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How To Network All-Flash Arrays

All-Flash arrays, or almost any array that leverages flash, creates a problem for the rest of the storage infrastructure. It exposes weaknesses in storage software, internal storage system networking and external connectivity. In the past these architecture components hid behind

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What’s Wrong with a Cloud First Strategy – Velostrata Briefing Note

The problem with a cloud first strategy is organizations assume clouds are the ultimate data centers, that the organization can’t do it better themselves. The reality is that there are some functions where the cloud is more optimal. Then there

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New Threats Require Better DR – CloudEndure Briefing Note

Despite the rising concerns over cyber-attacks like ransomware, humans are still the number one cause of disasters. We need to look no further than the Amazon “typo error” of 2017 that knocked out service on AWS for proof. According to

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How IT can Leverage its Own Big Data for Operational Efficiency

OpsDataStore Briefing Note One of the most practical use cases of big data analytics is the analysis of data that the organization is already generating, typically in the form of log file examination, which yields impressive results (most notably in

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SlideShare: Is Your Storage Ready for Disaster?

The recovery expectations of users and organizations is changing and their tolerance for downtime is lower than ever. IT professionals can no longer rely on the traditional backup and recovery process to meet these new requirements. Primary storage needs to

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ChalkTalk Video: Primary Storage Should Protect Itself

Storage that protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous

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DR Ready Storage Must Be Cloud Aware

The success of cloud providers like Amazon, Azure and Google is forcing the data center to re-think various aspects of their IT infrastructure. There are cases where a cloud provider can enhance typical on-premise storage to be DR Ready and

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