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Scaling Unstructured Data in the Cloud Era

Unstructured data presents two scaling challenges to the data center. The first is capacity. It comes as no surprise to any IT professional that unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate. The second is performance, which may take some

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Live Webinar: The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System

File systems are the heart of most organizations. They’re how critical unstructured data assets are stored, organized, and shared. But with files exploding in size and quantity as well as the cloud offering potentially cheaper and more scalable storage than

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The VMware File Services Problem

One of the challenges facing virtualized environments, especially hyperconverged ones is how to provide file services to their users because after virtualization users still need to share data. One method is to select a storage system for the virtual infrastructure

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SlideShare: Do Hyperconverged Systems Need File Services?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) products have significantly grown in popularity in the last few years, leading many vendors to adopt a hyperconverged approach. VMware is adding to its portfolio a series of products that make its product more suitable to hyperconverged

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The Great Debate – Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud Storage

A recent Storage Switzerland webinar sparked an online discussion on the idea of using cloud storage services coupled with a cloud caching appliance. As with all online discussions, there were some naysayers and some supporters. I enjoy debating anything –

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Adding File Services to Hyperconverged Architectures

Hyperconverged architectures are gaining interest in organizations of all sizes. They collapse the compute, network and storage tiers into a single tier that promises an easier to use and more cost effective solution for virtualized data centers. The problem is

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Do Cloud Caching Appliances need Backup?

One way organizations can quickly leverage the cloud is through the use of a caching appliance or gateway. These solutions cache data locally so when users access active data they don’t deal with internet latency. When data is created or

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