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Primary Storage’s Missing Cloud Link

Panzura Delivers Panzura Inside As the time comes to upgrade the storage infrastructure, organizations typically consider two options; an all-flash array or a hyperconverged architecture. While both designs solve many of the challenges data centers face, both are missing a

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StorageShort: Flash and Big Data?

To keep costs down, hard disk drive was the storage of choice for the data that drives a big data analytics project inside the server that is doing the processing. Internal storage keeps costs down and reduces network latency but

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Hardware Matters More Than Ever

Violin Briefing Note The storage industry is going through growing pains. Especially over the last two and a half years as it tries to adapt to flash storage, cloud storage and software-defined storage. Pillars of the industry struggle to meet

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Product Analysis: Data Center Systems’ Structured Connectivity keeps the Agile Data Center Agile

Often overlooked, the cabling infrastructure is the circulatory system of the data center. An organization can invest in the most powerful servers, the fastest storage and the most advanced switches, but if data cannot flow smoothly between them these investments

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Video: Cabling Infrastructure – Critical for High Performance Flash Storage

Improving storage performance and response time is a high priority for IT professionals. To achieve this goal they are deploying all-flash arrays and upgrading network bandwidth. But cabling infrastructure is a part of the process IT often overlooks. Improperly designing

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All-Flash Array Hardware AND Software Matters

HDS Flash Update Briefing Note IT professionals typically purchase all-flash arrays (AFA) to solve storage performance problems in their database, virtual desktop, virtual server and HPC environments. They are the performance sledgehammer that makes I/O concerns a thing of the

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Making All-Flash 3D TLC SSD Arrays Enterprise Ready

All-Flash Array Vendors are now releasing systems with 3D TLC SSDs. They claim that they have reached price parity, without data efficiency, to mainstream data center hard disk arrays. 3D TLC NAND does bring the price per GB of flash

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