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Storage Wrap Episode 003 – Podcast

The Flash Memory Summit just wrapped up in Santa Clara. The StorageSwiss team joins me to talk about the event and some of the big news coming from vendors at the show. Click Here To Sign Up For Our Newsletter

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Visualizing Before Adopting the Big Three Storage Trends

In a recent paper entitled “3 Storage Trends, 1 Crucial Question” by Phil Godwin, Vice President of Marketing at Clear Tech, the author describes three storage trends: Flash Storage, Tiered Storage and Cloud Storage. He goes on to point out

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MLC vs. SLC – Podcast

Does the difference between MLC vs SLC matter anymore? Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack and I about his latest article on MLC and SLC and how manufacturers are working to make MLC more acceptable in the Enterprise. To read

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Slideshare – The Final Frontier For High Performance Flash

Flash storage is the “go to” option in the modern data center to overcome storage I/O bottlenecks. The problem has been how to get full performance for the flash investment. The zero latent nature of flash exposes bottlenecks throughout the

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The Impact of NVM on Storage Architectures

Our first session note from Storage Visions 2014 comes from the session, “Please Don’t Go Away: Bringing Non-Volatile Memory to Tomorrow’s Storage Architectures”, sponsored by SNIA. As the title implies, the session discussed Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) and its potential impact

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Optimizing MS-SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups With Server SSD

Medium- to large-sized data centers count on applications like Microsoft’s SQL Server to support applications that users need to become more productive so that the business can be more competitive. As these applications move into production the businesses become dependent

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OCZ’s VXL Solves the “DAS Problem” of PCIe Flash

Storage problems are ‘taking the fun’ out of virtualization. Legacy storage systems can’t keep up with the performance demands of highly random workloads that server virtualization environments generate. Because of this, companies are seeing these deployments make for much lower VM

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The Challenges with SSD Caching and Tiering

It is universally accepted that for most applications, adding flash to the storage infrastructure will greatly improve storage performance and offer a productivity return on the investment. The controversy in the industry is deciding where the flash storage should be

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