StorageShort: Is Your Backup Hybrid IT Ready? - Organizations looking to adopt a Hybrid IT strategy are facing new challenges when it comes to protecting these environments. The single biggest challenge is that the application and its data can be on-premises or in the cloud without the data
StorageShort: Developing a Storage Consolidation Strategy that Lasts - At some point every IT team ventures out on a mission to consolidate its storage assets. Over the years the organization probably has created a collection of systems that do a variety of tasks ranging from systems for high-performance storage
StorageShort: Best Practices for 2018 – Eliminate Bad Practices - There are two storage habits that IT professionals should try to eliminate in 2018. The first is the practice of buying more primary storage when the current primary storage system reaches its capacity. The second is counting on the backup
StorageShort: What are the Use Cases for Composable Storage? - A composable storage system can be virtually subdivided into independent arrays that provide more specific control over the allocation of performance and capacity. As opposed to quality of service (QoS), which tries to make sure certain applications get the performance
StorageShort: How to Overcome the Fear of File Deletion - The statistic that 85% of data in most data centers has not been accessed in the last year is often cited, and for the most part it is very accurate. Organizations create more data than ever and retain that information
StorageShort: Why Does The Data Center Need NVMe Over Fabrics? - The NVMe protocol allows servers or storage systems to communicate to flash storage with more optimally. This PCIe-based architecture enables larger command sets and IO queue depths resulting in lower latency and greater performance. It is a wholesale replacement for
StorageShort: Disaster Recovery – Secondary Site vs. Public Cloud - During a disaster everyone needs a place to go, including an organization’s applications and data. Ideally that “place” is prepared. For decades the only real decision for IT was just how prepared would the DR site be? Options ranged from
Minor Disasters Need Major Attention - The scope of a disaster is based on its sphere of influence. A major disaster impacts a wide region and causes hundreds of businesses to go into disaster recovery mode. A minor disaster impacts only a single organization and often
Hyperconverged Solutions Need Long Term Flexibility - There is only one constant in the data center – change. Change, at least in the data center, is good. Done right, it delivers more performance in less space while reducing costs. But some hyperconverged solutions are resistant to change,
StorageShort: Hybrid VMware’s Data Two Copy Problem - Hybrid VMware should allow an organization to run a virtual machine either on-premises or in the cloud. And that transfer between operating locations should be able to occur at a moment’s notice. The problem is, as we discuss in our

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