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The Importance of Protecting Cloud Hosted Applications

Anyone who thinks you don’t need to back up cloud applications such as salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps clearly has some thinking to do. There is no such thing as the cloud. There is only someone else’s data center.

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ChalkTalk Video: Primary Storage Should Protect Itself

Storage that protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous

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What is an “Always-On” Data Center?

The always-on data center is a data center that can provide application availability to its users no matter what technical problems may occur. To meet this lofty expectation, IT professionals need to change the way they approach data protection and

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DR Ready Storage Must Be Cloud Aware

The success of cloud providers like Amazon, Azure and Google is forcing the data center to re-think various aspects of their IT infrastructure. There are cases where a cloud provider can enhance typical on-premise storage to be DR Ready and

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The Role of Backup in a Disaster Recovery Operation

Almost anything that interrupts users from accessing their applications or their data is, to them, a disaster but for most IT Professionals a true disaster is an event that causes the loss of the entire data center. Disasters of this

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StorageShort: Is Your DR Site A Single Point of Failure?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a disaster recovery strategy is making sure that data is being protected while you are at the DR site. In a classic primary to DR site replication strategy, a primary data center failure

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