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Why Data Movement Breaks Data Management and How to Fix It

The primary goal of a data management strategy is to reduce storage costs. Achieving that goal requires that at some point data will have to move from primary storage to a less expensive secondary storage. The movement of data between

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Developing a Practical Cloud Strategy for Traditional Data Centers

Many organizations want to develop a cloud strategy, but most don’t know where to begin. As a result, the organization stumbles into the cloud, often starting with using the cloud as a secondary backup storage area, with the hope that

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Any Cloud Strategy Requires Understanding On-Premises Workloads

Is a Cloud First Strategy Right for IT? The cloud is a resource that most data centers are trying to factor into their future IT planning. Early adopters have found though that not all their workloads work properly, or at

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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why Object Storage is the Best Defense against Ransomware Attacks

Backups, by themselves, are not an effective defense against a ransomware attack. The systems that store backup data also require protection, but backup storage is as vulnerable to a ransomware attack as production data, if not more so. If both

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Managing Data to Manage Ransomware

One of the reasons that data centers are so vulnerable to ransomware attacks is the amount of data that remains accessible on production storage. The reality is that most of this data does not need to be there. Investing in

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The Problem with One-Way Cloud Scaling – FittedCloud Briefing Note

In theory, organizations can grow and shrink their public cloud footprint on demand. But, the reality is that most don’t, they only scale one-way, up. The typical process is that IT provisions a set of resources for a given workload

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Solving the Hybrid-Cloud Data Management Problem – Elastifile Briefing Note

Executive leadership wants IT to move the organization to the cloud but does not realize that from a data management perspective, the cloud is akin to the wild, Wild West. To move applications requires refactoring them, and meeting the performance

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