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SlideShare: NAS vs Object – Can NAS Make a Comeback?

For over a decade Network Attached Storage (NAS) was the go to file storage device for organizations needing to store large amounts of unstructured data. But unstructured data is changing. While large file use cases are still prevalent, small file

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Will Your Workload Really Benefit from NVMe?

Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is arguably one of the most important new technologies to make its way into the data center, because it is capable of delivering the ultra-fast levels of performance that are required by a growing number of

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Overcoming NFS as a Machine Learning Inhibitor – Quobyte Briefing Note

In today’s insights economy, much can be gleaned from the hyperscale cloud (Amazon, Google, Azure) providers’ ability to deliver an infrastructure that provides strong degrees of data resiliency and protection, agility, and performance – with minimal intervention from storage administrators.

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Better Management of Multi-Cloud Data Access and Retention – Aparavi Briefing Note

Modern data privacy regulations and business requirements to utilize data for competitive advantage make it important for storage professionals to ensure that file data is managed in a way that controls the costs of underlying infrastructure while at the same

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Lightboard Video: Object Storage Isn’t Just For Cold Data Anymore

Object Storage, because of its ability to cost effectively store petabytes plus of data, is often thought of as a digital dumping ground. While object storage is an ideal location for inactive data, customers aren’t deriving the full benefit of

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Why is Software Defined Storage Failing to Consolidate Storage?

After enterprises decide not to use the storage mainframe described in our last blog they often next investigate software-defined storage (SDS) as a means to consolidate their storage and reduce storage costs. With SDS, consolidation occurs at the storage software

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Primary Storage for VMware on AWS – Zadara Briefing Note

VMware on AWS has been available for over a year, yet there are several missing elements. There are a lack of available data protection solutions and there is a lack of a truly enterprise class storage solution. The primary challenge

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