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How to Move YOUR Cloud To THE Cloud?

Many IT professionals consider their VMware infrastructure to be a private cloud. While not true self-provisioning, it provisions compute and storage resources much faster than in the past. Public cloud providers like Amazon and Azure have almost unlimited quantities of

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The Cost Savings of Using The Cloud as Primary VMware Storage

The cloud is a vast resource of compute and storage, all available on-demand as the organization needs it. Using cloud storage as VMware primary storage with compute remaining on-premises opens up many possibilities. In our last column we discussed how

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How to Use The Cloud as VMware Primary Storage

Cloud storage offers data centers almost limitless capacity and they can purchase that capacity as they need it. But to this point, most use cases for the cloud have been as a secondary storage target, a place to store archives

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SlideShare: How To Leverage Cloud Storage for Hybrid VMware

The VMware environment, for most data centers, is the beginning of their cloud journey. But they struggle with the next step, moving applications or storage to the cloud. Sure, there are applications to migrate or replicate virtual machines to the

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StorageShort: Hybrid VMware’s Data Two Copy Problem

Hybrid VMware should allow an organization to run a virtual machine either on-premises or in the cloud. And that transfer between operating locations should be able to occur at a moment’s notice. The problem is, as we discuss in our

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How To Leverage Cloud Storage With VMware

VWware, for the most part, is an on-premises infrastructure and that typically means there is an on-premises storage architecture to support it. How, then, can organizations leverage cloud storage in support of their VMware infrastructure? Cloud Storage for VMware Backup

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SlideShare: What’s Next in Storage for Managed Service Providers?

How to Move Beyond Backup, to DRaaS, Copy Data Management and Primary Storage The cloud has brought both risk and reward to MSPs. In today’s hybrid cloud world, MSPs must deliver consumption-based, private and public cloud offerings to their clients.

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