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SlideShare: The Bifurcation of the Flash Market

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The flash market started out monolithically. Flash was a single media type (high performance, high endurance SLC flash). Flash systems also had a single purpose of accelerating the response time of high-end databases. But now there are several flash options.

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Primary Storage Refresh is More than Flash

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Primary storage refresh projects usually start from some combination of need for more performance, more capacity or because the storage system is coming off of maintenance. A key feature IT professionals look for in new primary storage system is flash.

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Storage Lessons that IT can learn from Media and Entertainment

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The demands of the modern Media and Entertainment (M&E) organization is pushing storage infrastructure to the breaking point. M&E generates more data, requires faster processing, faster delivery of that data and has, by far, the most justifiable means for retaining

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Live Webinar: Storage Refresh? 3 Capabilities Primary Storage Must Have (but probably doesn’t)

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If your organization is embarking on a refresh of your primary storage system this year, this is the one webinar that you will want to attend. IT evaluators that haven’t looked at storage in a few years will be impressed

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StorageShort: The Problem With Splunk Storage Management

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Of all the new applications on the market today, Splunk does make one of the best attempts to manage storage. It uses a bucket metaphor to make sure data is in the most performance and cost appropriate storage type. When

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The Storage Challenges that Cassandra and Couchbase Create


Traditionally databases are scale up, running on a single powerful but expensive server. Distributed databases like Cassandra and Couchbase are scale-out and run on commodity white box servers, each of which becomes a node in a cluster. Traditional databases are

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Does NAS Still Make Sense? – Panzura Briefing Note


When network attached storage (NAS) first came to market its initial use case was to store user data, typically found in file server home directories. All users wanted to be able to do is store and share data between a

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