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MeetTheCEO: Quantum’s Jamie Lerner

Video and digital content is quickly growing to comprise a majority of the world’s data. Media and entertainment companies in particular are ingesting videos at the fastest streaming performance, sharing high-resolution content in real time, and protecting and preserving these

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Is Object Storage Really the Future of Unstructured Data Storage?

Simply put, unstructured data is breaking traditional network-attached storage (NAS) architectures. The scale-up nature of traditional NAS solutions renders the storage controller a bottleneck in being able to handle the intensive metadata operations that are associated with unstructured files, forcing

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Understanding the Value of Cloud Based Services

File serving is evolving to file collaboration and the cloud is an ideal destination for this evolved use case. The file system, the software behind the file server, needs to change to keep up with this evolved use case. Simply

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What to Watch Out For when Moving NAS to the Cloud

Storage managers are pressured to deliver new levels of nimbleness and operational and cost efficiency, while at the same time serve booming pools of unstructured data to highly distributed enterprises. Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) arrays were designed to serve smaller

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Protecting Distributed File Data

Where previously unstructured data comprised a minority of the business’s data and was not strategic to the organization, that scale has tipped dramatically. Unstructured data may account for two-thirds or more of the data that businesses are collecting, storing, and

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Streaming Big Data Processing for Media Production and Beyond – Quantum Briefing Note

Organizations across industries are looking for ways to harness massive sets of streaming data. This pain point is especially true in the media and entertainment industry. High-resolution content is vastly increasing file size, and a growing number of users must

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Better Management of Multi-Cloud Data Access and Retention – Aparavi Briefing Note

Modern data privacy regulations and business requirements to utilize data for competitive advantage make it important for storage professionals to ensure that file data is managed in a way that controls the costs of underlying infrastructure while at the same

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SlideShare: Overcoming the Shortcomings of Legacy NAS with Microsoft Azure

Most organizations use Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store data, but the modern workforce and organization expect more capabilities than what the typical NAS can provide. Also, as organizations themselves become more distributed, the idea of a single centralized file

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