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What Are Immutable Backups

Backup software vendors insist on making backup data immutable, so IT professionals are now asking what are immutable backups. Securing backup data is critical since bad actors know the organization will count on their backups to recover encrypted files and

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Three Reasons You Need Standby Storage

There are three reasons you need standby storage. First, it provides the best way to recover from a ransomware attack. Second, it enables you to recover from a hard failure of your production storage systems. Third, it provides you with

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Webinar: Are You Treating Unstructured Data as a Second Class Citizen?

Unstructured data is the fastest-growing segment of data within most enterprises today. This data set contains the creative output of the organization’s employees as well as unique data captured by sensors and machines. Unstructured data is large in terms of

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Creating a Ransomware Recovery Plan in 2020

In 2020, planning, preparing, and practicing for a Ransomware Recovery should be job #1. The Problem with Ransomware Recovery Predicting that ransomware is going to impact organizations during the coming decade is like predicting that it is going to be

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It’s Not If Backup Software is Using Cloud Storage, it’s How

Almost every backup solution on the market today claims some form of cloud storage support. IT planners need to understand what type of cloud storage their backup solution provides and if the architecture of the solution can genuinely take advantage

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Solving the Unstructured Data Protection Problem by Creating A Cloud Foundation

When organizations try to establish a cloud strategy, one of the challenges they face is where to begin. The problem is the cloud can do so much, like run applications, and provide advanced services and store data, to name just

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How and Why to Develop a Robust File Retention Strategy

Backup applications, generally speaking, store the data they protect for a given amount of time. Increasingly, the default setting for most organizations is forever. While we are not opposed to a forever retention strategy, long term retention should not be

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Is it Time to Bring Back File by File Backup for Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data, more because of the sheer number of individual files than the capacity it consumes, creates challenges for IT professionals looking to protect it. To get around the problem of massive file growth many data protection software solutions have

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The Problem with Image Backup for Unstructured Data

Unstructured data presents two challenges to the typical backup process. First, the overall volume of the data set can be the largest data set in terms of capacity that the backup application needs to protect. Second, and potentially more problematic,

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File Servers; Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Unstructured data is the fastest-growing segment of data in the data center. A significant portion of data within unstructured data is the data that users create though office productivity and other specialized applications. User data also often represents the bulk

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