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MLC vs. SLC – Podcast

Does the difference between MLC vs SLC matter anymore? Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack and I about his latest article on MLC and SLC and how manufacturers are working to make MLC more acceptable in the Enterprise. To read

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Innovation plus Longevity Wins in the Web-scale Market

At LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) this year, someone brought up a blog I’d written after a previous AIS event where an LSI executive said they had a RAID stack that was 25 years old. What popped into my mind

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Power Failure and Flash Storage

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the issue of power failures in flash based solid state storage systems. In various tests run by industry associations flash based solid state disk (SSD) devices, when subjected to a sudden power-loss,

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Are All PCIe SSDs Created Equal?

One of the more popular approaches to implementing solid state disks (SSDs) is to implement the flash memory on a PCIe card, which is installed directly into a server. This places the high performance storage directly at the point of

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Cutting The Price On 1 Million IOPS

Marvell is a leader in the development of storage, communications and consumer silicon solutions, basically they provide vendors with key components so they can deliver complete solutions to end users. Recently Marvell announced the 88N9145 native PCIe SSD controller which

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Advancing the State of the Art in PCIe SSD

Solid State Drives (SSDs) that leverage the PCIe bus provide the ultimate storage I/O performance boost by providing the CPU with direct access to zero-latency storage. But all PCIe SSDs are not created equal. There is room for advancing the

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Why Flash Wears Out and How to Make it Last Longer

The life expectancy and durability of flash-based storage is a common topic in many presentations involving solid-state drive (SSD) products. While flash endurance is a prime factor in the economics of this technology, seldom is the audience given an explanation

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As an SSD Supplier, LSI isn’t just a Flash in the Pan

Flash technologies are certainly a hot topic in storage and IT these days. A lot of new companies are coming onto the market with exciting new products. There’s one company that’s somewhat of a fixture in the storage industry but

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