Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Bringing an OpEx Model to the Data Protection Service Provider - A managed service provider (MSP) that offers a data protection service typically provides backup, recovery and high availability capabilities to their customers in the form of a subscription based service. In some cases those providers enjoy a similar pricing model
Overcoming The Cloud Goldilocks Problem – iland Briefing Note - When an organization decides to begin its cloud journey, one of the biggest challenges is trying to find a cloud provider that is the right fit. Typically, the IT planner has to choose from the mega-cloud providers like Amazon AWS,
Flash Memory Summit 2019 – Day 3 Wrap Up - The third and final day of the Flash Memory Summit was as busy as the previous two. Most conferences fizzle out the last day; FMS day 3 was still abuzz with interesting sessions and quality briefings. Briefing 1 – Fibre
How to Stay IN the Data Center Business - Experts claim that organizations want to “get out of the data center business” as one of the reasons that organizations want to move to the Cloud. While that justification does come up occasionally, in most cases top organizations are quite
Looking for a Better Hybrid Cloud Strategy? - When a company begins its cloud journey, they often assume they need to move everything to one of the “big 3” (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute). Many organizations want to maintain control of their data and leverage only
Preparing Object Storage for the Cloud Data Management Avalanche - Hybrid Cloud, thanks to its flexibility when deploying compute and storage, is the deployment architecture that most organizations are choosing for their cloud strategy. The challenge is that hybrid cloud, by its very nature, means that data is distributed across
Surviving the Multiple Data Protection App Reality - Most organizations have more than one backup application, in fact most have three to four and are finding the number of backup applications they need to protect the organizations assets is increasing. At the same time industry and governmental requirements
Answering the “Where’s That File Question?” - One of the biggest challenges users face, and the cause for significant productivity losses, is finding those files later. Where did they store it? What was the file name? The problem is bad enough if they store all their data
Protecting the Multi-Cloud Data Center Without Losing Your Mind - Multi-cloud isn’t a future architecture, it is a reality right now. Organizations have on-premises clouds (virtualized infrastructures) and are hosting applications in multiple cloud providers. The problem is the multi-cloud situation these organizations find themselves in is ad-hoc, not part
Unlocking Software Defined Storage - Software-defined storage (SDS) is a concept that sometimes benefits vendors more so than it benefits customers. Most SDS vendors are shifting from a model that was software only to one that includes hardware. SDS is still advantageous to these vendors

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