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Do Data Centers have Boundaries Anymore? – CloudVelox Briefing Note

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Sometimes you feel like a cloud. Sometimes you don’t. That’s the idea behind the boundary-less data center. Sometimes you want to run a workload in the public cloud and sometimes you want to run it on your hardware. A boundary-less

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What Backup Software Should I Use? – is the wrong question

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The question of what backup software application should an organization use comes up all the time on the online forums I visit on LinkedIn and Spiceworks. The answer to that question typically come from vendors who, of course, say “Use

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Podcast: Scale-out NAS vs. Distributed Storage

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They seem to solve the same problem – meeting the constantly growing performance and capacity demands of the enterprise. But Scale-out NAS and Distributed Storage are different. Join our next LIVE podcast to learn what Scale-out NAS and Distributed Storage

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DR Ready Storage should be a Scalpel or a Saw?


A real disaster is the ultimate test of potentially years worth of planning. Disasters are unnerving because the IT professionals executing the recovery processes have the eyes of the entire organization and its customers on them. IT, which normally operates

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How Fast can you Recover in the Cloud?


Some say it’s possible to recover servers into the cloud so quickly – and perform in the cloud so well – no one will even notice that a recovery happened. But one should definitely not assume this will be the

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The Challenges Facing Docker on Windows – WinDocks Briefing Note


Until containers support persistent storage that can be easily backed-up, their use will be limited to test and development. This is not to say that containers can’t bring significant value to the test and development world. It’s just that they

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Does Networking as a Service Make Sense? – Datto Briefing Note


The “as a service” moniker is appearing everywhere. Everything from storage to compute to networking is now being offered as a service. More and more companies are opting to have service providers provide their core infrastructure services – as a

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