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Lightboard Video: The State of the File System Market

“Software-defined” is all the buzz, driven by the opportunity to cut costs and avoid vendor lock-in without impacting performance. The problem is that few file system vendors are able to truly deliver on this value proposition. In the following Lightboard

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Is Object Storage Really the Future of Unstructured Data Storage?

Simply put, unstructured data is breaking traditional network-attached storage (NAS) architectures. The scale-up nature of traditional NAS solutions renders the storage controller a bottleneck in being able to handle the intensive metadata operations that are associated with unstructured files, forcing

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Challenges with Traditional NAS Solutions

Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) arrays have long been a strong match for scalable, file-driven use cases such as enterprise file sync and share. In the world of unstructured data, however, problems emerge. Molly Presley, Global Product Marketing Director for Qumulo,

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