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Live Webinar: 5 Key Trends That Could Challenge Your Data Protection Plan in 2018

And how to counter them Organizations are facing increasing businesses continuity and resiliency challenges in 2018. Much of these pressures – such as security threats, an increase in the number of mission critical applications, and data shifting to the cloud

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Using DRaaS For Test-Dev

Almost every data center needs to test operating system updates and new code releases. A DRaaS solution can meet the need. The problem is these testing needs require a copy of the server being tested with a most recent copy

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SlideShare: Three Steps to Eliminating Storage Silos

As an organization grows the number of use cases the data center needs to support increases with it. What starts out as a NAS for file sharing, moves to a SAN for database applications, and then storage for data protection.

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Preventing S3 Data Leaks With a NAS

It seems like every week there is news of another Amazon S3 Bucket being left wide open and its data exposed to anyone that figures out the bucket’s URL. Companies experiencing these data leaks include large Fortune 500 organizations and

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Protecting MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop – Datos IO Briefing Note

Data center modernization usually includes the organization moving to modern cloud applications like MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop. Like most new initiatives a forgotten element is data protection. These environments are particularly challenging to protect because they are designed to run

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What’s the Role of Object Storage in Backup?

Object storage systems are typically software-based solutions that run on commodity servers, which are clustered to create a single pool of storage. As a result, object storage solutions tend to be very cost-effective from a-price-per-GB perspective. These systems also have

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ChalkTalk Video: What’s Wrong with Traditional Backup vs The Cloud?

Traditional backup consists of a backup server, which stores copies of production data in a tape library or a deduplicated disk storage appliance. Most of these legacy solutions try to extend themselves into the cloud. The problem is the backup

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