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Are We Using Windows File Servers for the Wrong Reason?

Windows file servers are primarily used to store unstructured data. The type of unstructured data varies from user-created documents to machine-generated audio and video. They even store analytics data machines and other servers generate. While the type of data a

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Modern Applications and Object Storage

New applications like Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, Hadoop, Splunk and Spark are the catalyst behind data center modernization. These apps provide the scale and flexibility that increase user engagement, enable better decision making and unleash more human creativity. But these solutions

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How to Optimize Windows File Servers

So many people create files they use once and never use again. They create a spreadsheet for this afternoon’s meeting to support their belief that the department needs more widgets. Once they get approval for the widgets, they don’t need

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What is Scale-Out NAS 2.0

Scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are designed to address the shortcomings of scale-up solutions. Namely scale-up solutions require IT professionals to accurately predict the performance and storage capacity needs for the life of the NAS. Scale-out solutions by comparison

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SlideShare: End NAS Sprawl – Gain Control Over Unstructured Data

The storing and managing of unstructured data is a problem facing traditional enterprises, high performance compute environments, and specific vertical industries like media and entertainment, artificial intelligence, medical research and energy. At the center of these efforts is some type

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