaster, but they have specific guidelines as to how long that effort can
Overcoming HCI Transition Problems - As they consider a potential transition to a hyperconverged architecture (HCI), organizations need to decide how to migrate data to the HCI platform. They also need to decide what to do with their legacy storage infrastructure that still will be
Is Your Storage Architecture Ready for the Coming AI Wave? - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that can apply to various computing tasks, including machine learning, deep learning, and big data analytics. Many AI projects are in a proof of concept stage, but CIOs and IT Managers need to
Understanding the IO Needs of Edge Computing - Edge computing architectures typically consists of an array of IoT sensors that are collecting data in realtime which then send data to an edge data center for additional processing. Eventually, much of the collected data ends up in a public
Creating a Petabyte-Scale Capable High Performance File Storage System - Modern unstructured workloads are setting new standards in terms of not only capacity requirements but also performance. These workloads either need to analyze and ingest hundreds of thousands of files or they need to quickly read files over a terabyte
Creating a Cloud Strategy for Unstructured Data - Unstructured data is a growing problem for enterprise organizations. An increasing number of these companies have file counts in the billions and storage capacities over 1PB. These organizations are looking to the cloud to help mitigate some of their unstructured
Skip the Disk – Send Backups Straight to Tape - All restores are not created equal, even during a disaster. The reality is that IT should not recover most mission critical systems from a backup of any kind (flash, disk or tape). Instead, IT should recover these critical systems from
Solving DR’s Two Biggest Failures – Documentation and Testing with Orchestration - During a disaster, there is a lot that can go wrong, and IT needs to expect the unexpected. In most cases though, it is not the unexpected that causes a disaster recovery (DR) effort to fail. The primary reasons that

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