StorageShort: The Recovery Paradox – Close Copy vs. Far - One of the challenges to designing a successful disaster recovery solution is where to keep copies of your data. A close copy allows for a rapid recovery in the event of a failure since it is seconds away. But in
StorageShort: Curing The Windows Ransomware Problem - Windows file servers are a prime target for ransomware attacks. They are chock full of files, just waiting to be encrypted. They are also one the last set of servers to have patches applied. In this StorageShort Video we discuss
StorageShort: Are You Ready for the New Recovery Time Objective? - As long as there has been applications, there have been applications that need zero, or near zero downtime. These are applications where the life of the organization, or even human lives, literally depend on its operation. There has also always
StorageShort: Will Enterprise File Sync and Share Encryption Really Protect You? - Ask any Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) vendor if they provide encryption and you are going to get a emphatic, “Yes!” They will claim end-to-end encryption and let you assume that you are covered. But are you really? Certainly
StorageShort: How is the App Explosion Impacting Backup Service Levels? - Most data centers are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of applications they have to deploy, support and protect. Driving this phenomenon is the improvements in developer tools that created the whole Dev/Ops movement. While most of these apps
StorageShort: Are All-Flash Arrays Really the same Price as Hard Disk Arrays? - A claim that many all-flash vendors are making is they reached price parity with hard disk based arrays. If that is true, then organizations would be crazy to buy any storage system with a hard disk in it. But it
StorageShort: Archive is the Most Important Part of Your DR Plan - Archiving is the Rodney Dangerfield of IT process. In fact, in a recent poll performed by Storage Switzerland, a terrifying 67 percent of respondents indicated that they counted on the backup process to be part of their archive. How Are
StorageShort: Is Your DR Site A Single Point of Failure? - One of the most overlooked aspects of a disaster recovery strategy is making sure that data is being protected while you are at the DR site. In a classic primary to DR site replication strategy, a primary data center failure
StorageShort: How To Meet RPO/RTO Expectations - Organizations must meet increasingly strict recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Essentially they want their applications back up and running as soon as possible with minimal data loss. To meet these challenges IT professionals have to increase
StorageShort: The Problem With Splunk Storage Management - Of all the new applications on the market today, Splunk does make one of the best attempts to manage storage. It uses a bucket metaphor to make sure data is in the most performance and cost appropriate storage type. When

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