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Why Should You Optimize File Servers?

Windows file servers remain one of the most popular ways for an organization to store and share data between employees. One of the reasons for this popularity is when a server reaches capacity or starts to suffer performance problems it’s

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Special Live Podcast: What does Converged, Hyperconverged, Hybrid Cloud, etc… Really Mean?

Storage Switzerland will tackle one of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals today during a special, live podcast. We will explain what vendors mean when they use terms like converged, hyperconverged, hybrid cloud, instant recovery, continuous data protection, the list

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ChalkTalk Video: Primary Storage Should Protect Itself

Storage that protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous

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What is an “Always-On” Data Center?

The always-on data center is a data center that can provide application availability to its users no matter what technical problems may occur. To meet this lofty expectation, IT professionals need to change the way they approach data protection and

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How to Avoid Windows File Server to NAS Upgrades

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems were supposed to replace the Windows file server. But, Windows file servers are still the predominate means to share data within an organization. With the increase of processing power, internal storage capacity and network bandwidth,

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Powering Your Legacy Apps, Containers and HPC with One Data Fabric

In a recent article, Storage Switzerland introduced the concept of a data fabric. It is essentially a storage architecture that spans a variety of locations ranging from on-premises to the cloud. The goal is to create a data flow, where

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Is It Time to Modernize NAS?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are the cornerstone of most organization’s storage architectures. For decades they’ve replaced legacy Windows or Linux file servers to provide SMB and NFS access from a single system that can support many more users. But

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