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How to Evolve From Unstructured Data Protection to Unstructured Data Management

A recent report from Igneous, “The State of Unstructured Management 2018,” indicates that most IT professionals are not satisfied with their ability to meet organizational expectations about the backup, recovery, and retention of their unstructured data sets. The value that

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eBook: Are You Evolving Your Unstructured Data Management Strategy?

Unstructured data is changing. What was once a relatively small data set made up mostly of user home directory data is now a massive data set that is proliferating and is made up of much more than just user data.

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Fifteen Minute Friday: Storage Tips for The Weekend – Stop the Unstructured Data Madness

Most organizations are not satisfied with their ability to backup, recovery and correctly retain unstructured data. The combination of unprecedented growth and increased scrutiny caused by regulations like GDPR and CCPA is pushing organizations to the brink. It’s time to

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Enterprise HCI Requires Enterprise Data Protection – HYCU 3.5 Briefing Note

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions like Nutanix are improving their ability to support enterprise applications like SAP-HANA. The broader the application and workload that an HCI solution can support, the better the return on investment and the more it lives up

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What’s Hot in 2019 – Object Storage

Object Storage is a storage technology that IT planners should include in their plans for 2019. The headline feature of object storage is incredibly low-cost storage that scales to meet almost any capacity demand. It’s true that object storage is

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SlideShare: 2019 Storage Strategies Series – What’s Your Plan for Object Storage?

Join Storage Switzerland, Caringo, Cloudian and Scality, for a roundtable discussion on Object Storage. Learn what you need to know to develop a strategy for object storage. Our panel of experts discuss what object storage is, what is better/different about

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The US Version of GDPR Will Be a Nightmare

In a few years, U.S. based IT professionals may look back at the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and wish they had something as easy for their data governance regulation. California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is part of

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