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White Paper: Storage Diversity vs. Storage Consolidation

The advantages of storage consolidation, better utilization lowered operational costs, seem like compelling reasons for IT to consolidate all their storage systems down to a single system. Why then is the data center becoming more and more storage diversified? There

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Backup Software Needs to Provide Freedom of Choice – Nakivo Backup and Replication 7.5

Backup software used to be a conduit through which data moved from primary storage to some form of protected storage. Today though, backup software vendors are increasingly forcing customers down a pre-selected path. Vendors are now bundling their solutions with

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SlideShare: The All-Flash Fix – How to Create a Hybrid Storage Architecture

The All-Flash Data Center was supposed to eliminate all storage problems and allow the application architecture to scale to new heights. The problem is data capacities are growing faster than the cost per GB of flash can decrease. Most data

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The Top 5 Reasons VMware Backups Still Break

Lack of Auto-Discovery Lack of auto-discovery is an issue for most backup solutions. As virtual machines and physical hosts are constantly being added to a VMware environment, many backup applications can’t auto-discover them. This means a new VM can go

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SlideShare: Faster, Smarter, Simpler – The New Requirements in Storage Networking

IT professionals need a faster, smarter and simpler storage architecture. Organizations drive this need by deploying more diverse and demanding applications and services. Data is the very lifeblood of an increasing number of organizations. The consumers of this data need

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Live Webinar: What’s Breaking Your VMware Backups? And How You Can Fix Them Quickly

Backing up VMware successfully has always been a challenge. The introduction of the cloud ever increasing scale of VMware infrastructure continues to give backups fits and makes it even harder. Please join George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and

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Next Generation Networks Are Faster

The modern data center is very demanding of its network infrastructure. Next-generation networks need to be more than fast. They also need to be smarter and provide deep insight. Speed seems like an obvious requirement, but there is more to

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