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What are the Advantages of a Purpose-Built Cloud?

Some cloud backup providers are starting to build their own clouds for their purposes. Is that a good idea? Shouldn’t they use more general-purpose cloud providers like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft? What value can be derived from having your backup

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Recovery From Ransomware

Ransomware, or the people who use it, are very successful in both infecting systems and extracting money from the organizations impacted by the infection. Most organizations we speak to face a ransomware infection multiple times per year, so if your

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Importance of Maintaining Proper Security and Control of Data in DRaaS Environments

As my colleague George Crump discussed in his article on disaster recovery as a service, “Introducing DRaaS 2.0”, there are a number of compelling advantages in using DRaaS solutions. However, regardless of the cost savings and other advantages when organizations

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Archive Lessons from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you have not seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and don’t want me to ruin the most crucial part of the climax, and you are craving a blog on archiving then go read this blog. You’ve

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SlideShare: Ransomware – Five Reasons You’re Not As Protected As You Think

Ransomware is the number one threat to an organization’s data. These malware programs infiltrate an organization and encrypt every file they can access. The only way to unencrypt the data is pay a fee to the malware creator. Hence the

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Backups and Users are Enabling Ransomware Success

Ransomware attacks against corporations is such a common problem that it has even made its way into television plots. Both seasons of the popular Mr. Robot television series on USA network focus on a series of ransomware attacks against a

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