Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Dell Cloud Snapshot Manager - Embracing SaaS for Multi-Cloud Data Protection Modern cloud workloads exist across heterogeneous, multi-cloud infrastructures, but the cloud services that host them lack rich, native data protection toolsets. While snapshot features typically exist in the cloud they are not automated and
Reduxio Focuses on Container-Native Storage - Making Persistent Storage for Production Kubernetes Attainable Containers have become highly popular among DevOps shops due to their advantages in the areas of agility, simplicity and scalability. These same qualities make them attractive candidates for hosting modern applications such as
Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform Briefing Note - Always-On and Optimized Data for the Hybrid Cloud Enterprise storage environments have become so complex that they are very difficult to protect and manage. Data is being created so quickly and it is being captured on such a wide range
Kasten Data Protection and Mobility for Stateful Kubernetes - Serving Enterprise Data Management for Production Container Environments at Scale Containers have a role in enterprise data centers beyond their initial concentration in DevOps use cases. In order to support production workloads such as relational databases, the container environment must
Defeating Data Gravity with a Data Pipeline - As organizations move into the cloud era, they have to deal with data gravity. Data gravity means that data has a size to it and it takes time to move data from point A to point B. Data’s gravity is
StorCentric Acquires Retrospect – Comprehensive Primary through Secondary Storage Capabilities - The lines between primary and secondary storage infrastructures are blurring. Today’s typical backup and disaster recovery workloads require faster performance while production workloads demand growing amounts of capacity. IT requires as consolidated a storage infrastructure as possible for simplicity. At
Multi-Cloud versus the Five Requirements of Data – Datrium Briefing Note - Organizations need to meet five core requirements of the data they store; encryption, mobility, performance, retention and disaster recovery. To deliver these elements, IT is often forced to use five or more products just for on-premises data, let alone the
Actifio Multi-cloud Mobility and DR Automation - Cutting Vendor Lock-in – as well as costs – from the DRaaS Equation Disaster recovery (DR) is too expensive and too cumbersome to meet the near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) required by today’s business environment.
The State of Fibre Channel - Potentially the only technology pronounced dead more often than Fibre Channel is tape, yet both are alive and well. In 2018, the Fibre Channel (FC) market saw a return to growth. According to Dell’Oro Group, FC SAN port shipments were
HYCU Integrates with Nutanix Mine - Streamlined and More Flexible HCI for Backup In a world of infrastructure and application sprawl, consolidation is becoming a popular topic to reduce complexity and costs. We have seen steps forward in production environments, driven in no small part by

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