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SlideShare: The Future Data Center – Live from Hitachi Next!

What comes after Data Center Modernization? The future data center is smart. But what is a smart data center, how do you create a smart data center and why would you want to? We answer all of these questions on

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Your Data Center is Talking to You – Can You Understand it?

Data centers not only store and process the organization’s data they also create a lot of data on their own. Every device in a data center is logging its actions and activity about what it’s doing, what is accessing it

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LightBoard Video: How to Optimize Performance and Capacity at the Same Time

When vendors claim that have a solution to optimize production storage, they are typically talking about optimizing one of two areas. They either have a solution that maximizes performance through the use of flash memory, SSD drives, and a caching

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Defining SDN in the Open Networking Era

Software-defined networking (SDN) represents the future of networking. A “software-defined” network enables an organization to virtualize their network, automate operations to enable efficient network configuration, and integrate network functions across dozens of switches creating a unified network architecture that is

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Modern Data Protection Architectures Enable a Step-by-Step Cloud Journey

The cloud holds much promise for data protection, but support for the cloud varies depending on the solution. Traditional backup applications and appliances have, at best, rudimentary support for the cloud. They may only mirror the on-premises copy of data

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Understanding White Box Networking and Open Network Operating Systems

For decades, an organization bought its network switching products from a single vendor such as Cisco. In most cases, that organization’s data center became 100% dedicated to that networking vendor and it was almost impossible for another vendor to gain

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Live Webinar: Evolving Data Protection from Backup to Copy Data Management

Copy Data Management promises to not only improve the data protection process, it promises to provide value to the organization even without a looming disaster. It can reduce storage costs by presenting virtual copies of data to test/dev, analytics and

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