Click To Watch StorageShort: The Problem With Splunk Storage Management - Of all the new applications on the market today, Splunk does make one of the best attempts to manage storage. It uses a bucket metaphor to make sure data is in the most performance and cost appropriate storage type. When
Watch On Demand StorageShort: Will Machine Data Kill Backup? - One of the hardest things to protect is a server with millions of files on it. In the early days of my career, we specifically asked customers if they had such a server so we could develop special procedures to
screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-8-47-21-am StorageShort: How do you get Data to Google Coldline? - Have you ever wondered what it was like to transfer data to Google Coldline? It can be super easy or quite difficult, depending on the method you may use. George Simons of Sureline and Storage Switzerland’s Curtis Preston talk about
screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-9-25-19-am StorageShort: The Impact of NAS Sprawl - Network Attached Storage (NAS) are ideal for storing unstructured data, especially user home directories. But these systems tend to fill up and organizations end up buying additional units, in some cases dozens, which leads to NAS Sprawl. The situation is
screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-9-53-34-am StorageShort: The Use Cases for Containerized Legacy Apps - The move to containers is not just for new applications anymore. Organizations that have applications written in Java or .Net can now easily containerize them. Even packaged application providers like Oracle provide official images to run components of their architecture
Watch On Demand StorageShort: Does Flash Durability Matter Anymore - When the enterprise started using flash, the durability of that media was a major concern for both vendors and IT professionals. It grew a little closer to failure each time data was written to the flash device. Visions of banks
4116 Cloudian MP4 StorageShort: Does Object Storage Make Sense for Backups? - One might wonder why anyone would use object storage now that we have so many deduplication storage arrays available. We tackle that question head on in this Storage Switzerland webinar. Here’s a quick peek at that discussion.
screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-04-10-am StorageShort: M&E – Content Distribution, Performance vs. Cost - One of the challenges facing Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies today is content distribution. No longer are users starting at their televisions screens waiting for content to come to them. They want access to the content when they want to
Watch On Demand StorageShort: Object Storage for the Enterprise - Object Storage is more than just a storage system for cloud providers. In the modern enterprise it can be an ideal back-end for the various primary tiers enterprises can install today. Beyond the cost savings object storage provides, there is
screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-17-29-am StorageShort: How Do you Connect HPC to Object Storage? - There are many ways a high performance computing (HPC) environment can leverage object storage. But the most practical for most HPC environments is to use it as a secondary tier that is more cost effective and still delivers data quickly.

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