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Cyber Attack on VFEmail Evaporates 18 Years of Data!

In what may be one of the most devastating attacks in recent history, email provider VFEmail is working through the aftermath of a massive cyberattack and is indicating that 18 years’ worth of its user’s email data is lost forever.

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Using Workload Simulation to Justify the Shift to NVMe

The introduction of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage protocol brings with it a new storage performance tier. Whereas older Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) standards were designed for slower-performing hard disk drive (HDDs) and

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What Can Storage Learn From Server Consolidation?

Storage consolidation projects are permanently on the IT project whiteboard. The process typically starts after IT realizes that their data center is overrun by multiple storage systems from multiple vendors. Storage Switzerland finds that most data centers have 5-6 different

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Live Webinar: Three Steps to Modernizing Backup Storage

Backup software is continuously improving. Solutions like Veeam Backup and Replication deliver instant recoveries, enabling virtual machine volumes to instantiate directly on the backup device, without having to wait for data to transfer back to primary storage. These solutions can

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Why is Traditional Storage Consolidation Failing

The most common method for consolidating storage is for the organization to purchase a single storage system, hardware, and software, and move all workloads to the new system. The organization is in effect creating a storage mainframe. The challenges with

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Video: Utilizing Tape Storage as a Malware Failsafe

In today’s information era, data growth is booming. Furthermore, organizations are storing and backing up this data more than ever before to meet compliance regulations, as well as to increase the volume of information available for business analytics. At the

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Is All-NVMe Worth Your Money? – WorkloadWisdom 6.2 Virtual Instruments Briefing Note

All-Flash Arrays (AFA), the goto high performance storage system for the past few years, is being replaced by All-NVMe. NVMe flash promises to improve performance by reducing latency and increasing bandwidth to flash based media. NVMe is PCIe based instead

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