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Do AWS VMs Need to be Backed Up?

I’m amazed at how often the question of backing up virtual machines running within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure comes up. The short answer is, “absolutely!” Thinking that your VMs in AWS do not need backups is a surefire

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Podcast: Copy Data Management vs. DR Ready Storage

There are a lot of options available to IT professionals looking to improve their ability to recover from a disaster. One is copy data management, very popular in the press. The other is DR Ready Primary Storage, something that Storage

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Does Recovery and Performance Have to be a Compromise?

The ability to quickly resume operations after a severe disaster is critical for organizations of all sizes. Fortunately, disasters don’t occur every day, in fact they are actually pretty rare. It is their severity that makes organizations plan for them.

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Modern Applications and Object Storage

New applications like Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, Hadoop, Splunk and Spark are the catalyst behind data center modernization. These apps provide the scale and flexibility that increase user engagement, enable better decision making and unleash more human creativity. But these solutions

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Has All-Flash Really Reached Price Parity on NAS?

Flash has reached the same price as disk! At least that is what all flash vendors want you to believe. But is it true? Has flash really reached price parity with disk? As is often the case it depends on

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Successful Disaster Recovery? – Trust but Verify

Verifying that you’re ready for a disaster is difficult but not impossible. The three elements of your infrastructure that must be present for a successful recovery from a disaster are compute, network, and storage. Let’s take a look at how

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How Does DRaaS Work? A Step by Step Description

Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS) is an increasingly popular method for businesses of all sizes to address shortcomings in their disaster recovery plan. By leveraging a combination of cloud backup and virtualization, providers are able to provide organizations with

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