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SlideShare: All-Flash For Databases: 5 Reasons Why Current Systems Are Off Target

Database applications like Oracle and MS-SQL make up most of the active data set. Making sure these applications respond almost instantly to user requests is a critical function for IT. The problem is meeting the instant response expectation is expensive,

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A Real-World Disaster Recovery Plan – Step 1 – DR Gap Analysis

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) doesn’t need to be the lengthy complicated ordeal many make it out to be. In fact, DRP needs to become a more nimble process that is completed quickly, easily updated and frequently tested. The first step

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StorageShort: Developing a Storage Consolidation Strategy that Lasts

At some point every IT team ventures out on a mission to consolidate its storage assets. Over the years the organization probably has created a collection of systems that do a variety of tasks ranging from systems for high-performance storage

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Why Data Management is Failing

Data management companies are struggling to gain adoption. These companies offer to save customers money by moving data to the most appropriate tier of storage based on current needs. The thought is to have only a small fraction of data

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How to Improve Recovery Confidence

Almost every recent survey done on the state of backup indicates a very low level of confidence in an organization’s ability to recover in the event of a disaster. There are three reasons for this result. First, the management may

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Can Hyperconverged Work in the Enterprise?

Hyperconverged architectures have an enterprise problem because while they start off simple enough, as they scale they becoming increasingly complex and waste resources. Storage capacity and performance are particularly difficult to use efficiently. Also, intra-networking, when there are a dozen

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How to Protect a Global VMware Environment

Most enterprises have not virtualized their data center; they have virtualized their data centers (plural). The software most organizations choose as their virtual foundation is VMware. Protecting a multi-site VMware environment has unique challenges that IT needs to address. Three

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