Data Protection

Data Protection

How to safely use 8TB Drives in the Enterprise - After a few year hiatus higher capacity hard drives are coming to market. We expect 8TB drives to be readily available before the end of the year with 10TB drives soon to follow. And at the rate that capacity demands
Designing Primary Storage to Ease the Backup Burden - When IT planners map out their primary storage architectures they typically focus on how well the system will perform, how far it will scale and how reliable it will be. Data protection, that process that guards against corruption or system
Is your Data Protection Strategy on solid ground? - The EMC Global Data Protection Index, a study of the state of IT’s ability to protect and recover data, was recently released. The global index shows that 87% of businesses are rated behind the curve when it comes to protecting
Understanding the Oracle Data Protection Gap - For many, snapshots are the go to data protection method for protecting Oracle databases. They can provide efficient, rapid protection from database corruption with high data integrity. But snapshot data protection has its limitations. First, snapshot copies can become corrupted
Data Protection In The Cloud Age - What does the record turntable and a mainframe computer have in common? Plenty, according to Guy Churchward, President of EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division. During EMC World 2014, Guy made an interesting comparison about how both the music industry
What Is The Data Protection Continuum? - In an era where business end-users have increasingly more options and autonomy for deciding how they will protect their application data, it is critically important for today’s IT organizations to provide more choices. By building a data protection infrastructure that
Why IT Needs to Offer Data Protection As A Service - Technologies like application virtualization have given end users increasingly more choice in today’s IT marketplace. New business services can be rapidly spun up on-demand, either in the four walls of the data-center or out into a cloud service provider’s (CSP)
Are MSPs The Solution To CryptoLocker and Ransomware? - In late 2013, a new virus/malware appeared called CryptoLocker. What makes this malware unique is that its maker’s intention is to do more than just infect computers to see how much havoc they can wreak, this one actually wants to
Develop A Service Level Objective Driven Data Protection Strategy - Data protection needs to move beyond just merely backing up business data to redundant storage infrastructure. Instead, it needs  to align with the specific service level objectives (SLOs) of the business application owner. There are tools which can help ensure that SLOs are being adhered to, however, this process will become increasingly automated as primary storage and protection storage architectures converge.
Backup Basics: What do SLO, RPO, RTO, VRO and GRO Mean? - Being in charge of the data protection process is a thankless job. The process you create can run perfectly 99% of the time but everyone will remember the 1 time it fell short, and they will blame you. The task

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