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Consumption-Based IT with No Minimum Commitment – Lenovo TruScale Briefing Note

The modern data center infrastructure market is characterized by the need for improved agility and responsiveness, and to make more strategic use of IT budgets. Cloud computing has introduced the concept of subscription-based IT service delivery, but it lacks on-premises

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Overcoming NFS as a Machine Learning Inhibitor – Quobyte Briefing Note

In today’s insights economy, much can be gleaned from the hyperscale cloud (Amazon, Google, Azure) providers’ ability to deliver an infrastructure that provides strong degrees of data resiliency and protection, agility, and performance – with minimal intervention from storage administrators.

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Enterprise Class Open SDS – SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) promises to free organizations from storage hardware lock-in, and to some degree that is true. The problem is SDS then locks the customer into the storage software. Moving from one SDS solution to another is a

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Delivering Storage for Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise – Excelero Briefing Note

A web-scale data center needs to scale to support thousands if not millions of users. Web-scale application use cases range from traditional transactional IT to modern data analytics and machine learning workloads. It also includes new advanced video applications and

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SlideShare: Three Reasons Why NAS is No Good for AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming mainstream initiatives at many organizations. Data is at the heart of AI and ML. Immediate access to large data sets is pivotal to successful ML outcomes. Without data, there is no

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