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Three Reasons You Need Standby Storage

There are three reasons you need standby storage. First, it provides the best way to recover from a ransomware attack. Second, it enables you to recover from a hard failure of your production storage systems. Third, it provides you with

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Storage Price Check

It’s time for a storage price check and a sanity check. One of the most frustrating things about enterprise storage is trying to understand how much a system is going to cost you, and if the vendor is giving you

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Reducing Backup Costs Requires Invincible Primary Storage

The cost of the backup infrastructure consumes a large portion of the IT budget. Reducing backup costs requires invincible primary storage that can protect itself. An invincible primary storage system also needs to provide all the services that IT typically

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Why Storage Switzerland is Now a Part of StorONE

Storage Switzerland started in 2007 with the primary purpose of educating IT professionals. Our focus was on the various technologies that would help them make their storage infrastructures easier to manage, more resilient against data loss, meet demands for high

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Are You an Edge-Now Data Center?

We often think of edge data centers as a remote data center that an organization deploys to process a local data set in order to subsequently send that data set, or not, to a larger, primary data center. An example

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How to Stay IN the Data Center Business

Experts claim that organizations want to “get out of the data center business” as one of the reasons that organizations want to move to the Cloud. While that justification does come up occasionally, in most cases top organizations are quite

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How to Make Storage Consolidation Work in the Modern Data Center

Most data centers give up on their storage consolidation projects. The storage mainframe approach described in blog 2 is too costly and too restrictive, and the traditional software-defined storage approach described in blog 3 doesn’t support broad enough use cases.

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Why is Software Defined Storage Failing to Consolidate Storage?

After enterprises decide not to use the storage mainframe described in our last blog they often next investigate software-defined storage (SDS) as a means to consolidate their storage and reduce storage costs. With SDS, consolidation occurs at the storage software

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How to Create a Storage Consolidation Solution That Lasts

Consolidating storage into a single, or even a few storage systems is a big project. Once the project is complete, IT’s job is not over. The next job for IT is to make sure storage remains consolidated. Temptations to allow

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What Can Storage Learn From Server Consolidation?

Storage consolidation projects are permanently on the IT project whiteboard. The process typically starts after IT realizes that their data center is overrun by multiple storage systems from multiple vendors. Storage Switzerland finds that most data centers have 5-6 different

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