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The Value of NAS Integrated Backup in a Virtualized Environment

Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears in the design of information related to business technology

Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are widely used for storing virtual machine backups. What’s been lacking is a method to integrate the two workload types that many consider mutually exclusive: backup software and backup storage. The Advantage of On-Appliance Backup

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What is a Data Fabric?

Figure parts curtains of binary

When most IT professionals hear the phrase “storage is growing”, they typically roll their eyes and assume the vendor is talking about the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in data capacity requirements over the last decade or so. But storage is

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It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right

It’s Important to get Hyper-V Backups Right

It’s very easy to find yourself far down the path of virtualization and forget something so trivial as backup. This is not a problem new to virtualization, as backup has often been on the sidelines in many people’s eyes. But

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Does Networking as a Service Make Sense? – Datto Briefing Note


The “as a service” moniker is appearing everywhere. Everything from storage to compute to networking is now being offered as a service. More and more companies are opting to have service providers provide their core infrastructure services – as a

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Overcome the Data Protection Dilemma – Vembu Briefing Note

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Virtualization through hypervisors like VMware and Hyper-V have simplified the data protection and application recovery processes but they have not made it less expensive. Additionally most of these virtualization-specific data protection solutions are almost too myopic, ignoring physical machines all

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Improving Data Protection with Data Virtualization – Actifio Briefing Note


Anyone in IT these days is painfully aware of the challenge organizations face dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data they need to properly store and protect. The irony is that the majority of data growth is not just the new

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