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SlideShare: Why Cloud Migrations Fail – Learn the Keys to Cloud Success

Many cloud migration and cloud first strategies fail to live up to expectations. The problem is organizations spend too much time on micro issues like product selection and not enough time on big picture items like the cloud strategy’s foundation.

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Public Clouds Provide Storage Tiers – Why Doesn’t Storage Software Support it?

Public cloud providers all have at least three tiers of storage to offer their customers. They often offer a high-performance tier for cloud native applications, a tier designed for active but not as performance sensitive, unstructured data sets and a

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Office 365 Backup Without Lock-in – BackupAssist 365 Briefing Note

The popularity of Office 365 continues to increase. Organizations large and small are adopting the service for office productivity and communications. Office 365 provides excellent service availability. If a server or storage system within the service fails within the service,

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Software Defining Secondary Storage – Quest QoreStor Briefing Note

Secondary storage systems primarily store backup and archive data. These systems often store ten to twenty times the capacity of primary storage systems. Vendors realize the opportunity and are now flooding into the market. Most of the solutions are turnkey

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What is a Multi-Cloud Data Controller?

Multi-Cloud is real, most organizations have multiple cloud relationships and plan on maintaining them. Even AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in a recent Wall Street Journal Interview, “There will not be only one cloud…but rather a handful of large cloud

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