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What Storage Product Should You Use in the Cisco UCS Storage Server?

Customers of Cisco’s UCS 3260 Storage Server can run any software defined storage product that is available as a software-only product. The question is how does one pick amongst the many that are available? Understanding the performance and functionality needs

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Is it Time to Reboot Primary Storage?

Primary storage has remained the same for quite some time. It comes in two primary forms: block or file, also known as SAN or NAS. Yes, each of these two forms can be filled with a mix of ingredients, including

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SlideShare: Modern Storage Infrastructures for Modernized Data Centers

Organizations are modernizing their data centers by implementing technologies like OpenStack, Docker, Splunk, Spark and Hadoop. The “default” storage infrastructures for these technologies were originally designed to use direct attached hard disk drives to make access local and reduce costs.

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The Challenges Facing Docker on Windows – WinDocks Briefing Note

Until containers support persistent storage that can be easily backed-up, their use will be limited to test and development. This is not to say that containers can’t bring significant value to the test and development world. It’s just that they

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Is Your VMware Storage Slacking?

As VMware began its march into production, IT managers discovered the need for a storage area network (SAN) for the organization to fully tap into its potential. The available SANs at the time were difficult and not really VMware ready.

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A Turnkey Storage Architecture for OpenStack and Docker

Scale-Out All-Flash Solution with Micron, Nexenta and SuperMicro Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions bring the ultimate in flexibility but it does require that IT professionals work through the process of fine tuning the software with both the storage hardware and

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