Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Bringing Copy Data Management as a Service to Enterprises – Actifio GO SaaS Briefing Note - There is no doubt that production data is growing, but copy data is growing even faster. More data must be backed up as the stricter compliance landscape creates more comprehensive retention requirements, and copy data is being used to serve
A New Storage Processor to Solve the Storage Software Inefficiency Problem – Pliops Briefing Note - Modern data storage has become plagued with inefficiency. Legacy software algorithms were not written to keep up with the new levels of throughput and latency facilitated by solid-state disk (SSD) media and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) access protocols. Additionally, the
An AI Led Approach to Hyperconvergence – HiveIO Briefing Note - Adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) continues to soar, with a slew of vendors promising to eradicate storage complexity and to radically reduce IT costs. Unfortunately, many HCI solutions fail to keep promises made, especially as these architectures scale. Simplifying storage
Mastering Enterprise Data Management and Protection – FalconStor Briefing Note - The modern enterprise relies on data to differentiate itself from competitors, to innovate new products and services, to unlock new revenue opportunities, and to drive employee productivity. Consequently, IT organizations must deliver unprecedented levels of data agility and availability while
Enhancing the Hybrid Cloud Data Fabric for Mission-Critical Applications – Rubrik Briefing Note - Businesses are working with a fragmented application landscape today. They are leaning on tried-and-true, traditional mainstays such as Oracle databases as well as on newer, modern workloads such as NoSQL databases and cloud-based productivity suites. The number and variety of
Using Proactive Change Management to Maximize Application Performance – SolarWinds Briefing Note - Application performance degradation can significantly drag on business productivity and the internal, as well as external, end-user experience. In the event that an application is not performing up to business requirements, it is important for IT to have effective change
Continuous Data Protection for Greater IT Resilience – Zerto Briefing Note - The need for data protection transformation is pressing. Typically, IT employs multiple point solutions with long backup windows to provide “best effort” recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). However, in today’s business environment, a “best effort” RPO
Unlimited Licensing for More Profitable MSP Growth – Asigra Briefing Note - Many IT organizations are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to offload the burden of protecting against the growing number and sophistication of malware attacks, and the increasing volume of data that must be protected. MSPs have an opportunity to
Modernizing the Security Perimeter for Hybrid and Multi Cloud – DH2i Briefing Note - Hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures represent today’s “new norm” for IT infrastructure. Heterogeneity is required for IT shops to simultaneously meet stringent cost and growing service level agreement (SLA) requirements on an application-specific basis. These architectures are powerful tools for
Making High Availability Attainable Across the Workload Ecosystem – INFINIDAT Briefing Note - Ensuring high availability to mission-critical applications is vital, but it can be expensive and cumbersome. For instance, managing multiple point data gateways for high availability adds significant management overhead and can substantially drive up the costs of the infrastructure. Meanwhile,

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