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Webinar: The Lies that Software Defined Storage Tell

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the most hyped terms in the industry. It is supposed to break vendor lock-in, allowing the use hardware from any vendor. Yet most data centers buy their storage hardware and storage software from

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ChalkTalk Video: Software Defined Storage has to do More

The first phase of software defined storage (SDS) is bringing many benefits to the data center. Its abstraction of storage software from the storage hardware enables organizations to manage all their storage assets from a single view, along with a

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Is Hyperconverged worth the Hype?

Hyperconvergence is capturing the attention of IT professionals. The apparent simplicity of the technology is certainly appealing to an IT staff that is often stretched too thin to properly manage the environment. As a result the IT staff is often

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The Advantages of Storage Sprawl

Fighting storage sprawl may sound like the right thing to do but for some data centers storage sprawl is a reality that they can’t stop. There are too many moving parts. Instead of fighting it, it may make more sense to face reality. Learn how second generation software-defined storage enables IT to embrace sprawl.

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Software Defined Storage meets Parallel I/O

In terms of storage performance, the actual drive is no longer the bottleneck. Thanks to flash storage, attention has turned to the hardware and software that surrounds them, especially the capabilities of the CPU that drives the storage software. The

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Why SDS is Struggling

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of those technologies that looks great on a whiteboard. In theory it should allow you to use any storage vendor’s hardware, overlay it with a common set of software capabilities and manage it all

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MeetTheCEO: ioFABRIC’s Steven Lamb

ioFABRIC’s Steven Lamb is the CEO on our latest MeetTheCEO podcast with Storage Swiss’ George Crump and Charlie Hodges. Steve talks with us about how his software-defined storage (SDS) company got its name, what makes the product unique when compared

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