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How to Turn Email into Knowledge – MailJive Briefing Note

In the digital age, organizations have countless ways in which they can communicate, but email remains the most popular. Email though is used for far more than just communication. The organization, rightly or wrongly, uses it to store documents, contact

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The GDPR Effect – Why US Businesses Need to Pay Attention

Toward the end of May, companies worldwide sent out emails informing customers of updates to their data privacy policies. These emails were in response to something called GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is a European

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Unstructured Data Has Changed – Has Your Protection Strategy?

Unstructured data is easily the largest data set in the enterprise today and what makes up that data set has changed dramatically over the past ten years. What used to be relatively few and small files created by users are

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Live Webinar: The Three New Requirements of Unstructured Data Protection – Can your backup deliver?

Because of the ability to mine it for information, unstructured data is becoming the most valuable data asset that many organizations have. The more unstructured data an organization has, the greater its value to the organization becomes. The growth in

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Meeting the Five Unstructured Data Backup Requirements

In the last blog, we laid out the five requirements for unstructured data protection; fine-grained backups, frequent and rapid backups; cloud support, data classification, and an archiving future. Aparavi is one of the first data protection companies specifically focused on

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ChalkTalk Video: Unstructured Data Protection Needs a New Architecture

Unstructured data has changed dramatically over the past decade. It is not only bigger in terms of capacity, it’s also bigger in terms of quantity, there are just more files to deal with than ever. On top of the increase

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