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StorageShort: Will Machine Data Kill Backup?

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One of the hardest things to protect is a server with millions of files on it. In the early days of my career, we specifically asked customers if they had such a server so we could develop special procedures to

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Overcome the Data Protection Dilemma – Vembu Briefing Note

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Virtualization through hypervisors like VMware and Hyper-V have simplified the data protection and application recovery processes but they have not made it less expensive. Additionally most of these virtualization-specific data protection solutions are almost too myopic, ignoring physical machines all

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Improving Data Protection with Data Virtualization – Actifio Briefing Note


Anyone in IT these days is painfully aware of the challenge organizations face dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data they need to properly store and protect. The irony is that the majority of data growth is not just the new

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The Efficiency Challenges facing Deduplication Appliances

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Disk is the initial and in many cases the only backup storage device most data centers use today. Once that backup is completed the data is then replicated to another disk backup appliance or to the cloud. The success of

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Backup isn’t good enough anymore

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Backup just isn’t good enough anymore. Restoring isn’t good enough anymore. Today’s users expect much more. I’m a bit of an old fogey when it comes to backup. I made my first backup to a cassette tape attached to a

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Webinar: Is Your Storage Ready for Disaster?

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The recovery expectations of users and organizations is changing and their tolerance for downtime is lower than ever. IT professionals can no longer rely on the traditional backup and recovery process to meet these new requirements. Primary storage needs to

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Making DRaaS Make Even More Sense – Bluelock Briefing Note

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Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) continues to grow on both the demand and the supply side of the equation. While some still wonder if DRaaS makes sense for their business, many customers and vendors alike are flocking to the

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