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Lightboard Video: Data Protection and Mobility for HCI and the Public Cloud

Organizations are evolving their data centers to be more cloud-like. A significant component of these initiatives is to invest in hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Organizations are implementing HCI at multiple locations and, at the same time, are moving some workloads to

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Advancing the State of Cloud Data Protection – Actifio 10c

Most data protection solutions use the public cloud as a digital dumping ground to lower the cost of on-premises data protection infrastructure. To save costs, vendors often store the backup data set in a low-cost object store like Amazon’s Simple

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Does Cloud-Native Mean Cloud Protected?

As organizations migrate applications to the cloud, they sometimes assume that data protection is built-in to the service. However, what cloud service providers offer is high availability and durability, not backup. But organizations, whether their applications are in the cloud

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The How and Why of High-Performance Primary Storage as-a-service

The key to reducing primary storage costs is to better manage the data that is on primary storage. The problem remains that IT lacks the tools, and more importantly the time, to properly manage the workloads that primary storage supports.

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15 Minute Webinar: Do You Really Need to Consolidate Backup?

IT Professionals have been on a life-long mission to find a backup solution that can do everything. The goal is to back up the entire data center to a single backup target, all controlled by a single application. Is it

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Meet The CEO: HYCU, Inc’s Simon Taylor

Backup and Recovery is as old as the data center itself, but organizations still struggle with the process. IT professionals have tried many solutions to solve their data protection solutions, and the market is full of options, but none seem

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Overcoming the Real Roadblock to the All-Flash Data Center

All-Flash storage is taking over many, but not all, production storage responsibilities, but because of cost, most organizations can’t justify placing all production workloads on all-flash storage. These organizations then certainly can’t justify placing secondary storage and data protection workloads

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HYCU Integrates with Nutanix Mine

Streamlined and More Flexible HCI for Backup In a world of infrastructure and application sprawl, consolidation is becoming a popular topic to reduce complexity and costs. We have seen steps forward in production environments, driven in no small part by

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Hyperscale Data Acceleration – Vexata Briefing Note

Workloads such as high-performance transactional databases, high-volume analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) stand to unlock new value for the business, and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) promises to deliver on these levels of performance. However, deploying NVMe at

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