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Is Your All-Flash Array Leaking?

An all-flash array is supposed to be the pinnacle of storage performance but these systems have a secret; they are leaking performance. Proof of this is simple, take the raw IOPS of the drives inside the typical all-flash array and

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Why Virtualization STILL Breaks Backup

With the broad adoption of server virtualization by data centers, it became apparent that protection of the new environment was very inadequate. Organizations faced in-guest protection or very fragile off-host architectures. As adoption continued, VMware and others made significant strides

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SDS – The Next Generation

Software Defined Storage (SDS) was supposed to revolutionize storage, freeing IT from the chains of vendor lock-in, allowing them to build more cost effective scalable architectures. The first generation of SDS solutions, for the most part emulated the dedicated storage

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Why Can’t SDS Be More Like VMware?

VMware fundamentally changed server deployment. Prior to VMware the best practice was “one-server, one-app” which, as Intel processors continued to increase in power, led to a massive waste of compute resources. VMware allowed applications to be safely stacked on those

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Live Webinar: SDS is Broken – And How to Fix it

Software Defined Storage (SDS) was supposed to take the data center by storm, sweeping IT professionals off their feet on the way to storage management bliss. But, most SDS projects are never actually started or abandoned long before they reach

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Software-Only HA and DR for Linux – LINBIT Briefing Note

Linux is the dominant operating system of most cloud providers, and many enterprises have mission-critical applications that run on Linux. The applications running in these environments can be on bare metal systems, or virtual machines as well as containers. All

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What’s The Best Way To Rapidly Recover Data?

There are more methods to recover data than ever. It used to be that recovery meant loading a tape drive, scanning the whole tape to find the job that had the needed data, extracting that data from the job and

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