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File Servers; Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Unstructured data is the fastest-growing segment of data in the data center. A significant portion of data within unstructured data is the data that users create though office productivity and other specialized applications. User data also often represents the bulk

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Are You an Edge-Now Data Center?

We often think of edge data centers as a remote data center that an organization deploys to process a local data set in order to subsequently send that data set, or not, to a larger, primary data center. An example

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Fed Up with Legacy NAS? Look to the Cloud for Help

Cloud object storage services stand to alleviate many of the challenges associated with on-premises file storage. The storage manager no longer needs to worry about capacity planning, storage systems do not need to be purchased and deployed every three to

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Understanding the Value of Cloud Based Services

File serving is evolving to file collaboration and the cloud is an ideal destination for this evolved use case. The file system, the software behind the file server, needs to change to keep up with this evolved use case. Simply

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What to Watch Out For when Moving NAS to the Cloud

Storage managers are pressured to deliver new levels of nimbleness and operational and cost efficiency, while at the same time serve booming pools of unstructured data to highly distributed enterprises. Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) arrays were designed to serve smaller

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Protecting Distributed File Data

Where previously unstructured data comprised a minority of the business’s data and was not strategic to the organization, that scale has tipped dramatically. Unstructured data may account for two-thirds or more of the data that businesses are collecting, storing, and

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