Podcast: Copy Data Management vs. DR Ready Storage - There are a lot of options available to IT professionals looking to improve their ability to recover from a disaster. One is copy data management, very popular in the press. The other is DR Ready Primary Storage, something that Storage
MeetTheCEO: Containerized CEO DH2i’s Don Boxley - DH2i’s Don Boxley joins George Crump and Charlie Hodges on this week’s MeetTheCEO. Boxley founded DH2i with OJ Ngo five years ago. The company is becoming a leader in the Windows Server Market and is now enabling Docker like container
Podcast: Bringing Docker-Like Technology to Windows with Container – How and Why - Docker brings efficiency to the Linux environment, allowing more applications to run on the same physical hardware via a container technology. Microsoft has committed to bringing similar technology to Windows in the future but what if you want to take
MeetTheCEO: Infinio’s Arun Agarwal - Infinio CEO Arun Agarwal sits down with Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Charlie Hodges to talk about Infinio and how he’s trained his entire work life to run a start-up technology company. Infinio brings to market a fundamentally new architecture to
Podcast: The Deduplication Myths of Flash Storage - What are the four myths of all flash in a virtual environment? That’s the subject of a webinar on But on this podcast we deep dive on flash and deduplication. Join George Crump as he talks to Tegile’s Chris
Podcast – Fixing fractured backup and bad DR - Zetta found in a recent survey of IT pros from a cross-section of companies that IT environments in most companies are a conglomeration of operating systems, platforms and backup solutions and that backup is a mess for most companies and DR
Making Virtual Cloud Backup Easy with Datto – Podcast - Cloud integrated backup and DR is getting a lot of attention from IT planners. It can help organizations improve recoverability without having to incur the cost of building out dedicated DR datacenter infrastructure. But are some of these offerings so
4 assumptions that are killing your backup – Podcast - Right after George Crump from Storage Switzerland and Gideon Senderov from NEC finished their webinar on four assumptions that are killing your backup, we got together in the podcast studio to talk about an intriguing discovery from their presentation. That’s the
Overcoming the Four Obstacles to VDI Love – Podcast - How do you make the VDI experience better? That’s the subject of a webinar available right now On-Demand on with Rawley Burbridge from IBM and Seth Knox from Atlantis Computing. George Crump from Storage Switzerland led the webinar. The
A New Take on SMB’s and the Data Center – Podcast - I just caught up with Eric Slack from Storage Switzerland on a webinar Storage Switzerland is doing with WD on May 21. It will cover SMB’s and the need to update or even build a data center. To register for

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